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OOH OOH OOH!! Could you please do rainy day cuddles with Kathryn? (She's very under appreciated.) I also love your tattoos and septum piercings are only a little painful not too bad though. You're also an amazing writer! Okay sorry for the lengthy ask. 😇

-okay but Kathryn was so nice to cuddle with.
-rainy days around the office were nice because everyone just showed up in their sweats
-everyone was sleepy and quiet, but pleasantly so
-Mark and Amy were curled up in front of a computer, finishing the editing on some of their videos
-Ethan was curled under a blanket in the recording room
-ty was dozing off on one of the couches and Kathryn had the other one
-you went to the couch that Kath sat on and sat next to her, resting your head on her shoulder at first
-she was editing on a laptop and set it aside when you sat by her
-trading off laying in each other’s laps and playing with each other’s hair
-watching Netflix while you sat there
-basically everyone in the office falls asleep to the sound of the rain outside at some point in the day
-waking up by Kathy telling you that it was time to head home and call it quits for the day
-nonproductive cuddling days were so nice sometimes, especially on a rainy day

@obaewankenope okay but seriously, our paladin was like “i would like to do a speak with animals spell as a ritual pls” and a tiny rabbit hopped out and everyone went “awwwww” and the paladin started talking to it, and it opened its mouth like SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER

it just turned into an eldritch horror and the paladin smashed it, only to find out it was a baby and there were bigger murder rabbits…

they were fucking terrifying and it doesn’t matter if we are starting a new campaign now, bunnies are never going to get an “awwwwww” reaction again…

and then the cleric failed an intelligence save and was cursed to see the murder rabbits everywhere and accidentally ended the world trying to make them go away…. we forgive her tho, her character and mine are being lesbians together….