c: martha jones

lesbidar  asked:

AU: martha goes to visit donna in her new life, after they've both stopped travelling with the doctor. (sidenote: she is aware that donna won't remember her, but wants to check in on her anyway!)

1. Martha wasn’t a stalker, really she wasn’t. She was just curious about how Donna was getting on with life post-Doctor and sans memories. Really, you couldn’t blame her.

2. She looks her up and smiles when she learns that Donna got married and has a nice little house and according to social media seems more than happy.

3. She figures out what her favorite coffee shop is anyways because she wants to see for herself how this woman who she was positive she could have been wonderful friends with is doing.

4. (So maybe she felt a little bit like a stalker but it was for a good cause!)

5. She bumps into one Donna Noble in a little local coffee place and insists on buying the woman a new coffee to replace the spilled one. They chat while they wait and Martha can’t help but laugh at Donna’s snappish wit.

6. When they part ways, Martha’s reassured. She know Donna’s lost so much that she doesn’t know and that there has to be moments when she feels that but she has found so much happiness and really, that’s all anyone can hope for.