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Dorky Gangster AU

I was about to make some serious and cool things for this AU but then I thought why not some dorky gangsters??? They do take missions for money and sniper!Bixlow always snatches the good ones from Gajeel, until this time… 

This was supposed to be a request for bixlowhemianrhapsody, Gajeel and Bixlow brotp, but I misread it and make an au on my own, so I just posted it here anyway…

"She was a templar, he was an assassin"

Assassin’s creed request from canyoudigitmotherlicker. The new AC Unity is my current obsession and Jerza reminds me of Elise and Arno.


forgottenwhispersxo said: I had a dream that Jellal took Meredy on a Daddy-Daughter ‘date’ to buy clothes for her upcoming date with Lyon. He bought her the ugliest dress in history so Lyon wouldn’t be tempted but Meredy still looked beautiful in it (because she’s fabulous of course). Jellal cried all the way home in defeat. xD


Fairy Tail Jokers

I am currently watching Impratical Jokers and I really wanted an idea of Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Jellal doing something stupid and end up getting girlfriends because of it. Hope you enjoy! ~


Summary: Four life long friends who compete to embarrass each other lives got even more embarrassing when four hot girls got in the way of their pranks.



Challenge #1: Quiting your job (Jerza)

The three other men snickered at their blue haired friend as he currently stood in the bakery currently checking out a random customer.

“Okay Jellal after you check this person out, its time to quit!” Natsu said laughing into the microphone. Jellal groaned at his three so called friends laughter. Why the hell had he even agreed to do this? After he was done with the current customer they stepped away and the blue haired males eye’s instantly widen at the next person in line.

She was beautiful. Hell, beautiful was an understatement for the way she looked.

“H-Hello.” Jellal said bashfully. “Find e-everything okay?” The girls brown eyes looked into his black orbs finding his timid nature rather cute.

“Yes, thank you.” Her demanding tone made the fake cashiers heart skip a beat. He heard his three jerky friends do a teasing “aww” sounds.

“That so cute Jellaly.” It was Gray that had said something this time. “But we said quit your job after the last customer.”

“Yeah blue balls, stop flirting, man up, and quit your damn job!”  Gajeel added on to Gray’s statement earning laughter from the two other friends in the room.

Jellal groaned causing the beautiful red head in front of him to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“Okay everyone, listen up!” Jellal screamed throughout the small bakery filled with probably a minimum of 50 people. “Today I am here to say I officially quit my job because…”

“Because I’m finally going to fulfill my dream of becoming a condom tester.” Jellal’s face instantly turned red as Natsu had finished telling him the bullshit reason he had to quit his job.

“You gotta be freakin’ kidding me…”  Jellal thought to himself and glanced at the red head who gave him a very confused look. Jellal gulped and felt his cheeks redden even more if that was even possible.

“B-Because…” Jellal stammered out, still having the attention of all the customers in the bakery’s attention as well as the beautiful scarlet haired woman.

“Go on and say it buddy!”

“Because I’m going to pursue my dream testing condoms!” Jellal said, face the color of the beauty in front of him hair. Jellal could hardly hear the snickers among the crowd as he heard his three so called friends snickering in the microphone in his ear. He looked at the red head embarrassed, but the embarrassment turned to shock as he looked at her smirking face.

“Condom tester you say?” She said in a silky, seductive voice. Jellal audibly gulped as he watched her dark eyes fill with lust.

“Mind testing it on me first?”

And that was the night Jellal lost his virginity.

Challenge #2: Pool Time Fun (Gruvia)

“Okay asshole we got a fun one for you!” Gray heard his so called pink haired best friend say through the microphone in his ear. Gray smirked, he was always up for a challenge.

“Lay it on me.”

“We put some glasses in your pocket, take ‘em out.” Gajeel said as he Natsu and Jellal watched the dark haired man pull a pair of sunglasses out of the pocket of his khaki pants.

“When did you guys-”

“Nevermind that and just put them on.” Jellal said interrupting the confused Gray. He obliged to the challenged though and put on the glasses, he realized this challenge might be harder than he originally thought.

