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Guess who's back - Malcolm/Erin

As Malcolm walked back to the cabin, he hadn’t exactly expected a warm welcome after vanishing like he did but he hoped everyone would understand. James seemed to be fine about it, he asked for nothing but loyalty from Malcolm and he had that. Mal would die for him, lie for him, and kill for him, so the two of them started again, as brothers. Each one clinging to the other as the last part of Albus that was left.

The one person he was dreading bumping into though, was Erin. He had promised her he would take care of her, show her how to be a wolf and help her control it, and instead he had ditched her, though she wasn’t exactly alone, she had the pack, a family, even if it was a little fucked up.

He had come to think of Erin as a kind of… little sister, not just a friend. He felt protective of her, wanted to watch out for her. Maybe it was because he turned her, he felt responsible for her as a wolf, and even though she had the pack, he was full of guilt for leaving her and he knew she had every right to be angry at him. He left without even a goodbye and that was unforgivable.

Problem was, Malcolm couldn’t avoid the blonde forever. He sighed and decided to man up, going in search of her, finding her with Derek. He waited for the two of them to part ways and grabbed her arm, pulling her behind a tree, covering her eyes “Guess who’s back!” he chuckled though he could feel the anger in her rising and quickly let go. "I could be locked up for being this close to the castle!“ he pointed out to start with before smiling a little "Hey Erin, did you miss me?” he asked slightly sheepishly, though a large grin swept over his lips.

Falling or flying? | Malcolm & Laurel

Laurel sat on her bed in the girls dormitory. It was the first time in her life that she didn’t wanted to go to class. Well actually it was not really a class, more of a tutoring. Her eyes flickered over to the window. It was a sunny Monday morning. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. But inside Laurel everything refused to enjoy that. She just wouldn’t go. Just sit here until it was over. Laurel sighed. She knew she had to go. Otherwise she would fail the sixth grade and wouldn’t be able to attend the seventh next year. Slowly she got up and put on a jeans and a nightblue sweater. She would at least need comfortable clothes today. After she had tied her shoelaced Laurel looked out the window again, hoping it had started to rain. But of course it hadn’t. Slightly shivering she made her way down to the common room. No one was there. Everyone was downstairs in the Great Hall having breakfast. Laurels stomache growled. “Forget it” she hissed to herself. She couldn’t eat anything before she wasn’t done with the tutoring. Nervously she bit her lip and grabbed her back. She had already packed the books for her afternoon lessons. Laurel hurried down the stairs and walked straight past the Great Hall. When she stepped out of the castle Laurel took a deep breath. She would do it. Somehow. She wasn’t sure how, but she knew she had to.

When the Quidditch pitch came in sight she felt her palms go sweaty. Today she had to fly. On a broom. Up in the air. She sighed. When she reached the pitch no one was here yet. She had been told by their flight teacher that she had found someone from the Ravenclaw Quidditch team to help her. Laurel looked around waiting for that someone to arrive.


“McGonagall!” Malcolms eyes lifted to the teacher as she gave him that smile, the same smile she had the day she asked him to join the Quidditch team. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was happy to join, he enjoyed flying, and loved the game, but that didn’t mean he was good at it. He could fly fast, but flying in a wide open space was alot different from a crowded pitch with obsticles and people to bump into, and Malcolm wasn’t the most coordinated of people. 

Since he joined the Team Ravenclaw hadn’t won a single match, not that they won many before, but still, a lot of the players blamed him and his clumsy behaviour, and he felt sure that whatever that smile was for, it would probably end in the same way, miserable failure.

“Your a fair flyer, I have a job for you!” ‘Oh, hear it comes!’ he thought, giving a small sigh till she mentioned teaching someone how to fly and he shrugged, giving a small nod. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?

Balancing his books and his brrom was always a chore for someone like Malcolm, he nearly tripped over his cloak as he stepped out of the school and headed to the Quidditch Pitch. His eyes peering over piles in his hands before he finally made it, safe and sound, placing the books down, gripping his broom, checking his Wand was safely tucked away he smiled, looking up to the blonde “It’s Laurel right?” shrugging out of his cloak he tossed it over his books and walked to her “Malcolm” he pointed to himself and grinned “I hear you need a lesson in flying, and I think I can help you with that. Got your broom?” his brow cocked “First thing’s first, put it on the ground in front of you!”

