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Levi’s nightmares.

Okay, there was going to be way more Eruri, but my followers know the horror story: my computer crashed and yeah. Good bye my fav page. Also this is literally the first comic-ish thing I have ever done so please be gentle as moblit would be with hanji  don’t eat me or anything.

levi fashion week

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mikasa: http://januariat.tumblr.com/post/75329729681/mikasa-fashion-week

 My little tribute to Audacity by Shoi. Élie, about to be house-trained by the military. (Because, apparently, height requirements for joining the army in AoT universe are so forgiving that even midgets get a pass.) They really should have tied him in a position that is easier to draw, though. Also, Levi is immune to pneumonia; damn you, overly healthy midget!