c: james lester


Primeval Meme [1/10]
One leader: James Lester

“My name is James Lester. Five years ago, I was put in charge of the ARC, a top-secret government project investigating rips in time known as anomalies. These anomalies allow long extinct creatures from distant eras to cross into our own time. Our leading research scientist was murdered by his insane wife Helen, who planned to wipe out humanity. She’s gone to kill the first human. Stop evolution in its tracks. Danny Quinn, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland went through an anomaly to stop her. No one knows what happened to them. But, as the human race survived, we must assume they succeeded. None of them ever returned, lost forever in a distant past with no way home. All attempts at rescue failed. A new team was put in place and many changes made to the ARC. The battle continues. There is always a new threat. Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it.”

Assorted James Lester Headcanons I may eventually make into fics
  • When Connor and Abby were trapped in the Cretaceous, not even Becker and his most skilled team of troops could extract Rex from Abby’s flat.  Lester asked to give it a go, walked in with nothing but a 3-piece suit, and came out with the lizard in tow.  He never told anyone his trick–he retrieved one of Connor’s old waistcoats from his flat and wore it underneath his jacket.
  • He kept all of Connor’s personal effects from the flat in dedicated storage, and simply left a key in Connor’s old locker.  He never gave up hope that one day Connor would retrieve them.
  • He ends up officiating the weddings of nearly every one (of the “rather astonishing number”) of inter-ARC couples that hook up.  He always protests loudly and with much sarcasm, but he’s secretly honored every time they ask.
  • The only couple he doesn’t marry is Jess and Becker.  Jess’s parents are no longer alive, so she asks him to give her away instead.
  • The next time creatures are being returned to the Permian era, and it’s time for Abby to say goodbye to Rex, Lester “accidentally” closes the anomaly before they can put Rex through, and then insists that no creatures be brought back to the bestiary.  He winks at Abby as she wraps Rex in her coat and brings him home to Connor.