Anger Management - Erin/Malcolm

“No Malcolm, your not doing this for me, don’t pretend that you are!” “Lily… Merlin! I swear, you never listen to me!” he groaned his voice getting louder as he became more frustrated. Too loud, he caught attention that time, Professor Callaghan slamming a book down right in front of him and Malcolm’s head shot upwards. 

The man loomed over him, narrow eye’d. “Sorry Sir.” he bit at his lip and Callaghan nodded “You will be if you disrupt my class again Mister McGonagall!” Malcolm’s eyes lowered to the book on his desk as his professor flipped it open, pointing to a paragraph and asking him to read it.

He glanced to Lily before rolling his eyes back towards the lines in the book and standing, reading them out till he was told it was enough and the bell rang. Lily gave him a huff as she put her books into her bag and headed out, leaving him scrambling with his own books to try and follow her. Zachs foot shot out, and he tripped right over it, books flying across the floor as he steadied himself on one of the desks and looked up to the blonde boy. It was like they were back to the old days, and Zach was nothing more than the school bully again. He understood he was trying to protect Lily, but Malcolm just wanted to talk to her, to make her see that he was trying to help, even if he was deceiving her big brother.

“Real mature!” he grumbled, glancing to the professor, obviously oblivious and groaned. He picked up his books and ran out the door, glancing down the corridor to see Zach’s arm slip around Lily. “Lil!” he shouted after her, but there was no response and he had no idea whether she was ignoring him, or just didn’t hear him.

Aftermath - Malcolm/Abigail

The moment James told them to attack Hogwarts, Malcolm’s heart sank a little. He enjoyed being a wolf, he had embraced it, spent hours in his animal form just running, feeling the wind in his hair, but never before had he killed. He entered that castle with no intention of hurting anyone, but instead, he had hurt and turned someone that would probably now hate him, and what’s worse, he did it all for his own selfish reasons, because he didn’t want to be alone anymore. 

He just bit Scorpius and left him there, to turn, to bleed, but he was wounded, it was just his luck that Scorpius had been standing by a fucking vampire. He had to make a quick exit, not just for his own safety, but for Erin’s who had been loyal and come to his aid. He just needed a chance to talk to the Malfoy boy, to explain, the trouble was, now more than ever, a wolf entering the castle would be in grave danger. 

He hung about outside, in the treeline, contemplating what Azkaban would be like for someone like him, but talking to Scorpius, apologizing, explaining, it would be worth it. He just needed to feel forgiven, and maybe try and convince the graduate to come join the pack. 

Sneaking inside, uniform on, robe and hood up, he slid through the corridors, trying to sniff at the air, to find the Malfoy boy, when he caught the whiff of salty tears, and his head tilted to the side. It was familiar sobs that made him glance in through the classroom door that was barely ajar. His sister wept and Malcolm’s nose wrinkled, trying to tell himself to leave her, to let her cry and get it all out, but he couldn’t, despite everything he felt, she was family and he pushed the door open, closing it behind him gently, trying not to make a sound, not to let the latch click as he put it down. He turned to her, pushing down his hood with a sigh “Abs?”

The Prodigal Son Returns - Malcolm/Abigail

It had taken a kick up the ass and a little haunting for Malcolm to finally get his head together and realize the world couldn’t just stop and wait for him. He left London and headed back to the Hogwarts, and to the pack… to James. Malcolm had been gone way too long.

His first night back in the cabin was slightly awkward, Erin wasn’t exactly happy with him, she had made that clear and there were other members that were a little, well.. awkward. James had been the only one who really welcomed him back, but that was the main thing. James was all he really cared about now, not his family, not his friends, just James, and his promise to Albus to keep him safe.

James wasn’t content with the Pack though, that was obvious and even Malcolm was starting to realize that if he wanted to keep his promise to his dead lover, if he truly wanted James safe, protected, then the more pack members to put between him and the enemy, the better. He had already turned Erin, even if it was an accident, so turning others, recruiting for the pack, was going to be easy, he just had to pick those that he knew wouldn’t go running to the Order. He had to pick the strong, the brave, the ruthless and most improtantly, those that could be trusted.

He headed to Hogwarts, in and out of the trees, knowing he’d be sent straight to Azkaban if he was seen, and walked up to the castle walls, biting his lip as he watched Derek leave with Erin. That was one recruit right there, he would join, even if it was just for Erin, and he would be loyal.

