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RivamikaWeek Day 3- “fight for the power”

Made a little something for today ;_; (my tablet is working strangely so I have to fix it ;_;)

I decided to start posting this here cause my instagram is more like personal account and more things. This blog is more for shitposting and rivamika (hehe <3)

Thanks to @ackercums and @cathsjoker for making this rivamikaweek :) 



Q: Which style do you like the most?


hahaha Levi ❤️

I did this game on instagram and people voted their favorite styles.

These are the results (I love do this things haha) ❤️

I’ll draw Levi and Hanji with style:

Levi: F (even though his real style has been voted most)

Hanji: E

Attack On Titan season 2: Conspiracy mode on

(that scene in the carriage in S02 Ep02, where everyone freaks out about what the hell is going on with the walls and why is no one talking about those titans, what is this priest hiding, but Levi keeps his cool as always. Levi knows; the truth is out there DUN DUN DUuNNnn)