c: lily aldrin

Little Things I Like About HIMYM

- None of the gang have two living parents who are together, but:
a) Barney was raised by a single mother
b) At the start of her life, Lily was raised by a stay-at-home dad
c) Ted’s mother happily remarried

- Barney canonically loves rabbits (he has bonded with two separate rabbits in S6E05 and S8E13)

- Lily is openly interested in women and none of them (not even Marshall) object

- James and Tom worked through their issues and raised two amazing, adopted kids

- Lily kept her last name when she married Marshall

- The Captain got a happy ending with Becky aka Boats Boats Boats (and he also resolved the pineapple mystery in a deleted scene)

- Ranjit is the only recurring character to appear in every season, and he got a happy ending

- Every member of the gang met Tracy (the mother) before Ted

- Tracy was allowed time to grieve and nobody told her she had to start dating if she didn’t want to

- Basically I love everything about Tracy

- All of the recurring jokes

remember when lily from himym was bi remember all the times she crushed hard on robin remember when she was comparing the female bartender to marshall in which one was hotter and gender never entered into the equation remember when everyone accepted her crushes on women remember when in the final few episodes they erased her bisexuality for a shitty punchline yeah fuck im still mad