c: laeta

Why aren't more people talking about Spartacus?!

I mean you have these gorgeous women

Who are 100% Feminine and 100% Badass!

Naevia cut off her rapists head!

Laeta killed the guy who manipulated her and took advantage of her and branded her as a slave!

Saxa is one of the best damn fighters that the rebels have!

Mira is also badass but with a bow and arrow :)

now whilst the girls armor does seem typically sexualised… 

this is the Guys armour, barely anything! :D So why aren’t more people talking about this?!


You know what the best thing about the goat farm is? That they’ll have Laeta as their neighbour and Agron will hate and rage about it, but will have to care for her for the sake of Spartacus, because that’s what bros do, and Nasir will have so much fun with them snarking at each other and it will be a glorious fugitivi sitcom.