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Preview of Kochakaden’s Levi and Mikasa Wallpaper for their second Shingeki no Kyojin campaign

Customers who purchase these specially marked bottles of Kochakaden Royal Milk Tea will be able to receive Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Hanji wallpaper by scanning the QR code on the back of the bottle. 

Through the QR codes, fans will also be able to access sound clips of an original audio drama voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, and Romi Park. 


2dworldforever asked:

I saw a arcobaleno animals request yesterday and tried to find the varia one, but I didn't see it anywhere. Can you do one where varia box animals love their female s/o too much?

to be honest, i had no idea what the anon was talking about.  

here is the arcobaleno one

Xanxus: He honestly had no idea what would happen when his box weapon met you for the first time, but this sure as hell did not cross his mind.  

He watched as you cooed at the giant liger that was currently rolled over on it’s back demanding a bell rub.  You happily obliged., scratching the large cat in his favorite spot, his back foot scratching at the air as you hit the tickle spot.  The Varia boss watched as his ferocious box weapon of wrath purred at your feet.  

Squalo: He had a couple days vacation so the two of you decided to go to the beach and go snorkeling along a reef.  When he saw the shark fin heading toward you he nearly flipped his shit before he realized it was just his box weapon.  

The large shark had taken a liking to you and now every time you were near a body of water large enough for it, it released itself from the box.  Currently, it was allowing you to hold onto it’s fin as it swam around, giving you a tour of the reef and leaving the swordsmen behind. 

Lussuria: He had come home early that day after realizing the he didn’t have his box weapon with him.  When he walked into the living room he was a little puzzled yet happy to see his peacock box animal snuggled up next to you on the couch as you read a book and stroked it’s neck.  He had no idea peacocks liked to cuddle.  He also had no idea it was so attached to you.  He found out the hard way when it pecked him in is leg after he tried to put it back in the box. 

Levi: The giant manta ray swam underneath you as you played around in the ocean, your boyfriend swimming to catch up to you.  The large ray was always by your side, not leaving and doing an effective job at keep away the other predators.  And when you got tired, it was more than happy to let you hold onto it while it swam you back to the shore.  Levi on the other hand had to swim back on his own.

Belphegor: The small mink was always in your arms when out of it’s box.  Bel liked it at first, thinking it was great the animal liked you but now he was jealous.  You were spoiling the creature.  More than him.  This will not do.  

He tried every thing he could think of to get the little creature away from you but nothing worked.  When ever you sat down it was on your lap in a heartbeat, wanting you to pet it.  And if Bel tried to come and sit next to you, it would snap at him or pee on him.