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True love


Once upon a weekend, you entered your kitchen nervously picking on your cuticles. At the table was sitting your husband, casually drinking his tea, while scanning morning issue of a newspaper. You took a deep breath, before speaking up.

“I’m late.”

“I told you to get yourself a watch.” Midorima comments, his eyes never leaving some article.

“I’m late.” you emphasize.

“Then why don’t you leave already?” the men asks sounding somehow impatient.

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Gom, kagami, takao, imayoshi, hanamiya: when they're taking a dump in a public toilet and realised there is no toilet paper...

i was crying so hard holy shit
MidoTaka sorry not sorry

KUROKO: He’s speechless, staring in agony at the toilet roll. He debates whether or not he should call for help..

KAGAMI: He starts banging his head onto the stall wall next to him and going through all the possibilities of getting help. “Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.”

KISE: “Senpai, help mee~!” Kise whines into his cell phone, still sitting on the toilet. Kasamatsu begins screaming into the phone about how much of an idiot he is and it makes Kise cry.

MIDORIMA: His eyes widen when his hands grab at the air instead of the toilet paper he was hoping for. “Impossible. I have my lucky-” Midorima then realizes that he left it at the table in the restaurant. He sits motionlessly on the toilet until Takao comes looking for him.

AOMINE: He doesn’t even care if anyone was in the bathroom as well, so he expresses his anger to the fullest. “Are you fuCKING KIDDING ME?”

MURASAKIBARA: I bet you he’d just fuckin get up with his pants down and walk into the next stall for toilet paper Mura doesn’t give a shit.

AKASHI: He’s not too sure how he got into this situation in the first place. He was so sure that he had toilet paper, so Akashi begins to wonder if someone planned this. “Whoever did this, reveal yourself now,” He stupidly firmly calls out into an empty bathroom. 

TAKAO: Midorima was waiting outside in the cart, so he’s quick to call his name repeatedly. “Shin-chan! There’s no toilet paper!” Takao shouts at him when he enters the restroom. Midorima sighs, before stating, “Oha asa does not help those who depend on others.” He walks out with Takao screaming after him.

IMAYOSHI: He feels like there was an easy solution to his situation, so he reaches underneath the next stall to grab some toilet paper. However, he doesn’t expect a shrill scream to come out from that stall. Imayoshi doesn’t know what to do, so he screams, too.

HANAMIYA: He lets out a string of curses and starts yelling at himself- he even kicks at the stall door. Anyone who was in the bathroom as well fled with confused and terrified faces.

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GoM+Kagami+Kiyoshi+Hyuga+Hanamiya try to make up with their wife/gf after a huge fight and the boys say something they didn't mean

Kuroko: “[Name]-chan, stop talking to me. I don’t want to be around you right now.“ Immediately after saying that, he knew that he had made a huge mistake. It didn’t take him long to start comforting you by holding you in a tight embrace when he saw you starting to cry. “I’m sorry [Name]-chan, I spoke without thinking first. You know how much I treasure the time we spend together…”

Kagami: “Stop being so dramatic about everything. You have no idea how annoying you are!” He says it without giving it much thought, and he’s confused when you start crying, but the guilt he feels is very overwhelming. “W-Wait! I didn’t mean any of it!” He bends down to your height when you turn away form him stubbornly. “Come on…l-let’s get something to eat, yeah? Won’t that be nice?”

Kise: ”You think I won’t leave you? I could be doing so much better than you right now.” He storms off without a second thought, but he breaks after a few days of not hearing from you, and it was messing with his head. He showed up to your house with a bouquet of flowers, knowing full-well of how cliché it was, but he was willing to do anything to make it up to you. “I’m so sorry, [Name]cchi! I really messed up!”

Midorima: ”You’re insufferable, and I can’t stand you anymore. For once, just shut up.” Normally, he wouldn’t have apologized for saying something like that, but one thing he couldn’t stand was seeing you so upset that you actually cried. Pushing away his stubbornness and embarrassment, he gave you his most sincere apology. “…I apologize, [Name]. What I said was uncalled for…Please forgive me.“

Aomine: “Would you leave me alone for Christ’s sake? You’re fuckin’ bothering me.” Aomine is a very stubborn and childish person, so when you started to cry, he couldn’t really bring himself to apologize. It wasn’t long before the guilt really began to eat at him as the tears continued to stream down your face, and he knew what had to be done. He ruffled your hair a bit, trying his best to comfort you. "Hey, I’m sorry about that…”

Murasakibara: ”Stop bothering me, [Name]-chin. You’re making me hate you even more.” You knew that hate was a strong word, but Murasakibara didn’t. So when you started to cry, he was more confused than anything else. “Ehh, did I hurt you that badly?” Yeah, you were bothering him, but the thought of hurting your feelings was a bit unsettling to him, and he felt really bad. “Sorry, [Name]-chin…that was too mean of me…”

Akashi: ”Someone as worthless and replaceable as you does not have to audacity to talk to me like that.” Normally he was able to hold his tongue, but his fuse was especially short that day. Akashi had never spoken to you like that before, so of course you cried. Even though he didn’t like to admit it, he knew that he was out of line. “My apologies, [Name]. I should always be the one wiping away your tears, not causing them.”

Kiyoshi: “[Name]-chan, I don’t want to talk anymore. Just stop.” For such a kind and gentle giant to speak to you like that was very shocking; so shocking that you couldn’t hold your tears back any longer. He quickly pulled you into his arms and tried to console you. He wasn’t going to beat around the bush; he knew that he was in the wrong. “I’m sorry, [Name]-chan…If I could, I’d listen to you talk all day, you know!”

Hyuga: “God dammit, you’re annoying! Just shut up, okay?!” And so he left you there without a second thought in his mind. For a while he was okay, but after a week or two he began to feel a lot lonelier than he was comfortable with. He came up to you after practice, stubbornly avoiding your eye. “Hey, about that time…I’m sorry, I was being a total idiot…Wanna go get something to eat?”

Hanamiya: ”Tch, as if someone like you could ever be of any worth to me. Get out of my sight.” Honestly, for a while, he was doing totally fine without you; it wasn’t like he needed someone around him 24/7 or anything. It wasn’t until he accidentally called out to you a few times, thinking you were beside him when no one was really there, that he decided to come back to you. “Oi…Let’s go to my place and make up already.”