c: magneto

The Signs as Superheroes
  • Aries: Wonder Woman
  • Taurus: Ironman
  • Gemini: Magneto
  • Cancer: Thor
  • Leo: Superman
  • Virgo: The Hulk
  • Libra: Spider-Man
  • Scorpio: Cat Woman
  • Sagittarius: Black Widow
  • Capricorn: Batman
  • Aquarius: Captain America
  • Pisces: Robin, The Wonder Boy

Can we talk about the delicacy and intensity of this scene please! Hank looked at Erik timidly after Charles said “don’t touch my hair” while Raven shrugged. Then Charles smiled at Erik! Five seconds ago Erik was mocking him and Charles fucking smiled! And I’d say that’s a very flirty smile.

In the next scene Hank began flipped switches. Cut to Erik’s worried face. Cut to Charles again.

He was still looking at Erik before closing his eyes for the Cerebro!