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Well hello. I'm a little embarrassed about this, but, uh, do you know any fic where Kate loves Derek? They do not have to be the main couple, maybe just Kate admitting or something that she has or had feelings for him.

Here’s some good!Kate fics. - Anastasia

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You Make Me Want by Sweet_B

(4/? I 5,197 I Not Rated I Sterek)

After believing that a person can’t always get what he wants . and suffering many forms of bullying .Derek gets a chance in having the one thing he has always wanted and wished for . will he be brave enough to take it ? and will it help to heal his wounds ?
Or the high school fic with everyone alive and healthy . Matt is a fucking asshole . A little side of angst and a happy ending .

War of blood by Stand_with_Ward_and_Queen

(4/? I 5,556 I Teen I Kate/Derek)

Kate has a moral crisis during the Hale Fire, which leads to a very different season one.

the guilty do come home by Scribbled_Truth

(1/1 I 6,509 I Teen I Sterek)

See, here’s the thing, Kate wasn’t always crazy. She knows this. She gets it. She owns it.

Her Dad was a bit messed up and pressed his very fucked up ideas into her when he couldn’t get his claws -hah!- into Chris.
But now she’s dead, she really gets it.

So when the angel, or God, or judge, or whoever the fuck the being in front of those pearly white gates is, offers her a chance to do things over, to change things, she takes it.

She doesn’t intend to stay in Beacon Hills for one second but something in her gut makes her stay.

It’s her second week working when she meets Laura Hale and everything begins to fall into place.


I will move past what’s been done to me, I won’t become the monster you wanted to create. I’ll leave my demons in the dust. Your darkness may beg to come in but I won’t have room next to the light I will create. I won’t spare you a thought. I’m a warrior and you? You are a battle that’s already been lost.

Derek and Kate

When strikes me the most in Dereks first encounter with Kate (season 1, episode 5) is how he complies so quickly. It’s almost as though he falls back into his position from their previous relationship, she calls the shots, he listens. She speaks and drawls out an entire monologue and Derek just listens like a good child. As though he isn’t an adult anymore.

Sure Kate is armed with the weapon, but if Derek wanted to he would still fight back. Mustering all his strength in his body, he would’ve fought until he’d have no choice but to surrendered, that too begrudgingly. So to see him cower away, shuffle as far as he can go from her on the floor, is so painful to witness. Because this is what teenage!Derek had to do, all alone and scared. Submit and appease Kate. Do whatever she says because though physically stronger, mentally he is broken down by her manipulation and deceit. He just…gives up.

And let’s not forget the positioning, which reinforces everything you need to know. He’s on the floor, constantly looking up at her, whilst she’s towering over him. This suggests that she owns him and that’s why she’s looking down, he’s beneath her. Sub human almost and thus, deserves to die.

It physically hurts having to see Derek glare at her from the ground because it perpetuates one belief, he thinks he belongs there. He doesn’t initiate any movement because when he does, Kate reminds him of where he belongs (the floor) and he just, sort of, accepts it. Reverts back to his old role.

And let’s not forget how uncomfortable he looks when she advances towards him and whispers in his ear, an act quite sexual in nature, which just triggers an onslaught of painful memories for Derek. But it’s when he speaks, when he answers her question and very quietly says, “it’s not the first time (you’ve ever lied)” that you can actually hear how much she has affected him. He’s choking on his words, and they come out so raw and innocent that Kate just smirks. Because she knows it’s true and she doesn’t regret one bit.

But when the times comes and she says he’s no longer of assistance, turning to retrieve her gun, he runs because he’s so achingly familiar with Kate that he knows what that patronising tone means and what is about to come. Seeing him run away like that, without worry of what is ahead and just anxious of what’s behind, just proves that nothing is worse than Kate for him, she is the embodiment of the devil. And he just appears so young whilst running, vulnerable and scared that, I’m saying it again, it hurts. It hurts so much.

Because up until this point you’ve seen Derek talk all confident and cocky, so self assured but when it comes down to it, he’s not. When confronted with Kate, all of that diminishes and he’s unable to speak. Which means…maybe that confidence and cockiness is an act and beneath it all he’s just a suffering teen who’s life was snatched from him and he’s never recovered.

