c: jessica brody

Brody's wife is a bitch.

She didn’t give the man a chance to explain his reasons for becoming Muslim and disrespected his religious property. Now, even if I don’t agree with a religion or even the people who follow it, I will not sit around being a disrespectful cunt. He was captive, yes, and did she not think that maybe they only gave him the choice to pray only if he prayed the way they did. What if that was his only choice and he took it rather than suffer with nothing. But, no. She was a straight up cold bitch. A vapid bitch too. I know I’m not the only one that noticed how she thought the whole ordeal with Dana was a stab at her. I know Brody is technically a terrorist, but she doesn’t know this at all. She’s heard hints, but she never even paid attention until she learned he was Muslim. Ugh, some people.