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“The name’s Mickey. Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth.”


Ten Years of Ten: Rise of the Cybermen (May 13, 2006)

“But I’ve seen it in comics. People go hopping from one alternative world to another. It’s easy.”
“Not in the real world. It used to be easy. When the Time Lords kept their eye on everything, you could hop between realities, home in time for tea. Then they died, and took it all with them. The walls of reality closed, the worlds were sealed. Everything became that bit less kind.”

asmilelikestarlight  asked:

I just wanted to thank you and profess my love to you for changing that chip shop scene convo between Mickey and Rose in your School Reunion rewrite for Glimpses. I have never seen anyone bring up that dig he made at her in canon or write a fic involving any aftermath of that comment and tbh I haven't forgiven Mickey for it and I seethe a bit every time I see a gifset that has what I know is Rose's reaction. But you having him be supportive instead just...what a relief THANK YOU.

You’re welcome! 

Honestly, Mickey is not one of my favourite characters, and this is a big part of the reason why. I absolutely do not blame Rose for not wanting Mickey to come along with them, because he was always belittling the Doctor, telling her she was stupid to stay with the Doctor, blaming everything on the Doctor, all to convince Rose to stop travelling and stay home. Look, I get that the Doctor stole his girlfriend, but at some point, grow up and let it go. Accept that Rose has moved on, and be her friend. And if you can’t do that, stop hanging out with her. 

Of course, one of the things we don’t talk about is that Mickey was not a great boyfriend. His comment in “Rose” about not looking at his emails was written on purpose to hint that he hadn’t been faithful. And that colours the way he sees everything the Doctor does. He cheated on Rose, so any time the Doctor talks to another woman, Mickey assumes the Doctor is going to cheat on Rose too, and he doesn’t just point it out, he rubs her nose in it. 

I’d actually never connected Rose’s questions/demands of the Doctor outside the cafe with Mickey’s words, but of course you’re absolutely right. She was already feeling insecure and upset by the events of the evening, and then along comes Mickey with his, “You keep saying he’s not like other blokes, but…” Of course she felt threatened and defensive and asked the Doctor if he was going to leave her behind, too.

And “If I were you, I’d go easy on the chips,” is a horribly sexist, body-shaming way to make his point. :/ 

I’m having lots of fun with Mickey in Glimpses, thought, because he’s coming around a lot faster. Partly because Rose isn’t letting him get away with the constant jabs at the Doctor, but also because by inserting The Stone Rose into the canon timeline, you have a Mickey Smith who saw exactly how devastated the Doctor was when he thought Rose was dead, and how much he was willing to do to get her back. That makes a difference, or at least I think it does. And the Doctor isn’t still making constant derisive comments about Mickey, because since he and Rose are already together, he doesn’t feel like he needs to prove that he’s better than Rose’s ex-boyfriend. (Rolling my eyes at the canon Doctor for being so daft, but oh well…)

And Mickey plays a HUGE role in the eventual Doomsday fix, which excites me. 

so was anyone else kinda annoyed by the mickey/martha ending??? I found it completely unnecessary - we didn’t need that romantic aspect at all. But I was just thinking, what is absolutely necessary and that I now 100% need in my life is a mickey smith/k9 detective duo spin off. 

  • picture it okay 
  • Sarah Jane passes away [sobs] and has left a will. She leaves Mickey Smith her closest friend: K9. 
  • Maybe in the will it says something cute like ‘to my fellow smith, every tin dog needs a friend’ and Mickey’s like oh no pls say she didn’t 
  • Then bam ‘hello master smith’ and Mickey’s just eye-rolling into eternity as he doesn’t think he needs the ‘tin dog’ because k9 is a frickin genius and makes him feel inadequate. 
  • He tries finding Sarah’s son and palming K9 off to him, but Luke is having none of it. ‘if mum left you k9 she did it for good reason now pls go the heck away’ 
  • Then maybe Mickey’s partner at unit passes away, and he has to do it on his own and he’s not bad at it but he’s kind of losing himself. 
  • Something happens that means k9 gets dragged into it, and the two end up saving the day 
  • For a while K9 ends up following Mickey around, doing detective work and on the missions - because a robot dog is honestly the least suspicious thing ever and his lack of disguise probably gets them into trouble a lot 
  • But eventually, Mickey’s boss is like - okay I found you a new partner 
  • And Mickey just shakes his head
  • ‘nah boss, i’ve already got the best partner right here’ [looks down at k9] 
  • ‘affirmative, master smith’ 
  • and their boss just shrugs like, as long as we’re not paying his robot it’s all good. 

and then i scream into the void bc this spin off is all i ever wanted in life. 