“I can’t see shit!” Gray growled into the microphone attached to his shirt, his growl deepening as he heard his three friends laughing.

“That’s the point Chlamidiot.” Natsu said wiping his eyes for stray tears. “Now shut yo ass up and do as we say!”

“I might regret this…” Gray muttered to himself as he put on his sunglasses on, ready for his challenge to begin.

“Okay dicklick keep walking until you hit the fence in front of you. Theres a shirt there waiting for you.” Gajeel said as they watched Gray stumbled to the pink shirt on the fence they had waiting for him. After minutes of struggling to find it Gray miraculously found said shirt and even was able to put it on. Unknowing to Gray, he was getting a lot of strange looks for the saying on his shirt.

“Okay now keep walking forwards until you hit the lifeguard stand, point up and say hey.” Jellal instructed Gray to do. Gray unwillingly obliged.

When Gray felt the metal pole on his toe he wobbled a bit before pointing up to the cute blue haired lifeguard. “Hey!” Gray called to the hot lifeguard. She looked over and her heart started fluttering at the gorgeous black haired man in front of her, face heating up as she read his shirt. Gray grumbled as the three idiots started saying more commands into his ear.

“You see this shirt?” Gray shouted, pointing at the embarrassing pink shirt. The female lifeguard nodded. “Well its the truth,” Gray continued. “So lets go right now.” The lifeguard swore her heart skipped a beat.

“Okay my love!” She shouted rushing down the stairs.

“Okay buddy, take off the glasses!”

Gray took off his glasses and his eyes widen at the sight in front of him. A very, very pretty blue haired blue eyed lifeguard. She was a few inches shorter than him, but Gray didn’t mind craning his neck to look at the beauty.

“I’m Juvia.” She said with a suggestive tone that confused Gray. “If this is really the truth, Juvia knows the perfect place.” She said sauntering off making sure she moved her hips as she walked. Gray gulped. What was true? He looked down and read his shirt.

I fuck on the first date.

“What the fuck you guys!” He shouted into the hidden microphone earning howls of laughter from his three now ex friends. That was until Gray looked at Juvia who was waiting for him, he smirked and soon followed her to the abandoned pool storage room.

Who knew he’d get laid during his challenge?

Challenge #3: Buy My Product (Gajevy)

“Okay fuckers, what am I doing?” Gajeel grumbled into the microphone. He was currently in an isolated section is a department store.

“Nothing to major.” Jellal nonchalantly said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Just trying to get some stupid people to buy some stupid shit” Gray added on. “All the stuff you need to get people to buy is in the box on the table.”

“Good luck Silver Dick!” Natsu exclaimed, snickering when Gajeel told him to eat a dick.

Everyone was passing Gajeel’s table without giving him a glance. He was getting frustrated at the lack of attention that he was receiving.

“Gotta get the crowds attention somehow Gajeel.” Gray said. “You’re dying out there.”

Gajeel growled until he seen a little kid walking buy, it was easy bait.

“Oi, Shrimp! Come here.” When they turned around Gajeel’s face dropped.

It wasn’t a kid, it was a very short teenage girl.

A very pretty short teenage girl.

“Excuse you?” The petite girl said walking over to the table. “Who do you think you are buddy?” She said in a sassy tone. Gajeel smirked, he liked his woman feisty

“I’m selling some stuff. You wanna look or not?” He gruffed out, not backing down from her abrasive attitude.

“Since you so rudely called me over here, I might as well stay.” She huffed out. “What are you selling?”

“Before I tell you, what’s your name? Maybe I could sell it better that way.”

“Levy. But I doubt I’m going to buy whatever you’re selling, its probably drugs.” Gajeel stiffened while his three friends broke out in hysterical laughter, it looked like Gajeel met his match.

“Well shorty, its not drugs its-” Gajeel stopped dead in his sentence when he seen what was in the box. “You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me…” Gajeel murmured earning another round of laughter from Natsu, Gray, and Jellal.

“Well? I’m waiting.” Levy said tapping her foot to show her lack of patience. Gajeel growled.

“I would sell you these, but you can’t use them and I doubt you can even get a guy to use it on you.” Gajeel said throwing the package in front of the short blue haired girl.

