c: lady capulet


..what if she had someone whispering ideas into her ear…

I loved this scene because Friar Lawrence could barely bring himself to look at Lady Capulet out of guilt but then she starts talking to him and her grief and anger starts pouring out.  This is so rarely shown these days and I was like Friar Lawrence’s sense of dread  when Lady Capulet was going to go on a mission to find someone to blame for Juliet’s death.  Rosaline is the initial target but will she discover Friar Lawrence’s part in it as well.

Zuleikha Robinson was really excellent in expressing the grief and anger of a mother losing her only child for reasons that don’t make sense.  


The other houses are defiling Juliet’s statue and Romeo’s body to get House Capulet and Montague to fight each other. Or maybe an outside city is trying to get Verona to fall and they know the only way to start that is to get the people to revolt and have it fall into chaos.  I don’t know but I’m going into conspiracy theory mode.