c: kneel

This looks like the beginning of a music video

Kneel Laufeyson By Loki

Featuring the number one hit: You’re not my dad”

Bonus track: I do what I want“


 If you are reading this, you are cordially invited to the Hearts Divided Bash, a dual event hosted by @itsburnet & @shieldarchitect meant to bring together a fantastic group of people to celebrate Valentine’s day! This event is a combination of a Valentine’s celebration for those lovey dovey couple types and a mockingly silly Anti-Valentine’s celebration for those who are single, have no interest in romance, and just want to have a reason to party it up! 

Feat. the formal Queen of Hearts, and representing the lovey dovey aspect of the event @itsburnet & the opposite Queen of Hearts for the side of the crowd less interested or lacking in the mushy stuff, @shieldarchitect

When: February 14th, all day, all time zones
Where: Hano Grand Resort & Beach, Akala Island
Dress Code: Dress to kill!  Whatever you are comfortable in.  The only requirement is that you are clothed.
Who is invited? YOU.

Heart pins will be passed out at the door.  They are dual sided so you may choose a “side” if you’d like, or wish to match your attire.  Black on one side, red on the other.  Feel free to change it up as the night goes on.  Bring a date or come single and ready to mingle, or just come with friends! All are welcome! Booze and finger snacks will be provided so pick your poison.  Please keep all battles on the beach.  

The Clefairy Moon Ball event is the following day - don’t worry about transportation! Complimentary ride pagers will be standing by to call a ride for you to either the ball or your home/then the ball if you wish to freshen up first!

Please reblog this post as your RSVP so we know who is participating! (And to spread the word!)  Starter prompts themed for this event will be posted on February 14th and the tag to track is #heartsdividedbash.   As with all events, IC drama is encouraged, while OOC is not.  Let’s have fun.

We hope to see you there!


Story behind this: We were in Dublin and staying in this abandoned office building, and Loki and I went exploring. When we came to the conference room, I told Loki how, much like Asguard, the most important person sat at the head of the table. He complained that there were no chairs, so he couldn’t sit at the head, and I jokingly said that he should kneel on the table. 

Then he did.

Then he told me to take a picture.