Bottoms Up - Malcolm/London

Malcolm had become bolder since his first few years at Hogwarts. The wolf pack had brought him out of himself, and Albus had given him more self confidence than he could of ever imagined. He wasn’t the same shy little boy that he used to be, though he was still just as clumsy. He still wound up in trouble without even realizing it, and that’s how he ended up here…. Stood in front of the Pink Pony with a wrinkled up nose, completely at a loss for what exactly he was doing. 

The Ravenclaw had made a stupid bet with Peter Wilson that he would dance at the Pink Pony, or get hired there, and now it was time to pay that debt. His fingers fidgeted, scratching at his jeans as he contemplated turning back, but then, Albus would just tell him he was a quitter and if the Potter boy was still around, Mal would go home to get a night of laughter and jokes at the fact he didn’t have the guts to back up his words. Just because Al wasn’t here now, didn’t mean Malcolm should just walk away though. The Potter would make him go back, make him stand up for himself and probably push him through the doors.

Stepping over the threshold he swallowed and walked out across the floor, abandoned and quiet, just before the night time rush he presumed, and he was glad of the empty bar, it made him feel less of an idiot, and gave him less reason to turn around. 

His knuckle tapped at the door to the office before he let his hand drop to the handle, curling his fingers around it, taking a breath as he pushed it open and looked to London with a small smile, trying to push nerves aside. “Hi.” he swallowed and stepped inside “Peter… He said you needed some help around here.” he stated, not sure where this was going. “I told him, I mean… I lost a bet!” he finally admitted and gave a shrug “So, you need help, or what?”

Morning Glory - Malcolm/Xylander

It had taken a kick up the ass and a little haunting for Malcolm to finally get his head together and realise the world couldn’t just stop and wait for him. He left London and headed back to the cabin, to the pack, and to James. Realising he should never of left him in the first place was a little painful but Malcolm couldn’t change tha past, he could only focus on the future and he hoped that James would see that.

He got back and had a warm welcoming from the Beta, the boy who he classed as his only family and even his old room in the cabin had remained open for him. Things were getting back on track, though Erin wasn’t exactly happy about him ditching her after turning her, but Malcolm knew she would calm down. She wasn’t a complete bitch, and secretly, she adored him, he knew that.

Settling down on his old bed for the first night back he gave a sigh, curling up in a fetal position, it was strange how cold he was. He should of been used to sleeping on his own by now but he wasn’t, he still missed having another warm body beside him. He tossed and turned and grumbled a little to himself before he managed to close his eyes a little after 2, the moon was high and it calmed him, finally falling asleep with the moonlight streaming through the window onto his bed.

Dark hazel eyes fluttered open only to be blinded by sunlight he wasn’t used to after hiding away in Grimmauld place, and he turned away from it quickly, dropping off the other side of the bed with a groan. “Morning Malcolm..” he said to himself, getting to his feet, stretching, grabbing his jeans and tugging them on as he opened his bedroom door and headed to the kitchen for some coffee. He flicked on the kettle and started to fasten his fly only to be distracted by a little blonde pony tail dart passed the window. He ducked, not wanting to be confronted by Erin again, not this early, and pulled a cup from the cupboard, his hand reaching up for the kettle and poured his coffee on his knees.

Handler - MalxVic

“I think we should…in public, at least…be apart.” he couldn't explain it right, he didn’t know how. He sighed and stood, walking to Albus, his arms sliding around his lovers waist, kissing his cheek before trying to explain a little better. He was going to get their future for them, their happy future, and with all the killings, it had to start now, he needed to be the spy. “James will never trust me if were together. I’ll still be here, be yours, I’ll be here every night. It’s just, my things will be in the dorm, no one can know!” 

Malcolm headed back to school, a large rucksack on his back and Heratio’s cage in his hand as he walked up to the castle after what had seemed like the longest two hours ever. He saw the blonde hair and automatically sighed “Miss Weasley, I can explain.” he put down Heratio’s cage, and looked at the Auror, a little dejected and depressed “But, can we talk about it in private?” he asked, his head rolling back, totally fed up with what had been a strange day. 

He took up Heratio and followed Miss Weasley out of the way of prying ears and sighed as he closed the door behind him. “I’m sorry I’m late. I’ve just done something, stupid, I think. I don’t know.” he huffed frustratedly, trying his hardest not to cry. Despite having a plan, having thought about all this and rethought, he was still just a teenager, in love and confused, and he felt so much weight, so much responsibility. He loved Albus, whether his mother thought it was just puppy love and would fade or not, he loved him, and he wanted their future. He was doing all this for them, for everyone, but that didn’t stop it from being one of the most emotional times in his life. 