“C-Condoms!?” Levy said her face getting red until she remembered Gajeel’s rude statement. “Wait, what do you mean I can’t get anyone to use these on me?”

“Exactly what I said, you can’t get laid.” Levy smirked, liking his attitude.

“Wanna prove me wrong?” Gajeel smirked.

“Thought you’d never ask.” Gajeel said standing up the challenge totally forgotten as him and his feisty new girl got a little to friendly in the storage room.

Challenge #4: Club sign ups (NaLu)

Natsu stood in the middle of the heavily populated park. Looking around he seen children playing, teenagers doing underage smoking and couples strolling hand in hand. Natsu grumbled. “Oi dumbasses! Whats my challenge?”

“We gotta easy one picked out for you Salamander.” Natsu could feel Gajeel smirking when he said that. Somehow the pink haired man didn’t think it was going to be easy. “See the clipboard we gave ya?”

“All you gotta do is have someone sign up for your club.” Jellal had said it like it was the easiest thing in the world. Natsu blinked.

“Whats the catch?”

“We made up the club names.” Gray snickered. “Have fun buddy.”

“Fuck you guys.” Natsu muttered into the hidden microphone at the hysterical laughter of the people he called his friends before he began his challenge.


Wow, this is harder than I thought. Natsu thought to himself as he stood there. He’s literally been standing there for ten damn minutes and talked to over a dozen people and none of them want to join any of the clubs that he offered them!

Well, its not like Natsu would blame them for not wanting to join anyway. Who in their right mind would join clubs with stupid names Your Anus and Tallywackers. Well, Natsu almost got someone to join the Pussy club. Unfortunately it was Freed Justine he asked, and he kind of didn’t like pussy.

“Okay you got one more chance or you lose the challenge Flame Brain, we’re about to bust a gut over here.” Gray said still laughing as he said the statement to his pink haired best friend. “Go ask the hot blonde babe coming towards you.” Natsu looked around until he seen the person his friend was talking about it.

Natsu swore his pants tightened a little bit.

Holy shit… Natsu thought and gaped at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his whole 18 years of life. The blonde seen him gaping, and gave a displeasing look.

“Can I help you with something?” She said in an angelic voice. Wow, her voice was even beautiful!

“Uh…” Natsu stumbled out lost for words, until he remembered the task at hand. He looked down at the clipboard in his hand and seen what the next club name and his face turned to the color of his hair. “Are you fucking serious guys?!” Natsu exclaimed into the microphone, but the blonde in front of him looked at him like he was a mad man.

“Say it buddy.” Jellal said then relaxed into the chair ready for the real show to start.

“I-I’m going around asking people if they would like to s-sign up for my club.” The blonde eyebrow quirked.

“Oh? And what club would that be?” She inquired further, making Natsu’s face grow a deeper shade of pink.

“I Like to Bang Hot Blondes Club…” Natsu said it so softly she didn’t really hear it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite-”

“Would you like to sign up for the I Like to Bang Hot Blondes Club?” Natsu said it more rushed, but she could understand, her own face flushing with color.


“Its okay if you don’t want to.. uh…”

“Lucy. My name is Lucy.”

“Right, its okay if you don’t want to join Luigi.” Lucy’s face heated up with anger now.

“Its Lucy!” Natsu snickered.

“Just messing with ya Luce. Want to join or not?” Natsu said his nerves slowly disappearing. Lucy huffed a breath.

“Give me the clipboard.” Natsu blinked in confusion before full out grinning.

“Okay!” Gray, Gajeel, and Jellal couldn’t believe in what they were witnessing right now.

When Lucy gave the clipboard back to Natsu, he was a bit surprised when she kissed his cheek. “The name of the club should be I Like to Bang Hot Pink Haired Guys Named Natsu Club.” She whispered seductively in his ear. “Call me and we can start the initiation for the club.” With that being said, she walked away leaving Natsu dumbfounded. Instead of writing her name on the paper, she instead wrote her whole seven digit phone number.

Fuck his friends, he was gonna go get laid instead.

Just a fun little thing I decided to write. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ~