c: jack power

Coming soon to a Library near you!

This coming weekend, my daughter and I will be volunteering for a Superhero event at a library my friend works at. I doubt the kids will recognize us, but my daughter will be delighted to have what could be the last opportunity she has to wear her Energizer costume again.

We’ll be dressed up as Jack Power (Massmaster) and Katie Power (Energizer) from Marvels’ 80’s super hero comic called Power Pack. 

I learned to read on it and my daughter loves it! WE’re still disapointed that the classic volumes production - which i had been waiting for for YEARS for Marvel to put out - was stopped. 

I can’t find anything out about why, officially, but can only assume that there wasn’t enough interest in it. I blame both Comic stores AND Marvel for that. Sure, it was only a 60 odd comic run, and it probably had a small base of fans, but I can tell you that as my daughter and I cosplayed Jack and Katie at different cons for a year, many people who recognized us and LOVED the comic had NO IDEA it was being put out.

Marvel had done no sort of advertising about it that I saw. I only found out because I regularly checked up on it. And my Comic Store never bothered to stock it - until I showed up and asked where the released volume 1 was. So of COURSE no one knew about it.

My daughter THEN decided that we would continue to wear our costumes and ‘get the word out’ so that Marvel would have to pick back up the release of the classic compilations.

SHe hasn’t quite realized yet that she’s going to outgrow that costume long before it ever happens. if it ever does.

I think, if i could figure out how to get the idea to Marvel, a single one off movie, using the original origin of the Power Pack, would be great.

1- It’s an easily self contained story.

2- it could generate new interest.

3 - it is GEARED already so that kids could have their own peer type super heros! Why not!!??

And with the success and ability that Marvel has had with the movies of the past few years and the advancements in technology and special affects, they could pull this off! (Unlike the travesty they tried to pull sometime back in the 80’s where they changed everything about the kids and their powers and their family etc….)