c: making them suffer is an art

A FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD - fanmix for Natasha Romanoff, the woman with many names and faces.


I. anna’s theme ; john corigliano [natuska]

(stalingrad on fire)

II. i forget ; danny elfman [training in the red room]

( i am one of twenty-eight young ballerinas with the bolshoi— no,)

III. miss jackson panic! at the disco ft. lolo [sisterhood]

(yelena belova) = “but i love her anyway”

IV. gravediggress ; cocorosie [they call her tsarina]

(first missions) = “bury all of my love and all of my holy”

V. flickers ; son lux [the winter soldier]

(love is for children) = “i hear the singing light, lift me up, lift me up”

VI. bachelorette björk [chernaya vdova]

(she is our best, the best) “i am a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl”

VII. mütterleinnico [i am mother death]

(guilt) “the cradle is your homeland dress, this longing, this loneliness”

VIII. hero, regina spektor [hawkeye, barton, clint]

(trust) “he never ever saw it coming at all”

IX. flycatcher ; shivaree [agent romanoff]

(no such thing as a clear start) “cause everybody’s trying to get into heaven, but no one’s dead so far”

X. woman like a man ; damien rice [fallaces sunt rerum species]

(and the hope of men is deceived) = “keep your teeth, run”

XI. ebla e. s. posthumus [burning down the red room]

(i am my own woman: first, last, always)

ugh also, just how difficult and liberating at once must have been to natalia romanova to burn that red room. she had to burn herself first though: light herself up and let the flame consume all that she was -she was meant to be- and then she was free. just imagine her face blank but her heart so full as the department crumbles around and behind her as she walked away in the snow.