c: martha jones


Maybe he shouldn’t have trapped Daughter of Mine in every mirror…

Credit for the idea behind this, with Martha watching the Doctor slowly growing a beard and yelling at reflective objects because of the stalking, goes to the brilliant littlewhomouse :D

martha jones spent a year in hell, watching the earth burn under her boots. martha jones saw whole countries gutted and screaming, saw cities turned into slave camps and countrysides turned into missile silos, saw friend turn against friend and innocent people die for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

martha jones stared death in the face day after day for a year, and never lost her compassion, her sense of right and wrong, her ability to hope that one day things could get better, and her drive to act on that hope.

she had a million opportunities to just lie down, accept it, let the planet crack around her, but she never did. she kept going, kept spreading the doctor’s story, kept that spark of hope alive for the whole of humanity, all while having no reliable backup and no weapons worth a damn. 

all the other companions’ moments of glory were spur-of-the-moment things - fleeting meteors of brilliance. martha jones, on the other hand, was the woman who walked the earth, sacrificing her life and future day after week after agonizing month while her family and friends were enslaved and tortured thousands of feet above her head. she burned in order to shed light through the darkness, in order to give humanity a light to find its way home by. in the most literal sense, she is a star.

essentially: don’t you dare insult martha jones in front of me.