c: james vega

James Vega is a bro, no doubt. He’s canonically the bro who goes to the gym 2-3 hours every day and jumps up and yells at the refs on TV and challenges his friends to mezcal shots. But canonically he’s also the bro who gets up in the morning and makes eggs for everyone, from his dear abuela’s recipe, and gives everyone nicknames. And he’s definitely the bro who has like four dogs back home. They’re all rescue dogs. Three of them have macho names like Bullet and Whiskey, and the fourth is named Kitten.


Vera Shepard | Headcanon Meme - ♦  quirks/hobbies headcanon requested by @puddingmcmuffin & @mssticha

Shepard collects some wierd as things obviously, and she gets super competitive about it.

Being Joker is suffering when the Commander is willing to detour an entire ship off course to ensure she’s the only real Collector in the galaxy. 

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