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The one major issue with the Magi origin is that, because the player is dropped into the middle of a brand new world that the character has inhabited all their life, Amell or Surana will spend the entire time wandering around like “new brain who dis?”  I like to headcanon that temporary memory loss and disorientation is a well-known side effect of the lyrium taken at their Harrowing. This is why you don’t immediately know the name and backstory of the hundred or so people you’ve been locked in a tower with for at least a decade. All those templars are just rolling their eyes behind their helmets at you as you get lost trying to get to Irving’s office. They’re like oh, no, here we go again, “You can’t leave the tower, remember? You have to stay here because you’re a mage, okay? You do magic. Your name is Amell. Aaa-melll.” 

This also accounts for some of the more awkward conversations you can have with tower residents:

“Why hello, my dearest and oldest friend who I have known since we were both wee magelings, how are you today?”

“Are we fucking?”

“No. Just… No.”


I love the fact that you can betray Jowan as a mage,insult him for being a blood mage while he is in his cell,free him so that he can help out. Then send yourself in the fade,strike a deal with the demon. You became a blood mage,and then you execute him/hand him over to the circle despite being one yourself. Oh the hypocrisy! Nothing will ever top DAO in terms of evil choices,I swear.

  • Irving: getting into someone's mind in the fade requires an insane amount of lyrium and several mages. we can only send in mages and even then only one at a time. it's an extremely difficult ritual which requires trained circle mages.
  • Jowan: the only other way is through blood magic, in which case we have to sacrifice someone and can still only send one mage in.
  • Marethari: we have this dalish ritual. send as many people in as we want, dont even have to be mages. lyrium? nah, its not that much, we got it covered. blood magic? why would we need that. takes like two seconds to set up. nbd.
  • Irving: lots of lyrium, only mages
  • Jowan: death

Snagged one of @drathe‘s quick commissions and decided to get my brotp to end all brotps, Trinne and Jowan. This turned out so great and I love it so much(I’ve always adored the way she draws Jowan and have left many borderline embarrassing dA comments to that effect *cough*). My baby and her brother bff on an adventure and having fun together is one of the things I live for.  :D Thank you!

Some thoughts on Jowan

Often I read about how Jowan is a blood mage and deserves no sympathy, but I don’t see it that way. I’ve played the mage origin many times and I see it like this. Jowan learned some blood magic, as did many mages in the mage tower, there’s a codex called Irving’s Mistake  and while that is about listening to Uldred it also points out that there were books on blood magic in the library at the circle. Any time something is forbidden folks are going to want to know about it, so they read it. Then they know a little about it. 
That being said, I see the fact that Jowan only ever used it the one time at the Circle when confronted with death and the Templars as an act done out of fear. He’s in the jail in Redcliffe and not one time attempts to leave. He didn’t summon the demon that possessed Conner, the demon came to an inexperienced mage child with a desperate desire to save his father. Yes, Jowan suggests blood magic to save Conner but no one there seems to know any other way to do it. He doesn’t argue when you suggest going to the Tower first to see if there’s another way. 

As far as poisoning Eamon goes, he was “rescued” by Loghain from certain death by the Templars, of COURSE he’s going to do what his savior asks of him.

No, Jowan doesn’t deserve to continue to make stupid choices but he’s not an evil person nor to be honest is he really a blood mage. Using blood magic one time does not a Blood Mage make. I honestly wish we could have had other choices than to kill him or send him to the Circle, which would kill him anyway, he’s a young kid (the HoF and Alistair are only 17/18) who made really bad and stupid choices…a kid who was mistreated by his Mother and raised in a sheltering Circle.

All joking aside I feel like jowan is a really good example of how the circles are just. Really awful institutions for learning.

He’s obviously struggling and lacking confidence and what he really needs is some support and guidance from a senior enchanter. Instead, he gets threats of either death or tranquility if he doesn’t pass some mysterious test, and then when he gets baited into practicing forbidden magic out of desperation (planted by Irving! Who’s supposed to be looking out for the mages!) it’s treated as entirely his fault. And then he runs, and gets preyed on by Loghain, who promises to sort everything out with the circle if he just does this one thing and jowan goes for that, because he’s not a malicious, dangerous maleficar, he’s just scared.