c: jared howe


Ian watched you with a smirk. Jared watched Ian with a scowl. he wouldent start anything with you there, but the second you were gone…

“stop staring at her like that.” Jared growled.

“like what?”

“like you want to see her with her clothes off.” Jared took a step towards Ian, “you’ll treat her with respect. you wont look at her again or you’ll suffer the consequences.” 


“its just me.” you grinned, seeing the way Jared was sitting with hunched shoulders. 

his shoulders relaxed, “need something?”

“im coming with you.” you turned your gaze to Ian’s brother, Kyle. he rolled his eyes and got out of the truck, you got in.

Jared wasnt going to argue. besides, it was fun with you. except the fact that you were super distracting.