Phoning Martha Jones

Recently I was listening to The Doctor’s Daughter commentary, and RTD mentioned offhand that he originally wanted Ten, when waving goodbye to Martha Jones, to make a “call me” gesture. It was cut out because they thought it would undermine the solemnity of the scene, which was probably a wise decision, but now I’ve set up a new headcanon that the Doctor calls Martha and moans to her whenever he needs a Doctor.

“Marthaaaa, nobody wants to travel with me.”

“Is it because you’re a right misery and you never wash your dishes?”

“….probably. Is that shooting behind you?”

“Yeah, Mickey and I are being shot at by three hundred troops of Mire on a planet that’s in the middle of a nuclear war and rapidly losing oxygen. Can this wait?”

“But I’m lonelyyyyyy, Martha.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, my stomach hurts.”

“Did your voice change?”

“Yeah, regeneration, try to stay focused, Jones. Does that pink stuff you left in the bathroom work?”

“DOCTOR, NO, that’s my shampoo!”

“At least my stomach smells like grapefruit now. Do you pluralize grapefruit? Grapefruits? Grapefruiti?”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m being erased from existence.”

“New phone, who this?“

“Oh my god MARTHA NO”

“Marthaaaa, River can’t come with me to the grand opening of the Iron Maiden Tree Nursery in the year 6577 on the planet Woot, are you busy?”

“Who’s River?”

“She’s got the space curls of a god.”

“I’m in a jacuzzi. I’m not getting out.”

“Well, okay, can Mickey come? I think this dress would fit him.”

“He says no. He’s in the jacuzzi too.”

“You two hang out a lot, don’t you?”

“We’re married, Doctor.”

“Marriage. That’s a good idea. I should do that.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa, I’m lonelyyyyyy.”

“Sorry, is this you having flashbacks to 2010?”

“No. I’m living on a cloud in the Victorian era.”

“You—okay, you know, never mind. Look in the bathroom cabinet, there should be some antidepressants in there. NOT THE—”

“Yeah yeah I know, I know, not the pink stuff. I’m not an idiot, Jones. Are you—are you chuckling?? Do I hear Mickey? Are you chuckling at something Mickey said???? Well you just tell him—”

“Oh my god.”

“Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!/Marthaaaa we just saved Gallifrey!”

“Is that an echo effect?”

“No, there are three of us on the line. Hello!/Morning, Jones!/Wait, who are we talking to?”

“What! Mickey, get over here. Which of you is it?”

“The attractive one/the one who isn’t an idiot/No, really, who are we talking to?”

“That is so funny. Mickey, go tell them we’ve got three over here.”

“What? What?/Go tell who? Jones, who are you talking to?/Is this somebody important we’re talking to?”

“Your fourth through ninth incarnations say hello. They’re having tea with us.”

“WHAT!/We weren’t invited?!/Oh, this Martha Jones, I remember now.”

“The one with the Northern accent just said ‘oh my god.’”


“Hello? Who is this?”

“It’s me, the Doctor. Why does everybody question who I am? Is it the voice?”

“Are you Scottish now? Blimey.”

“I regenerated—Clara thinks it’s because of Daleks, but actually I just ate the pink shampoo. Always lying. Never mind. Martha, I need you to look up dream crabs, all possible sources of them, what they like to eat, best means of transport, and what the capital of Denmark is. I’ve forgotten.”

“Doctor, I’m being attacked by Chumblies at a convention of masked lunatics, can this wait?”

“Well, I guess I’ll just crack into that new Ben and Jerry’s as I die from loneliness, a poor old man who can’t even get a friend to look up obscure alien fauna for him.”

“Fine. Mickey, give me your laptop.”

“Actually, no, wait, Santa just showed up. Never mind.”


Mickey: “Oh my god.”