“I just told Albus.. Well…” he didn’t have a clue how to say it, other than to just say, so he put Heratio’s cage on the desk by his side, closed his eyes and just spat it out “I told him I’m going to keep an eye on James. I’ve seen the sadness behind his eyes at the knowledge that his brothers the one to kill his own father… If i can stop that, I plan too. I want to be that spy.” his eyes opened, looking to hers “I told him I can’t see him in public any more, because James and Louis would never trust me if I was with him.” he sighed softly, like the world had suddenly become a struggle. “I want to be an Auror, and I think I need your help!”

Veela Hair or Chest Hair? Malcolm/Zach

“Go Go Gryffindor.” the chants were loud as Malcolm landed both feet on the floor and headed off the pitch behind his team. As always, the Ravenclaw team played the blame game and all eyes landed on the young McGonagall and he hung his head in shame. Of course, it wasn’t exactly his fault, he had scored a few of the goals himself, gaining his team 20 points before that inevitable fumble. The Gryffindors beater had aimed at the Ravenclaw seeker, Malcolm doing his best to defend his team mates and keep them in the game went for the ball, his plan was to get between it and their keeper, but as his eyes stayed fixed on the ball, he hit the goal post, and his own keeper, the Bludger smashing into the both of them and Malcolm fell from the broom. 

The game went on, but his team had obviously decided that once again, his clumsy behaviour had contributed to the failure. The eyes scowling at him as they walked away and he plodded on behind them, the last one off the pitch as normal.

The cold shoulder lasted all through the night and well into the next morning, even his sister took a seat further away from him at breakfast. He sat alone like he sometimes did, gathering his books after breakfast, shoving them under one arm as he hurried to class. Dark arts and duelling  it was one of Malcolm’s favourites, but despite his love for a good duelling contest, his wand was made with veela hair, and temperamental at best. When it was finally his turn, he stepped up, throwing his cloak back with a grin, looking to his opponent with a smirk as he was counted in by the professor. He had been looking up spells and was excited to try a new one and the moment it was his turn his wand shot out in front of him “Ferula!” Bandages flew out from the back of his wand, encasing him until he couldn’t move and everyone was laughing. He groaned as the professor came and pulled him free from them, a soft chuckle in his voice “And what was that meant to be Mr. McGonagall!” Malcolm tucked his wand away and shrugged “I thought a mummy curse would be funny.” Obviously, it was, but the laugh was on him. 

Class was dismissed and he left the class the same was as he did the Quidditch pitch, his head hung, last out, only he still had a bandage stuck to his shoe and as he went up the step and out of class, one of the Slytherin class stood on it and Malcolm tripped, his books flying across the corridor as he his the ground, barely having time to put his hands out to stop his face smashing into the floor.

-Its all in the Rhythm-

Malcolm had always felt different, even before being bitten by the werewolf, he didn’t exactly fit in with his family, he was what you would probably call a dreamer. He talks to everyone but doesn’t exactly have many friends. His clumsy antics on the Quidditch team give him more enemies than anything else, and they hinder him in classes too. Take Potions class for example. Malcolm understands it, he isn’t dumb by any means, and yet his lack of attention and itchy fingers cause too much chaos, too little of one thing, too much of another, a knocked over vile here and a spilt bottle there. It leaves him failing and without a lab partner. It leaves him alone, but for the most part, he doesn’t really care, he likes to have time to himself, to think, to dream, to study. Though Potions class isn’t all bad, the teachers accent more than makes up for everything else.

There are classes however, that he adores, Okay, so maybe he wasn’t the smooth talker he thought he was, little hints and subtlety were getting him nowhere. He had sat in that class every day, looking, waiting, yearning, but there was nothing, no show of affection other than the odd smile. It was a good smile, no deny that, but it was a smile that could be taken in so many ways, ranging from the simple ‘Hey’ to a raging 'God I secretly want you’ or even the softer 'I would love to feel your heart beating against my chest’. Malcolms trouble was that he simply didn’t know which it was, and he wasn’t the type of guy to simply just come out and ask.

