c: medic

Has anyone taken a closer look at Heavy and Medic’s chess game near the beginning of End of the Line? If you remember correctly, Medic has the white pieces, which means he starts first, and that’s the scene we saw in the video.

And it looks like he moved the Pawn that was in front of his King. Now when Heavy made his move, he took his King and captured the Pawn that Medic moved.

Now before that, you can see that Heavy didn’t move any other piece before this move.

Now Kings can only move one space in any direction. Which means this move is not allowed. Even if it was his Queen, they can’t jump over pieces like Knights can. So that means when Medic made this face…

It’s not a face of defeat (even though he wasn’t in Checkmate or even Check), it’s a face of “Are you fucking kidding me? Do you even know how to play chess?”

Remember kids, spamming E will make your Medic love you more! Also, remember to ask them about all the times they didn’t heal you, Medic’s love that!