c: levi


In behalf of the Special Operations Squad, Heichou, our gift for you is Eren… still young, still determined… well and alive. We wish you wouldn’t be [cold] with the loneliness of our absence, and instead see Eren as the warmth [life] we protected, as was our duty as soldiers and as family. We hope you remember us through him. We offer our hearts to you!

Yes, Eren, Mikasa and Armin told you to keep the fucking lube on you at all times. All for your sake. 

Two days late but… Happy Birthday, Levi-heichou!

I wasn’t been able to clean it though. (Only had three hours of sleep since yesterday OTL) Hope you guys liked the late thing. I made it kinda not specific 

Inspired by winternightlullaby ’s request, which was a lot fluffier than this, and definitely not supposed to be an art but… (i’m sorry I couldn’t finish it…)