c: michael westen

Burn Notice - 4x12 and 13

In combination with my last post, this should tell how you that I’ve been spending a disturbing amount of time watching this show.

Oh, it’s the episode I’ve been waiting for- hooray for not-instantly-fatal shots to the shoulder.

cue dramatic fall-to-knees while bad guy stuffs you in a black SUV..

Oh that looks painful. As if that wasn’t enough, Michael decides to use his last strength to reach over and swerve the car.. so hard it tips over. I guess it didn’t pass the elk test.

Oh goody!

Sadly of course, they skip over most of the medical goodness that could have been had and deliver a classic “hospital moments montage with wakeup” sorta thing. BUT, damn, it is still really cute. You know, if your brain is wired like mine, at least. Oh gosh he’s so adorable.

and the rest of the episode is just sprinkled with adorable little kernels of shoulder-jarring whump:

I could kiss these writers…