“Malcolm.” he heard her voice, but distraction was nothing new for the dreamer and he was in a world of his own, too busy to respond with thoughts that probably shouldn’t be mentioned out loud. “Malcolm!” the second call of his name registered but it wasn’t till the third, harsher call that he cocked a brow and turned quickly “Huh?” Valerie Grey gave him a huff, that girly look that told him he should of just ignored her anyway because she wasn’t going to say things twice. “Sorry Val, I missed that, what were you saying?” he asked, putting on a polite smile to try and convince her he was worth repeating it for. Rolling her eyes she lifted her finger to point at the score sheet of music that they had been working on for class “You put be B minor, does that even look right to you?” he glanced to it, cringing, shrugging, his nose wrinkling, knowing the answer she was looking for, and that the question was rhetorical, one of those where any answer, even the right one, would be repeated in a different way to make you seem wrong. “Because it deffinately doesn’t sound right!" 

The young male just gave a sigh and pulled the sheet from the stand "I’ll just change it!” he spilt out from his lips, rambling, just wanting her to let it go instead of giving him those dagger eyes “It’s just a mistake!” he grumbled as he pulled it to his desk, erasing the B and changing it for an A before putting it back and glancing quickly to Professor Albrea. 

Professor Albrea was what made Music Class bareable. He had been paired with all the air heads and drama queens since year Four and it was gratting on his nerves, but every time he heard that rustic spanish accent, he was smiling. He had kind eyes, the kind of eyes that said even if he was shouting, he wished he wasn’t. He had the kind of smile that caused dimples on his cheeks and lit up his hues. In fact Professor Albrea was probably the only man Malcolm could listen to all day and not get bored, just watching him talk was mesemerizing. 

The class bell rang and everyone started to pack away, Valerie stuffing the sheet into his hand “Go through and see what other stupid mistakes you made!” he nodded, sliding it between the pages of his music book and tossing it into his bag. He slid from his chair, out from the table and tripped on one of the Weasley’s robes and stumbled, laughter broke out as he pushed himself back up with a groan, everyone else leaving him behind. “Nice one Mal!” he grumbled.

-Plotting, Potions and Partying-

“Seriously? You made it too easy!” The Slytherin team smirked at their victory, their green cloaks fluttering behind them in the high winds, damp from the strengthening rain. Malcolm’s eyes went to the ground, feeling horrible, cold and wet. He pulled him his cloak, trying to protect against the weather in vain.

Coralie brushed past with a bump “This is your fault!” she huffed, walking off the pitch with her broken broom and Malcolm shrank in to himself a little “I didn’t mean to..” “Mal, let it go. She’s not going to listen!” his sisters hand patted his shoulder, trying to comfort him before she walked off and he found himself the last one on the pitch, his feet starting to sink in the muddy ground, his uniform feeling heavy.

The match had gone south since he first hit the ball, don’t get me wrong, he scored, but he took out Neville’s arm in the process, he was never very good with his aim. It wasn’t that that Coralie was upset about, of course, she blamed him for losing the game, but it was probably when he came crashing in to her, smashing her against one of the stands and snapping her broom that made her angry. It would anyone, but thats just how Malcolm was. He had always been clumbsy, never looked where he was going, his mind was always preoccupied with other things.

He shuffled off the pitch with a groan, almost tumbling over as he pulled his glove off, dropping it and in the process of catching it, dropping his broom. “Well done Mal!” Talking to himself was another thing he sometimes did, mostly because he felt like noone really talked to him, and he hated the quiet. The only place that should be quiet, was the library, and he only went there to work.

Picking himself up he along with his things he headed back to the school, seeing the audience leave the stands with faces ranging from smiles and laughter to shame and upset. Most of which were because of him. “Dont worry about it. You’ll do better next time.” Professor Yewen winked as he went passed quickly, the rain really starting to poor. The words made Malcolm to crack a smile, the potions teacher had  never made him feel like a failure despite the fact he was failing miserablly in the class, and was way behind the other students.

Then he noticed Riley shuffling along behind everyone else. He had seen him before, the boy was a whiz in the potions class, a subject in which Malcolm was falling behind, and a small grin formed on his face as a plan formed in his head.

Back to Reality - MalcolmxAlbus

Malcolm woke with a stir, eyes fluttering open saw a familiar poster, the dark coloured walls. Opening them properly he sat up and realised he was home, his head looked to the body beside him, familiar shoulders, the little freckles, a smile swept his lips before he leaned down, kissing between the shoulder blades. “Baby wake up, were home. I’m barely legal again!” he laughed lightly and ran his fingers up Albus’s arm before realising the sun was shining and his head shot around to the alarm clock by the bed. “FUCK!” he jumped up out of the bed, grumbling, rushing around “Al, I’m late for class and you have a meeting today!" 

