c: lizzie bennet

idk who u are or where i am. if you diss pride and prejudice im comin for ur ungrateful ass. we could be standing at the alter abt to say ‘i do’ and if you say ‘ugh i hate pride and prejudice’ id fcking leave you. id walk out of my own wedding. i could be under anesthesia about to have major surgery and hear my doctor say ‘i never liked austen novels’ and id wake up just to request a different doctor. u could be the president of the united states and say ‘they’re just love stories’ and id deck you right there, right in front of secret service. im waiting and im ready to fight

It’s been THREE years since the first time we saw this

And this 

And this

And these two sharing these smiles

And bonus brain still fuzzy/can’t believe that just happened Darcy.

The Ly-di-yuh 🤗

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube is one of the best modern adaptations of Pride & Prejudice ever. Seriously. Like it’s really fucking brilliant and I wish I had it as a supplement when I was studying P&P in high school. I love this show and this cast so much, and the way they adapted the story, and how they’ve used social media… just brilliant. Also just found out it’s actually the 5 year anniversary of the show!

Jane is gonna be okay. I made her a PB&J. She said she didn’t want it, so I ate it. She was still sad, so I made her another PB&J. She didn’t want that one either, so I ate it. Anyway, Jane wants to be alone for a little while and we’re out of peanut butter.
—  Lizzie Bennet