c: kili

Fili finally meets his new baby brother and he does not like him. Dis’ husband (Vili) is slightly concerned with his son’s behavior, but Dis reassures him that this is perfectly normal for a sibling to be jealous of a new baby. She tells him Frerin acted the same way when she was born. The only thing to remedy this is for Fili to hold his new brother. Vili sits his son on the bed and Kili is given to him. At first, Fili grimaces but when he looks down at his new brother, he just can’t quite dislike him anymore. This thing he is holding coos and snuggles closer to him and it completely melts his heart. He is so overwhelmed with these new emotions, he starts tearing up and begins to bawl, which causes Kili to cry as well. Vili comforts Fili while Dis comforts Kili, and they both laugh at how freaking adorable this whole situation is. The End.


I’m sure that some people believe that being a dick comes with the territory. It’s just that you can get a bit consumed by the job, which can tip over into self-indulgence. You’ve got to remember that we’re not saving lives-it’s just entertainment, Actors can forget that sometimes amid all the ego-massaging. I’m aware of that and it’s something I’ve always fought against