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Just a Little Bit of Your Heart: Harry Styles at Irving Toyota Music Factory

Rainbow Direction - Irving Concert

So, me and Kels ( @polarilou ) literally decided a month before Harry’s concert in Irving that we were going. And honestly the last 24 hours have just been freaking insane. Kels flew to Amarillo, which requires a layover in Dallas, and then we drove from Amarillo back to Dallas for the concert. Immediately after the concert we drove back to Amarillo (5 hour drive y’all) because I needed to be back at work today at 8:30. And Kels flies back out tomorrow. Literally I have had about an hour and a half of sleep and everything feels unreal at this point but here’s what went down in Irving.

Kelsey was wearing the Louis rainbow shirt (or Jamaican flag shirt) and I was wearing a shirt that said “this is a gays only event.” When we first walked out of the parking garage in our shirts I was really self-conscious. We got a lot of not nice looks. After the first couple I buttoned up my jacket for a bit – I hate confrontation. After we ate I felt a little better so I unbuttoned it and just rocked it. People were still rude but I felt stronger with Kels with me. We saw a few flags – big ones and small ones – and I tried to make a point to acknowledge every single one. I was the one that emailed the venue and they said flags were not permitted but on the actual day the staff seemed to be pretty lax on the issue. Mine was folded up in my back pocket and I was never told anything.

Okay so, MUNA was actually amazing and I really need to see them do a full set. I loved everything about their performance and their stage presence and their message. Kels and I were like two out of ten people that actually knew every word to the songs they were singing. We went really hard and jumped and screamed and our entire section looked at us like we’d lost our heads. But MUNA speaks to be little bi soul so I didn’t care. And actually! They came into the audience at the beginning of Harry’s set and Kelsey being the amazing brave soul she is went to talk to them. I also went to talk to them and got to hug Katie and Naomi. They’re beautiful and lovely and taller than I thought? I don’t remember all that I told them. I think it was something like “I love you, you did so good, you’re so important, thank you.” It was a lot of mumbling and like disbelief. Katie did say thank you and how it was important that we were there and supporting Harry’s message. It was amazing and I still can’t believe it happened.

Harry was incredible of course. He was a giant goofball! He stopped Kiwi twice, the first time because a guy in the audience wasn’t dancing and the second time to get his cord in order. Everyone went off during that song it was amazing. He played SOML and of course didn’t sing Louis’ part. His comments about how he was honored to play for such strong women were amazing and the whole crowd lost their shit. He brought the pride flag up one stage during woman and it was so beautiful. I didn’t know it was going to feel that amazing to have him be so openly proud of the community. He understands the importance of what he’s doing for himself and for everyone in the audience. I love Harry Styles. Truly. He also puts on a great show. I never wanted to get my phone out because I just wanted to be in that moment with him. He kept tripping over his mic stand and I died every time. There was a point where he was thanking the crowd for their support and saying he wouldn’t be able to perform onstage if it wasn’t for us – and then he correct himself and said he could actually do that but it would be more like a sound check. I literally screamed “you’re the worst” at him. I had no filter last night. What happened, happened.

Kels and I brought out the flag during Sign of The Times and it was an incredible feeling and experience. Kelsey stood on her chair, because she’s a tiny little thing, and held one side of the flag and I held the other. It was up during the entire song and I felt so strong and proud of us in that moment. During the middle of SOTT Harry walked over to our side of the stage (we were in the second tier) but when I realized he was in my direct eyesight I screamed and moved the flag around and he waved at Kelsey and I. I remember thinking there was no way that actually happened and it took me forever to believe it did. But it did. He saw us and our pride and he waved at us. I am so so so happy and overwhelmed and I don’t think I’ll ever love another artist as much as I love Harry,

After the show two girls approached us, as Kels and I were hugging and crying on each other, and thanked us. They said we were amazing and we helped them. We all exchanged snapchats and I swear I never wanted to let those girls go. They were so beautiful and I love them. I think I called them my daughters twenty times. But that is the point of what we’re doing – of what Harry’s doing. Those girls felt safe and proud because they saw Harry’s pride and ours. We have to keep this going. I want every baby gay to feel like my daughters did last night or even to feel like Kels and I did.

Okay that’s it! Sorry for the long post but I had a lot of feelings.