A happy reminder: this is the first time I’m watching Teen Wolf, I only know a tiny bit of the story so if this is entirely wrong, please forgive me. And if it’s not, then just sob with me because Derek Hale is so precious and needs to be protected at all costs.

Sometimes I think about season 1!derek and how violent he was. Then I think back to Kate and the way she treated him. Then I put the two together in a way that makes so much sense.

What if Kate was so mentally twisted and evil that she treated Derek like he were just a bad dog, like she could punish him and abuse him how she liked. Whenever they met up and had sex, she would dig her claws into his back painfully and have this blank look in her eyes as she said, “You like this don’t you? You deserve it, after what you are.” And Derek would pull back into a little corner and feel his stomach churn painfully. He didn’t want this, it wasn’t romantic, it didn’t convey his love for Kate. Derek would never understand what she meant until after the fire.

When he told Kate what he was she just barked a sharp laugh and said “Well, now I really can treat you like a bad dog.” She winked but he could see the malice in her eyes. She tried to play it off as a joke but there was no ignoring her true meaning.

So Derek, the broken beautiful lost human, thinks of the displays of bipolarness to be the way he shows affection or conveys feelings, I.e when he slams stiles up against every surface, because that’s what he believed Kate was really trying to do, show her affection.

But after Kate tortured him, he knew it was just how she was and her being nice was what she was trying to force. After that he was more gentle with Stiles, of course after he had alone time to pout and repeat to himself that the fire and everything was his fault.

He even helped Stiles in Season 2-on, not injuring him like he normally would

Kate fucked him up in so many more ways than one but I’m so happy he didn’t let her win and gained control of his own life in the end

Six degrees of why (almost) everything is Gerard Argent’s fault.

Hear me out… if you follow almost every major villain Teen Wolf villain back to the source of when it all went wrong, you’ll find Gerard Argent, lurking in the shadows like a moldy evil mushroom.


Kate Argent

It could be argued that many of the bad things that have happened on Teen Wolf are in fact Kate Argent’s fault, so we should address her first. Would she have ended up the way she did without her father’s influence? Maybe, maybe not, but we clearly see his fingerprints all over her worldview. While she and everyone else in this list are still ultimately responsible for their own actions, they were all influenced by Gerard Argent to some extent, and this is true of Kate most of all.


Peter Hale

As with Kate, he’s also been the instigator behind many a misfortune. Yes, Peter was obviously always of questionable ethics and morality and probably would have ended up in some kind of trouble anyway, but he wouldn’t have ended up on the path he took in the show without the Hale fire, which was set by Kate, because of the fanatical speciesism instilled in her by Gerard.


Deucalion & the Alpha Pack

Deucalion is another clear example of someone who was set on their dark, melodramatic path to murder and mayhem by Gerard Argent’s unscrupulous behavior and betrayal, and then of course through him we get the rest of the Alpha Pack.


Jennifer Blake / The Darach

Her fall to the dark side came after she was almost killed by Kali, which happened because of Deucalion, who was doing the whole Alpha Pack thing because of Gerard.


The Kanima

While Gerard didn’t have anything to do with why Jackson became what he did, or how Matt started using him, he happily took over using the kanima for his own nefarious purposes.


Meredith Walker / The Benefactor / the bounty hunters

Meredith and everything that was set in motion because of what she did (including the actions of a host of minor bounty-hunter type villains) were a result of her absorbing Peter’s crazy rage when he was in a burn induced coma … which he was in, because of the Hale fire, because of Kate, because of Gerard.  


The Berserkers

The ones we saw were all under Kate’s influence, after she was turned by Peter trying to kill her, which ties them back to Gerard through both Kate and Peter.  


The Exceptions (aka, there’s a reason for the almost!)
Every rule has a few, right? 

Matt Daehler

Went down a bad path without Gerard’s influence, although, Gerard did manage to get his hand into the mix, since he killed Matt.  


The Nogitsune / the Oni

Thus far the only confirmed instance of a major villain that really had nothing to do with Gerard Argent. Although, Gerard did (unwittingly?) send his 18 year old son to a clandestine arms deal with a bunch of Yakuza, one of whom was apparently possessed and being hunted by Oni, which nearly got said son killed, so there’s that.


