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“So incredibly grateful to these talented people who read my first screenplay out loud last night. It was so good to visit my old friends ❤”

Yes, it does say The Lizzie Bennet Wedding. Yes, I am having feels. Yes, I might be freaking out. 

And yes, I am first in line to crowdfund if needed. 

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Teenage Dream - a Lydia/Gigi mix

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I gotta explain the frequency of quotes that are “Lydia creating murder plans”. Its really because I see Lydia being ride or die when it comes to her family. While she’s still a young and not as balanced, she’s fiercely loyal to her family. Hence a frequency in quotes about her plans being….. extreme. She’d be willing to risk anything for those she cares about. Although, this obviously doesn’t stop her from making immature and awful mistakes. (Kinda reminds me of a certain gentleman we know and love)

Lydia Bennet

One of the best things that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries did is take a minor character from Pride and Prejudice–one whose main purpose was to move the plot forward–and turn her into such a compelling character. She’s complex, charismatic, sympathetic, and relevant to our times. Her storyline deals with slut-shaming, abusive relationships, and the redeeming bond between sisters.

I’m proud and astounded by the fanbase who, five years after the show aired, are still loyal to Lydia.

Props to Mary Kate Wiles who played Lydia, and all the creators of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. @thelbdofficial @pemberleydigital

😂 from an unexpected character too. Mainly, I hate Lydia from the book and from the 2 adaptations (1995/2005 especially the Lydia from 1995) that i’ve watched but this web series makes me love Lydia. She isn’t just an annoying character anymore she has a personality that a lot people especially young people can be related to (well not me bc I’m not really a rebellion ). And Mary Kate is awesome in it. I may not be a rebellion but I adore every rebellious character that I know.