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Ego Inquiro te: Heracleo was in love with Laeta or something like that? Because he did not stop until get her, he was obsessed or what? and what about Spartacus? i feel almost if she would be forced to sleep with Spartacus because as Agron he "deserved some of happiness". i´m a little confused.


OK SOO to answer your FIRST question about Heracleo and Laeta … in my opinion, it wasn’t really love!! hahah! I think Heracleo just fancied her and wanted to use for physical purposes! For me, “love” is a far deeper and emotional connection!! You are right though in that he did seem rather obsessed with her!! haahh! But he wanted to own her more than anything else! As we saw, because he branded her and such!! So for him, it was purely physical rather than emotional, or any relation to love!! 

As for your next question . .  I HOPE I am understanding it correctly, in the suggestion that Laeta was forced to sleep with Spartacus?? Which, I don’t think was the case!!! I actually really like how Laeta straight up told him that there were basically no strings attached because she KNEW that he couldn’t give himself fully to another!! I do believe they developed strong feelings for each other though!! And that if Sparty had survived … they could have very well have been together and happy!! who knows!! Its all just speculation!! But I don’t think she was forced to sleep with him!! nor he forced to sleep with her!! 

UNLESS of course you’re talking more about the writing than the actual character perspective!!! I think that they were trying to show that Spartacus could find happiness in the world but at the end of the day, he couldn’t give himself fully to another because of his war against the Romans, which stems back to his love for Sura! could he have actually stopped fighting?? could he have actually found happiness?? Its hard to say and I think thats sort of up to interpretation!!! 

I HOPE I answered your question!!!! THANK YOUU for sending it!! If you have any more, feel free to pop into my ask ANYTIME!!! I LOOOVE talking about all things Spartacus =D!!! <3 MUCH LOVE AND HUGS!!!!

Why aren't more people talking about Spartacus?!

I mean you have these gorgeous women

Who are 100% Feminine and 100% Badass!

Naevia cut off her rapists head!

Laeta killed the guy who manipulated her and took advantage of her and branded her as a slave!

Saxa is one of the best damn fighters that the rebels have!

Mira is also badass but with a bow and arrow :)

now whilst the girls armor does seem typically sexualised… 

this is the Guys armour, barely anything! :D So why aren’t more people talking about this?!

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favorite female relationship with Agron?

OK ANON SOOO I am going to try to keep this as short as possible!! Going to outline 3 relationships that Agron has with a female character that I really love!

AGRON/LAETA: I think Laeta’s interactions with Agron are one of the most significant ones with a rebel apart from of course Spartacus. It is clear he doesn’t like her because she’s Roman, however, his loyalty to Spartacus trumps his hatred for Romans. I think she encompasses that. You can see in their interactions she has a soft spoken nature toward him; its like she wants to talk to him, thank him, dare I say get to know him. But Aggie with his already distrust of others, just shuts her down and doesn’t try to make niceties. That is in the first round where he was protecting her in Sineussa. 

The second big moment between them was when he helped her with the tent. He of course didn’t have to do that, and she even teased him for it, but I think they were starting to build some rapport. Agron knew that she made Spartacus happy and wanted to protect her and help her for that reason. Laeta was grateful toward him, and I think his opinion of her started to soften. It was also at this moment that Agron recognized what he had to do for Nasir. Seeing that she could make Spartacus happy, I feel that Agron felt he couldn’t make Nasir happy by having him in this war. He wanted him to live a life, just like Spartacus intended to with someone he cared about. And, at this point, perhaps Agron believed Nasir could eventually find that with Castus. 

I headcanon that Agron protected Laeta (and Sibyl) at the end of the series when they all walked off into the sunset. He protected these two women to honor his fallen brothers (Laeta for Spartacus and Sibyl for Gannicus). I imagine that he helped take care of them, kept them close, made sure they were settled, and so on. To me, Agron and Laeta’s relationship is just SO interesting and has a LOT of potential to be explored!! (PLUG: SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A LAETA RP ACCOUNT!!! I will love you forever!!) 

AGRON/MIRA: So this is another woman who Spartacus deeply cared for but unlike Laeta, I don’t think that’s what bonded her and Agron. Now I will say I have a natural bias towards this relationship because of Dan and Katrina’s off screen close friendship, so juuust gonna throw that out there. But I still think that they’re close. Early in Vengeance, you could see the divide among the rebels: her and Agron stood on one side with the others while the Gauls stood on the opposite side. I think Agron and Mira had similar mindsets in terms of feeling the divided loyalty among them. 

I also love the scene where Saxa insulted Mira and Agron pointed a finger at her in warning. You could see him defending Mira, even if she may not understand what was said, and he did that out of his friendship for her; otherwise there was really no reason to warn Saxa to stop, or to do anything of the like in response to her remark against Mira. But Agron sees her as a friend, and when he is loyal to someone, he is loyal

And then of course we have that adorable improvised scene with Mira, Agron and Nasir. She relieves them of charge and he expresses his gratitude, gently touching her shoulder. Agron doesn’t really take a soft tone with just anyone, and I mean, even though he was aroused at the moment, I think it was telling of their relationship. I think he developed a strong respect for her because she was learning to fight, learning to be a warrior. And they could bond with that, and their strong loyalty to Spartacus. 

AGRON/SAXA: I wish we got to see more interactions between them, but from what we did see, I LOVED! I really like that she was among the German slaves that were freed from the ship. I love the teasing nature that Agron and her have, like when she asked about Gannicus and Agron was like “I thought you were with Nemetes?” Lets be real, Agron doesn’t give a shift who someone is having sex with, but I think it just spoke to the teasing dynamic that they had with each other. 

And as the above mentioned scene, he does give warning to Saxa for her comment, where she just shoves his hand away. I think its hilarious, and they almost seem like siblings to me. I also LOVE the fight scenes they have, particularly when they are in Sinuessa and Agron, Saxa and Donar are fighting against Ceasar and the other Romans. OT3 MUCH?!?!?

I think with Aggie and his relationship with women, he naturally connects more to ones who are warriors. He doesn’t have the same rapport with characters who are not warriors, and I think that’s why it took more time for him to connect with characters like Laeta. I think he and Naevia would have been close had she not been with Crixus, because of Agron’s dislike toward him. But even still, I really like the interactions he does have with Naevia, mostly in Vengeance. In War of the Damned, things obviously took a turn. 

But again, Agron’s ability to connect with a person, is mostly based on the fact that they are a warrior, whether they’re male and female. Because that is what Agron is most familiar with: a warrior. It’s who he is and who he has been for his entire life; it’s what bonds him with others. Which is exactly why I love his relationship with Laeta especially; because its just so different. And why I would also LOVE to explore the potential dynamic between him and Sibyl.

I could honestly go on and on and on, but I think I should stop there! Hahah!!! Sorry for the ramble!! I hope that answered your question!!