c: lara croft

Can we talk about how Katniss' Mockingjay outfit is 0% sexualized?

I mean, let’s take a look at some other superheroines’ outfits:

Black Widow - Sexualized

Elektra - Sexualized

Cat Woman - Sexualized

Lara Croft - Sexualized

Katniss Everdeen - not sexualized

The Mockingjay outfit respects her anatomy, without sexualizing it. Reminds me of Captain American, not sexualized either:

Also her posing on promo pics, she’s such a badass character, I can’t:

Okay but can we talk about how the Stormguards are sworn to protect Himiko with no consideration for themselves? How their oath transcends time and death?


[Soulmate AU, anyone? Sam and Lara keep getting reborn and they keep finding each other and Lara keeps being her guard in every lifetime. And Himiko being a vengeful goddess because back in her own time, she fell in love with one of her (still human then) guards. Ancient!Lara gave her life to protect her and Himiko got cursed to spend eternity on Yamatai with all her Stormguards - except the one that mattered. So when the S.S. Endurance crashes and she sees that one of them is her mate - different, but still the same in all the ways that matter - she becomes mad with rage and longing and vows to take Sam’s body for herself and get Lara back.]