Getting dressed Malcolm rushed out of the house, slipping on to muggle streets, busy 9am, the honking of cars on busy London streets filled the air and people brushed past him, almost knocking him down. "Well, it’s good to be home!” he thought, glancing down at himself in his school uniform, not even noticing his sweater was on backwards as he ran off down the street, but as he hurried, he realised he would never make it in time, and took a detour… He found himself at Louis Weasley’s house looking for the eldest Potter boy “James, erm… can we talk?" 

Home again…

Dumping his bag by the door he caught a glimpse of something black out of the corner of his eye. "Heratio!” she flew down to him, his hand lifting to let her land and he lifted it higher, his head turning almost upside down to talk to her “Albus home yet?” she pushed off and flew back the way she came. Giving a small sigh he followed, seeing Albus in the kitchen he grumbled to himself and dropped onto the couch. “Albus? I need to discuss something with you!" 

The small glimpse of Malcolm’s future had had an impact on him, his goals and ambitions had changed, he had realised that Albus was his future, and he wanted it, he wanted the happiness he felt, and the smiles he saw in all of their photographs. There was just one problem with that, James. "Ive been to see your brother. He’s pretty determined not to have the future he saw.” he stated, running a hand over his face, his eyes lifting to his lover “But we can’t risk the chance it could still come to pass. I think it might be best, if, for our sake, for everyone’s sake, that you and I..” this was the hardest thing he had ever had to say, he didn’t know how, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to say it, but he had seen the worry on his boyfriends face, and he desperately wanted to take that away.

“I think we should…in public…be apart.” he couldn’t explain it right, he didn’t know how. He sighed and stood, walking to Albus, his arms sliding around his lovers waist, kissing his cheek before trying to explain a little better. He was going to get their future for them, their happy future, and with all the killings, it had to start now, he needed to be the spy. “James will never trust me if were together. I’ll still live here, I’ll be here every night. It’s just, my things will be in the dorm, no one can know!" 

Werewolves at Hogwarts: Malcolm&Albus

With all the werewolf attacks the school rattled with worries and fear. Those that knew of the prophecy grew more worried than the rest and Malcolm had an owl from his mother telling him to be careful, and to keep himself safe. It was unnecessary of course, he had learnt that broadcasting what he was could have detrimental effects on his already non-existent group of friends. 

Lily Potter had been his only real friend and he had refrained from telling her what he was to try and keep her safe, and if he was honest, to make sure she didn’t look at him with the same expression some of the other students did. Hues full of fear, pity and disgust. He even saw it in his sisters eyes whenever there was a new attack, as if she blamed him for it. He hated that look, and for now, Lily had been the only student that just accepted him, cocky and clumsy as he was, he didn’t want that to change and he was a little scared it might. 

It was getting late, and the full moon had passed, more students were wandering the halls than the last three nights, but with the late hour, they all seemed to be heading in the opposite direction to him. They headed to bed, ready for a new day of classes and gossip in the morning, but not Malcolm. He was trying to avoid sleep, and classes, and gossip, as much as he could, secretly hoping if he never went to bed, the morning would never come, stupid but living in a world full of magic, you never know…

The library was practically empty when he took a seat, pulling a few old books from the shelves, they weren’t study books, but his favourite, classic muggle horror. He had always loved the subject, and he flipped open ‘The werewolf of Paris’ and leant one hand against his head, elbow on the desk, and started to read.

His obsession with wolves is what got him into this mess in the first place. Instead of taking head of his parents warnings, of the prophecy and how dangerous werewolves could be, he went looking, and found one. He had no idea who bit him, who turned him or why, but he had always wanted to find out. He wanted to know if he was meant to be a killer and for some strange reason, reading these books, how muggles and wizards saw werewolves, it calmed him. The terrifying beasts in the novels, they sounded nothing like him, they put his mind at rest, at least, for a little while, but it still didn’t help him with his problem, finding a way to tell Lily, to be honest with his best friend. The thought of just lying to her forever crossed his mind and his hand ran over his face “I’m going to hell!” he grumbled, realising the answer wasn’t at the bottom of a book he slammed it closed, turning to see Lily’s big brother, his brow arched, wondering if a gathering of information would help him figure out a way to tell Lily what he was. “Your er, Lily’s brother right?”

