c: jeff sterling

↳ There are 99 pictures under the cut that could pass as Jeffbastian (the couple name for Jeff Sterling and Sebastian Smythe). Some are more faceless than others. There are some underwear shots and a bunch of bare chests but over all, the images below the cut are 100% safe for work.

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Under the cut are #71 images of people that could maybe pass as being the ship Niff, also knows as Nick and Jeff from the tv show, Glee (Curt Mega and Riker Lynch). None of these are ours so credit goes to the photographers. Reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Please note that there are nsfw images under the cut.

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Jeffbastian | Jeff Works Late

Rating: Rish for a little sexy times

Warnings: ummm…I don’t think so. 

Notes: These are the events of the night Jeff got home late from work and Sebastian was upset with him. 

Jeff stepped off the elevator and into a semi-lit apartment. The silhouette of his fiancé across the room caught his eye. Sebastian was gazing out the balcony doors at the New York night. His lips were pressed into a hard line and the moonlight was coating his naked shoulders in a beautiful milky glow.

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Jeffbastian | The Sub Party

Rating: R…I guess? 

Warnings: Drug use, entitlement, pudding 

Notes: This isn’t canon to our jeffbastian, it was just an idea that I had when I was thinking about what it would be like if Seb eventually let Jeff smoke weed. This is an idea we might use in some way, in the future.

Of all the things that Sebastian shared with Jeff, this was never one of them. It wasn’t that he wanted to keep Jeff out of this part of his life, but Jeff retained this certain innocence that Sebastian hadn’t had since he was ten and the last thing Sebastian wanted was to take that away from Jeff.

As soon as Jeff was surrounded by friends, Sebastian leaned over, kissed his neck and told him that he would be right back.

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