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hey what are ur top ten chess trivias

HEY YOU’RE A REAL FRIEND ILYSM so they’re not exactly Trivias by definition but these are my top ten topics about chess that i can never talk about in depth because most people have only seen 0 -1 versions of the show (good for them, honestly) and they’re basically all about the intersection of different versions. that’s what i mean by my Trivias lmao HERE WE ARE with the abridged versions of my thoughts on all these! hmu if you wanna talk more about any in particular :)

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Aleksandra Molokova – Gina Dirawi

Short Character Bio: Aleksandra Molokova grew up in Leningrad (today’s St Petersburg) in a communal apartment housing four families.

She didn’t perform very well in school but due to her mother’s persistence she both managed and was allowed to attend Leningrad State University. On her father’s insistence she studied Russian and political science, he wished for her to find a husband with a future in the Party. During her last semester at the university she was recruited to the KGB which needed a woman with her looks for an assignment in the Moldavian SSR. After a couple of years in the Moldavian SSR she was pulled out after being made by an American agent she knew under the codename Gauthier.

Molokova relocated to Moscow where she worked for the recruitment office for a while before becoming a handler. Being assigned Anna Sergievskaya felt like a slap in the face because she was a) a woman and b) without any real political power. Lolling about in chess halls, making sure Sergievskaya (and her goddamn husband for that matter!) didn’t cause political scandal wasn’t what she had signed up for.

The more Sergievskaya’s popularity (and by that her importance to the Party) grew, the more satisfied Molokova became with her position. She is however very aware that her own good grace inside both the Party and the KGB is highly dependent on Sergievskaya’s public appearance and success. As long as they are inside the Soviet Union it’s all right, but it is with great concerns Molokova prepares the delegation for the trip to the West.

Voice Samples: 1, 2, 3 (<– My favourite TV moment ever.)

(Yes, I’m pretty sure that guy is her right-hand man.)