c: lancelot du lac


When she immersed in such a trance, and moving through the past unconsciously, came to that point where first she saw the King ride toward her from the city, sighed to find her jour-ney done, glanced at him, thought him cold, high, self-contained, and passionless, “Not like him, not like my Lancelot” she brooded thus and grew half-guilty in her thoughts again.
–  Idylls of the King: Guinevere, Lord Alfred Tennyson

  • Lancelot: [in a crowd and can't find Merlin]
  • Lancelot: [using hands as megaphone] LANCELOT DESERVED TO DIE
  • Merlin: [leaps over table] HOW DARE YOU
  • Gwen: [explodes out of castle] EXCUSE ME
  • Arthur: [draws sword] WHAT'D YOU SAY
  • Gwaine: [bursts out of tavern] YOU WANT TO FUCKING GO
  • Merlin Fandom: [breaks through screen, screaming]
  • Lancelot: ......shit

Most recent dream was me being Arthur and in a three way with Guinevere and Lancelot, and I was desperately trying to make that relationship work out because society was in the way again. 

The boy thought that there was something wrong with him. All through his life— even when he was a great man with the world at his feet—he was to feel this gap: something at the bottom of his heart of which he was aware, and ashamed, but which he did not understand. There is no need for us to try to understand it. We do not have to dabble in a place which he preferred to keep secret.
—  TH White, The Once and Future King

“..a haunting version of the Camelot legend..”

“the stylized and unglamorous French drama presents the Arthurian legend..”

“..this film ruthlessly strips down the Arthurian legend to its barest essentials”

“This haunting drama presents a disturbing and de-romanticized version of the illustrious Lancelot..”

well these are all my favourite words to be applied to the Arthurian legend so I guess I need to see Lancelot du Lac (Besson, 1974)

Lancelot in other classes
  • Aka: If Gilgamesh can be a caster out of pure spite, then Lancelot can be any class under the right conditions.
  • Lancer: "The Matchless Jouster" In his legend, Lancelot entered many jousting contests and won most (if not all) of them. This version of Lancelot is from his early days in the Round Table. At the time, he had not gain any land of his own and had not been assigned any important duties in the Round Table so he spent a lot of time adventuring and entering tournaments. Like Lancer!Arthur, he has a horse because jousting is always done on horseback. His overall skill set is the same as his Saber version except he uses a lance instead of Arondight. His NP attack would still be called "Light of Lake" because his weapons' power comes from the blessings of the Lady of the Lake and the fairies.
  • Archer: "A Modern Knight" I have so many ideas for Lancelot is this class. Why go with the traditional bow when we know he can use rocket launchers and machine guns with ease? (Thank the heavens for Knight of Honor) He finds it a bit strange to use guns at first because he's more used to close combat. Unlike a certain Archer, his sword cannot operate as a boomerang. At first he wonders if it's honorable to shoot at enemies from afar, but then he thinks to himself, "If Tristan can shoot arrows with his eyes closed, then I can use these modern weapons". So long as he faces his enemy Mexican standoff style, it's a honorable duel. If all else failed, he can just turn random stuff into his NP and throw it at his enemies. Archer!Lancelot is the perfect opportunity to see a knight in full armor wield an assault rifle, minigun, and who knows what else. Please satisfy my anachronistic aesthetics, Type-Moon. You let Arthur become an Archer because of a water gun.
  • Rider: "The White Knight" Like all knights, Lancelot did a lot of questing on horseback. This version of him is a teenager-- similar to what Saber Lily is to Saber--from the time period after he left the Lake but before he joined the Round Table. During this time, he is known simply as a nameless "White Knight". He wandered around fighting monsters and knights, a rider without a destination. Like Saber Lily who became Arthur by pulling the sword out of the stone, the White Knight became Lancelot when he lifted a stone no one else could and received the name "Lancelot". Like Prototype!Cu, this version has a complex about being a "temporary existence" destine to be outgrown and turn into something else. In true, this version is not really Lancelot because he had not receive that name yet, he is simply a foundling raised by fairies who has trouble accepting who he would become.
  • Caster: "Child of the Fairies" Since he was raised by the magical Lady of the Lake and fairies, as a child, Lancelot has constant contact with magic. At this point, he is neither "Lancelot" the knight nor "Galahad" (his birth name) the prince from France but a "Fairy Child". While not a true magus, he can use more magic than his adult self because 1) his connection to the Lake, a place with great magical power, is very strong at this point and 2) children in fairy folklore have magical powers that fades away as they grow. The leftover magic from his child self can be seen in his "Protection of the Fairies" which continues to protect him even after his fall into madness in the last years of his life. The Fairy Child's NP a semi-Reality Marble that recreates the Lake and boosts his magical power. His territory creation skill allows him to create a fairy ring. Unwelcome guests who enter this ring will be trap in an illusion unless they have enough magical powers to overcome it or if the ring is broken. This version has a huge crush on all versions of Saber (but not on saberfaces who aren't her).
  • Assassin: "The Unwilling Assassin" The worst class to summon Lancelot in; not because he doesn't have the skills for it but because it goes against his nature as a knight. Like Mysterious Heroine X, he continues to act like a saber and ignores his class title. Unlike MHX, he has a skill that actually fit the assassin class perfectly, For Someone Else's Glory. As seen in Fate/Zero, he can change his appearance into a copy of someone's else using this skill. Now that he's sane, he can also change his voice and characteristics for a better disguise. He refuses to use it for underhanded means, however, because this NP represents how he often stepped in to help his fellow knights by disguising as them and win glory in their name. Thus, Lancelot will only use it to help others. If his master expects a subtle Assassin, they will be very disappointed.