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Lost Girl: Mackenzie "Kenzi" Malikov [ENFP]

OFFICIAL* TYPING by thedarkmonarch

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Kenzi is fountain of random, yet essential knowledge. She’s survived on the streets for years as a result of her adaptability. Kenzi’s one-liners can diffuse many tense situations between the main cast. However, due to her need for stimulation, she doesn’t remain in one frame of mind for very long, which can grate on her friends.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Unlike the more openly emotional Bo, Kenzi keeps her emotions to herself. No-one can get a read on what she’s feeling. However, Kenzi has very strong convictions and morals that she would rather die than violate. She’s very vulnerable and empathetic to the suffering of others, particularly those who have been victimized.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): In spite of her lack of formal education, Kenzi is very smart. Her tricks and guile have not only kept her alive on the streets, but have solved quite a few cases that she and Bo have investigated. Kenzi’s not above being brutally honest with those who really need a kick in the pants to move forward.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Abused by her father, Kenzi prefers to keep her past under wraps. No-one knows much about her origins, until she tells them. This leads to uncomfortable moments when those close to her dig too deep.

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I see you watched Lost Girl! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU!?!!/ What did you think? Now that they get their memories back and stuff? I mean, what's it mean that they were together without bo there/ Do you think they slept together or this was new?

I DID!!!! Guh, I loved it. Seriously, I loved every freaking second of it. It was fantastic. I was so confused when it first started, and then there was the flirting, and the thongs, and the kiss— OMFG! THE KISS! Like, WOW. I mean, I always saw chemistry, but it just exploded off the screen! 

It was interesting that Hale was still very interested in Kenzi but she seemed less interested. And I wonder if that meant that she had deeper feelings for Dyson than just sexual, or if, because Bo wasn’t around, and therefore Dyson and Bo weren’t a thing, that Kenzi’s interest in Dyson would have had a chance to grow and deepen from the beginning and so her feelings for Hale wouldn’t have. 

I don’t know. Now that they’ll have their feelings back, I’m a little worried. He seriously promised her that he would die for her. 

I would give my life for you. I’d never desert you. Maybe Vex is right. Maybe this is as good as it gets, maybe…maybe we can make it better.

I think if Bo wasn’t there, like before he’d ever had a chance to even fall for her, so his heart wouldn’t be attached to her in any way, he and Kenzi could’ve been amazing. And I know, yes, it’s supposed to be ‘soul mates’ so he probably wouldn’t love her as deeply as he does Bo. But I can dream. And I think this means just that. He could’ve been happy with Kenzi. If Bo wasn’t there, if they didn’t feel something missing, then they could be happy together. I’m not bashing on Bo, I don’t want her to not be there, I adore her as Kenzi’s best friend. I love the chemistry between her and Tamsin. And, occasionally, her and Lauren. I just love how Kenzi and Dyson worked. Because she had her serious moments with him. It wasn’t all snark. There was chemistry and attraction and possessiveness going on.

During the dance, when he pulls her away from Hale, I think a part of him was trying to say, “No. She’s mine. She’s with me.”

And yeah, I know, Hale has deep feelings for her and it could be seen as a dick move, but Kenzi wasn’t reciprocating those feelings in this episode. She was very clearly interested in Dyson, and only Dyson. She showed jealousy, she showed interest, she showed possessiveness. And she wanted more, she wanted it to go somewhere. When she said she was lonely in the beginning, yes, it was because Bo wasn’t there, but I also think it was because she wanted something more, she wanted something real and substantial and she thought she could have that with Dyson initially. I don’t think they slept together yet. I think there was a lot leading up to this point. The way he said “Since when are we this?” and her confusion when he pulled back, “Are all wolves this romantic?” I think it implied that this was the first time they were crossing that line, but that it had been leading there a while. That’s just from where I’m standing though. Vex said they were sleeping together, but it’s not like he’s peeking in her window. I think they were going to, they wanted to, and if they hadn’t been interrupted, they would have.  Do I think that’s a betrayal? Not really. They don’t have memories of Bo and, frankly, Bo’s moved on. She was with Lauren up until they weren’t. Dyson’s feelings for her have been a lot stronger than hers were for him for a while now. Would it hurt Bo? Probably. But I also think that if she’d talked to Kenzi, if she knew that this was something they wanted, she wouldn’t stand in the way. Like I said, she loves Lauren. But I also think it would take a lot to lead Kenzi there now that she has all of her memories. Which sucks, because I really do think these two could’ve been amazing. I wish it wasn’t just a one-off because it only served to confirm just how much chemistry they really have.  The kiss, the dance, the banter… Guh. So much perfection.  **gifs not mine. First set of gifs belong to supersuccubo. Second set to doctoratomic

Lost Girl AU: A rising female rock band.

Bo: Okay listen up! From now on, your official name is - drum roll please - Lost Girls!

Kenzi: Dude, are you for realzies?

Patsy a.k.a. Lauren: Laaaaaaame.

TamTam: Who’s lost? 

I just figured out the dumbest part of hale’s death

all season kenzi’s been trying to become fae or become a shadow thief so she could better be there for her friends, all the while feeling that she doesn’t measure up and she doesn’t really belong there, and between her becoming a shadow thief and how she wanted to save hale in 4.06 but he saved her yet again, they had a perfect opportunity to have her save him later this season and feel more confident in her standing in their world and show how hard she’s worked and how far she’s come

but instead of writing that kind of growth for kenzi, they decided to completely traumatize her by having her family come back to hurt her more, and then killing off her boyfriend and making her feel it’s her fault because of the twig

they had a great opportunity to show that kind of growth and everything about the storytelling this season was pointing that way, but they prioritized traumatizing this character over growth, and that’s just lazy dramatic writing. dramatic things have to happen in a drama, but you have to develop your characters and move them forward, too. otherwise they’re just standing still and the audience can’t get invested in what happens to them anymore.

thank you and goodnight