c: jessica brody

““Wait,” I say, pressing against his chest and pulling away.
His face shrouds with concern. “What’s wrong?” he asks, slightly breathless.
I pull off my wig, yank the rubber band out of my hair, and shake my head violently. I keep shaking and shaking until slowly but surely I start to feel like myself again. Until it’s only me standing next to him. No one else.
“Okay,” I say with a sigh. “Now can you do that again?”
He smiles and leans into me. I close my eyes. This time, when our lips meet, I melt into him. All of my fire and fever become his. And all of his patience and sincerity become mine.
For months we were at war. Sworn enemies. Separated by one man. One king. I suppose it only makes sense that the very thing that divided us is now bringing us together.
Because apart we might be as different as night and day, black and white, right and wrong, but together we create two sides of a whole. Together we balance.”
—  Jessica Brody, 52 Reasons to Hate my Father