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Tonight tonight || Kristan

Tristan would be lying if he said he hadn’t heard of Katherine. It seemed like it was the one name breathed by the entire town, everyone seemed to have their opinion at the go when it came to the - most definitely gorgeous - brunette. Initially he’d been a bit confused, because he swore he had talked to Katherine before when he just came here and got lost on the town square, but turned out Katherine was Elena’s twin and it was the latter he’d seen and… well, as far as confusion went he still had a bunch of questions, but they weren’t all that important. Now apparently Katherine had taken somewhat of an interest in him and he was curious as to where that would lead them to.

When it was nearly eight pm he showered quickly and changed into some nice-fitting jeans and one of his black button up shirts. He still looked casual, though there was a tad of “I’m doing effort for you because secretly I want to impress you” to it too. He tucked keys and wallet in his pockets, combed his hair quickly in front of the mirror in his hallway then got outside, waiting in the pleasant evening sun for Katherine to show up. He thought it was going to be an interesting evening, if anything, and actually couldn’t wait for Katherine to arrive already.

Winterfest 2005

After Christmas I made the trek to Okoboji for Winterfest, which is an extremely shortened version of camp and it takes place in much colder temperatures. I went snowboarding for the first time in my life at Winterfest, somewhere in Minnesota. There was a lovely dinner for the counselors on the final night. Not sure what Heidi’s doing, or Kristan for that matter, but I just had to share this one. 

*sigh* i’m having an identity crisis.

I really want to be that Kristan that will only&forever support Kris, blaming sm for being dicks and ot11 for turn the backs on their brother, and just letting Kris go free and be happy and health.

But at the same time I want to be that selfish fan that will not take ot11 as an an answer. & be like , “ot12, I WANT OT12! I will only support ot12.”

But I also want to be that true exostan that will stand by ot11 and be Kris. & except every that happening.

I don’t want to support ot11 because seeing them happy pisses me off, but I still love them, i love seeing them happy, and want to support them. I hate that fact that Kris may be leaving, but I want him to leave that have a better, more healthier, happier life and forever support him.

Ugh! My mind tells me something but my heart tells me something else. Help me!