The Dread Doctors

Too early yet to say, since we know very little about them at this point. Right now it seems like they are most likely their own thing, but who knows what future reveals may bring?


Of course, this only covers the major villains. There have been various minor villains not directly influenced by Gerard, but even so, most of them were touched in some manner by the circumstances surrounding the major villains, and could be said to have some connectivity in that way.

One final cheery thought: Gerard is still out there somewhere, alive and presumably with no one keeping active tabs on him now that Allison is gone and Chris is off chasing Kate.


This is part seven on the Teen!Derek thing so like always here is the links to the first six parts.

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Let it be said that you tried.

You tried to believe Derek when he said Kate wasn’t like her family of killers, you tried to be friends with her, and when that failed you tried to be civil.

No matter what she or Derek said or how careful they were claiming to be, Kate just gave you a terrible feeling in your stomach.

You knew from your many attempts that you couldn’t convince Derek to break up with her, you also new from just as many attempts that you couldn’t break your promise to Derek and tell the Hales.

You were at a lost right now, you knew Kate was trouble you just knew she was. You knew you know you have to warn the Hales, but how do you do that without telling them about Kate and Derek?

And you had a lot more time to think about these things on repeat because Derek was back to his old habits.

Meaning less time for you and more for his killer hot girlfriend; not completely like before though just a lot of canceled plans.

So you decided to just go for a nice long walk through the park to clear your head.

About ten minutes later you began regretting not grabbing a warmer jacket, it was way too cold to only be fall.

‘You always forget to bring a good jacket when you have something on your mind.’

You turn around and see Peter standing there, looking just the same as he did three months ago in his room, when he threw your heart in the garbage.

‘What do you care?’ you scoffed as you began walking away.

‘Despite what you may think, I actually did care about you (Y/N). I still do.’ Peter said as he covered you with his own thick leather jacket.

‘I don’t have time to think about this or you right now, just leave me alone.’ you said in annoyance as you continued walking.

‘I don’t feel like cutting my walk short or heading home right now, so we might as well walk and talk.’ Peter said.

‘You do realize we’re broken up right? No need to donate your spare time and old worn out clothes to the Save (Y/N) Foundation.’ you said referring to his jacket you were still wearing.

Only because it was so cold.

‘I just wanted to walk and clear my head, and I can tell you are in the same situation. I thought we might as well walk together, we don’t even have to talk or look at each other if you don’t want to.’ Peter said honestly.

You thought it over for a second, before finding no reason to make a big deal of it. It’s just a walk, not a date.

‘Fine, but I’m keeping this jacket.’ you said as you began walking again at last.

You and Peter walked for a while, you don’t know how long exactly, but you did manage to do what you sat out to do.

You thought about what you should do.

‘Something is really bothering you (Y/N).’ Peter said suddenly.

‘What gave it away, my heart or scent?’ you asked.

‘Neither, I don’t use my werewolf senses around you, never have. It was the look on your face. You have a worrying face, your eyebrows get drawn together and you bite your lip.’ Peter answered.

You were stunned, you never knew any werewolf that didn’t use their special senses on you. Not to mention Peter knew you that well.

‘Yeah something is bothering me, I got a bad feeling. And I mean awful, like something really bad is going to happen soon.’ you said honestly.

‘What do you mean? Is someone threatening you?’ Peter asked with a shocking amount of concern.

‘It’s not me I’m worried about. Peter, I think something bad is going to happen to your family soon. I don’t know what or when, but I’m worried.’  you confessed.

‘What do you know?’ Peter asked.

‘I can’t tell you that, but I can warn you. It’s an Argent, I think they’re onto guys and that they’re going to do something.’ you informed.

‘What do you think we should do?’ Peter asked.

‘I don’t know, but make a way out. So if I’m right, and God I hope I’m wrong, you guys can get out.’ you warned.

‘I’ll talk to Talia, we have a pack meeting tonight.’ Peter said seriously.

You were shocked he was so ready to believe you. No questions asked about how or why you knew what you did.

‘Thank you Peter, for believing me. I keep trying to talk to Derek and he just won’t believe me.’ you said thankfully.

‘I know you wouldn’t lie about this, and you wouldn’t say anything unless you were really worried.’ Peter said honestly.