c: jeff sterling


“Nick’s holding out a mug of coffee and Jeff takes it from him, putting the book back on the shelf. The two of them sit on the leather sofa that Jeff had been so comfortable on the day before and suddelny Jeff feels very shy. (…) Jeff glances at Nick, but Nick isn’t looking at him.”

based on  B e t w e e n  the Pages .

“Hey. I don’t know if you and Blaine are busy tonight, but on the off chance that you aren’t, I thought that we could hang out for a bit.” He rattled the crumpled canvas bag in his arm for emphasis as he flashed his old classmate a smile. “I brought two different movies to choose from and…about three boxes of skittles. There’s also probably some M&M’s in there by mistake. And you can’t let me eat it all by myself.”

Under the cut are #71 images of people that could maybe pass as being the ship Niff, also knows as Nick and Jeff from the tv show, Glee (Curt Mega and Riker Lynch). None of these are ours so credit goes to the photographers. Reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Please note that there are nsfw images under the cut.

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Watching The Little Mermaid with Ariel has proven to be really entertaining. She gets distracted and starts playing with her toys or something and every time they say her name she looks up at the screen and laughs because she recognizes it. She’s absolutely adorable.