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Not sure if you've already touched upon this, but what are your thoughts on the musical motifs for our beloved team?

I don’t really know much about musical notes and stuff so my thoughts on the POI soundtrack basically boil down to “stupendous amazing brilliance!”.

I dunno if you’ve seen this but the s4 POI dvd extras actually included an almost 20 min video called Music Of Interest that is super informative about the process that Ramin, the showrunners and the writers go through while scoring the episodes:

Some quick thoughts about the music for our show (I’ve included some links):

  • There is a very noticeable overlap between Finch and TM’s themes and this is something I absolutely adore
  • A slightly modified version of the music used at the end of The Pilot was used at the very end of our show in Return 0 which is a nice bookend
  • SAM’s theme is the literal inverse of TM’s theme! Genius!!
  • I love every incarnation of Root’s theme –> her original music from Root Cause is so chaotic and dynamic and then has these strands that send a chill down your spine, which is the most Root-ish description of anything ever.
  • They played a more melancholy version of her original theme in The Day The World Went Away when she died and it stills makes me cry whenever I listen to it
  • Harold and TM’s new badass theme that is prevalent throughout .exe is actually first introduced at the end of the Rules scene in ep 100 and this track is still one of the most deeply disturbing pieces of poi music. It’s really goddamn unsettlingly eerie!
  • Nolan and Co. have a “chill test” for any new piece of music and I’d say most of our villainous soundtracks pass it with flying colours – Control, Vigilance, The Brotherhood, Elias, SAM+Greer’s themes all have that moment that make you shiver slightly.
  • Grace and Harold’s theme (especially The Bridge theme) makes me cry. The End. 
  • Reese and Shaw both usually have more action-y themes to suit their characters, but Til Death Do Us Part from If-Then-Else is one of the best adaptations from action theme –> absolutely heartbreaking theme.

And finally, since it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll get an official release of the POI s5 soundtrack, a huge thank you to everyone who has uploaded clean-ish versions of the s5 OST on youtube! 


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