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Happy New Book Tuesday!

New book Tuesday is the best day of the week but when that new book Tuesday brings a new timey-whimey Jessica Brody book? Bonus points for sure. 📚⏰✨🎉😍

In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody

Three years ago, Kennedy Rhodes secretly made the most important decision of her life. She declined her acceptance to the prestigious Windsor Academy to attend the local public school with her longtime crush, who had finally asked her out. It seems it was the right choice―she and Austin are still together, and Kennedy is now the editor in chief of the school’s award-winning newspaper. But then Kennedy’s world is shattered one evening when she walks in on Austin kissing her best friend, and she wonders if maybe her life would have been better if she’d made the other choice. As fate would have it, she’s about to find out …

The very next day, Kennedy falls and hits her head and mysteriously awakes as a student at the Windsor Academy. And not just any student: Kennedy is at the top of her class, she’s popular, she has the coolest best friend around, and she’s practically a shoo-in for Columbia University. But as she navigates her new world, she starts to wonder whether this alternate version of herself really is as happy as everyone seems to believe. Is it possible this Kennedy is harboring secrets and regrets of her own?

A fresh and funny story about how one different choice could change everything, Jessica Brody’s In Some Other Life will keep readers guessing, and find them cheering for Kennedy until the final page.

August Wrap Up

I was sick for the majority of the month and then school started but I still go so much reading done, thanks to the lovely Brandon Sanderson. I’m only two books away from completing my goodreads goal!

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But then again, it took several years of living in France for me to learn how to speak French. It took an entire childhood if growing up with Horatio for me to understand Spanish. New languages are not something you can pick up overnight. They take time. Patience. The willingness to change the way you think about what you already know.

52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody

An Interview with Jessica Brody, Author of IN SOME OTHER LIFE

In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody has arrived! 🎉 To celebrate In Some Other Life, Team Fierce Reads asked Jessica a few questions about the book and life as an author.

TEAM FIERCE READS: What makes Kennedy Fierce?
JESSICA BRODY: Kennedy is a go-getter. She’s super ambitious (sometimes to her own detriment!). Some might even call her an “over-achiever.” But teenagers today have so much pressure put on them, and Kennedy is just dealing with that pressure the best way she can.

TFR: If you’d met Kennedy when you were a teen, would you have been friends?
JB: The answer is yes, but the real question is, would it have been a true friendship? I was an overachiever in high school just like Kennedy, which means I probably would have seen Kennedy as “competition.” We might have flocked together, but would we really have been friends? I’m not sure. After Kennedy hits her head and wakes up in the parallel universe, she discovers she’s a star student at the elite Windsor Academy and best friends with a girl named Sequoia (also an extremely ambitious student). I actually loosely based that friendship on some of the friendships I had in high school (obviously exaggerating it immensely!).

TFR: Describe your book in 3 words.
JB: What if…
(Ha! That’s two! Told you I was an overachiever!)

TFR: What’s one fun fact most people don’t know about you?
JB: I’m super squeamish about belly buttons. I can’t even touch my own! And if anyone even comes close to mine, they could lose an eye.

TFR: What’s the strangest thing you learned while researching In Some Other Life?
JB: Okay, so this is totally random BUT…I did a lot of research on parallel universes/realities since I loosely based the “magic” in the story on multiverse theory (the theory that every choice we make essentially branches us off from our current universe, creating a brand-new universe.) In that research, I discovered this crazy conspiracy called the Berensta(e)in Bears Conspiracy. There were these old children’s books called the Berenstain Bears and apparently some people in the world distinctly remember their name being spelled with an A—“Berenstain”—while others (myself included) will swear their name was always spelled with an E—“Berenstein.” (If you search the books now, the name is spelled with an A, which just looks TOTALLY wrong to me!) The conspiracy claims that this “rift” proves that there are multiple universes, and that us “E” people have shifted into a parallel reality where the books are spelled with an “A.” I told you it was random! But seriously, google it, it’s crazy!