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“drama” over a gif

ok, guys. i decided that this is need to be said and spread, bc this is an unapologetic attitude. im here for justice.

so, this “drama over a gif”. i asked politely - the answer was rude and disrespectful. you can see it all by yourself, im not hiding anything.

many people supported me and im extremly grateful to all of them. one of them @raidstombs, who’s a roleplayer too (as the person who stole my gif), and some time ago they asked to use some of my work, graphics and gifs) and i gave my permission, bc they first asked and did it politely. btw i wanted to be mentioned that the same person bullied @raidstombs last year. while i wasn’t witness those events, i can see NOW how this person responds, with incredible rudeness, and i can only imagine what such kind of person could send anonymously…  (if there’s other people who was bullied/harassed/abused in any way by this person tell us, we need to know).

more then that, one of the supporters of this awful person continue claiming that i didn’t put an effort in that damn gifs (and as a result i shouldn’t be even upset. why of course me and my work is nothing but a pile of shit (and i should be flattered that someone steal it), but THEIR’S work is clrearly an art.

this particular gif maybe not my best work, but it’s still MINE. and i proved it with original post (and btw i already reported it to staff). if i would draw an ugly pic it still would be MINE, not yours, not an excuse for you to STEAL it.

well i know there’s a lot of gifmakers here (in my followers including), so let them judge. sample for people who’s not familiar with my works and for those who think that making gifs is not a work of art and it’s easy. well, try it!

my original post

before my coloring (not to mention sharpening and timing)

after my coloring (sharpening and timing)

one last word, if you would just remove that gif and apologized before all of it) nothing of this would happen. but you CHOSE to act like a complete assohole. you got what you deserved.

p.s. funny thing, this thief still reblogging MY gifs. for example this one

anonymous asked:

If you don't like LAU triology/Reboot why don't you be useful and make better Tomb Raider Games instead of bad mouthing them :) Also you have NO RIGHT to disrespect CD Company and their games

Originally posted by marica-callate

Oh, please. More rat kid asks, just what I needed. You’re the same one that has been bothering my sister, right? I remember an exact stupid ask like that one.

Well, just for your info;

1. I don’t make games. I am useful to society in other ways which are not your business, of course, but you know what? Sending stupid anon asks to people who dislikes me is not one of them.

2. When you were made an expert of what I’ve right and I have not right to say? You’re 13 years later, sweetie. Try to stop me. That company you defend so eagerly has disrespected the original games and their creators non-stop until the present day, but of course, you didn’t make your research on this before coming to bother me.

One day you’ll grow up and realize videogames are products, and we, the customers, are perfectly entitled to have an opinion on them, whether if you like it or not. In fact customers without an opinion are carnage for the marketing industry. That’s what’s gonna take this franchise to its absolute decadence and crisis of identity: fans taking whatever came out, no matter if what was being done had something to do with the original TR spirit or had brainwashed the character, erasing her traits, just to keep milking the cash cow.

I don’t take whatever it comes out the market with the logo Tomb Raider plastered in it if it doesn’t resemble the heroine I grow up with and doesn’t respect the games I grow up with. If you do so, it’s your problem, not mine. I don’t even think I’m better for it, it’s just my choice. Respect my choice and you’ll be respected too.

What you’re doing basically here is “waaaa waaaaa stop hating the games I like” so please, go and do something better with your time. You’re not gonna change my point after 13 years, much less with that attitude.