c: mary jane watson


Mary Jane Watson and Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy

Pietro Maximoff and Namor

Angelica Jones and Shiro Yoshida Secret Wars: Secret Love (2015)

You say you want queer superheroes, eh?

May I present the fabulous Mariko Yashida, of Earth-2109, also know as the powerful Sunfire!

No only is Mariko skilled enough to go toe to toe with dark Storm…

But she’s also an out and proud lesbian!

Through the course of her time with the Exiles, Mariko meets Spiderwoman, aka Mary Jane Watson

And in true Exiles fashion for pairing everyone up,…

And they were damn precious together

Best of all, Mariko’s sexuality is never a big deal to her team. Aside from the first little confusion when Morph asks her out and she has to explain that she’s lesbian, the Exiles never really care about who she likes in bed. Her relationship with MJ is treated with the same plot driven nature that Clarice and Cal’s sexual tension, Victor and Betsy’s feet in mouth syndrome, or TJ and John’s prefect coupleness is.