Falling Skies - Mal/Rose

Everyone had presumed Malcolm to be gay, and after Albus, he didn’t blame them, but they were completely mistaken. He knew he liked women and men before the Potter boy, Albus had simply been his first love and his entire heart by chance, or by fate. He wasn’t sure which, and he didn’t care much either. The fact was, he had loved Albus completely, and now the boy was gone, and he had to move on. 

Erin had helped him with that healing process in a way he had never expected. She’d been his first female lover in a  drunken night of fun but if he was honest, she wasn’t his type. She was once a complete bitch, someone he wouldn’t look twice at, but, things had changed the day he sunk his teeth in to her neck and he saw something more in her, he loved her, whatever bond they had with one another he enjoyed fully, but Malcolm wouldn’t of chose her as his first female experience.

He’d always like Laurel, and, well Rose, girls he qualified as nice, and kind, but with spark.

One thing he could always count on to make him feel better… Quidditch!

Rain hit him like heavy little hammers, dragging him down as they soaked through his clothes, made them heavy and made it harder to fly. The wind howled past his ears, blowing at his dark locks and causing a shiver to run through him. He hated the rain, the way it got him all wet and not in a good way. It was nothing but a hassle for Malcolm, he saw it as a chore. It meant drying his clothes, his broom, his gloves. And it meant Heratio, his Bat was restless, and despite popular belief, bats were noisy when they wanted to be. 

He could only imagine going back to the room to have him squeaking in his ear like a mouse all night. The thoughts, gloomy as the weather, distracted him as a Bludger flew his way. Images of Heratio flashed in his mind as he was knocked off his broom, the pain as it winded him making him dizzy as he fell,  blacking out before he hit the ground. The one good thing about all this was that for once, it wasn't down to his clumsy behavior that he fell. Well, unless you count the fact he was distracted, does that count? Nah, didn’t think so.

When his eyes fluttered open Malcolm was in the infirmary, his whole body ached and as he rolled onto his side he realized he was warm, comfortable, out of those wet clothes and with dry hair. “How long was I out?” he asked, pushing himself up to rest on his elbows. “Did we win this time?” Glancing about he realized he was the only Quidditch player there, the weather obviously hadn’t effected the others balance.

Realization - Lil/Mal

Realization - Lily/Malcolm

Ever since their quick trip to the future things for Malcolm had changed, he.. had changed. He’d come to realize what was truly important, and it wasn’t school, it wasn’t trying to keep up to date with his homework while he sneaked off grounds to visit Albus. It was his family, and his friends, and putting them first at all costs. He wanted to safeguard their future, and change what he had seen if he could. He didn’t want his lover and his best friend to go through all that pain of losing their father at their brothers hand. 

He’d fallen out with Lily once already and he didn’t want to do it again, but he could already imagine what she was going to say when he told her his idea’s, well, they were more than idea’s he was already putting them in to practice, and he’d pulled her boyfriend in to it too. 

Malcolm waited outside Professor Yewen’s classroom for her potions lesson to finish and watched them all leave, laughing, joking, going about their lives and being teenagers, and he wondered how some of them could just carry on, but then, everyone adjusted in their own way. He kind of wished he could be one of those people to just enjoy the time before the war came into fruition  but knowing it was looming was always in his mind, and he simply couldn’t escape it.

Finally the fiery red head walked past him and his arm shot out, taking hold of hers and pulling her around the corner to a quieter corridor, smiling softly. “We need to have a talk Lil.” his voice was quiet and soft but he huffed out her name like he was dreading the conversation to follow. “This whole plan, with Albus… I’m planning to break up with him publicly to gain James and Louis’s trust.” he knew she was already worried about him, about both of them, but what he was doing, was what he believed to be right, even if she didn’t see it. “Zach’s going to help me. The Order needs an ally in the pack if the war starts, and by then it will be too late to gain any trust, this has to happen now.” he stated.

Hands dived quickly into his pockets and he shut up, watching a student walk past, trying not to draw attention, waiting for them to go out of earshot before carrying on. “You know what happens, me and Zach, working together, we might not be able to stop it, but we can contain it, you’ve seen it.” he sighed “I’m only telling you because I want you to back us up, your James’s sister, your going to have to lie to him if he starts asking questions, and well… Can you?”