c: irene adler

I said it mainly as a joke, but actually the idea of lesbian dominatrix Irene Adler meeting Molly Hooper and developing a big, sloppy, embarrassing crush on her, to the point where the woman who brought England to its knees gets weak in the knees and stutters whenever she’s near her morbid, mousy lady-love is very important to me.


Ocean’s Eleven AU

Mary Morstan plans one last heist with longtime girlfriend Janine Hawkins. Their team: pickpocket Molly Hooper, explosives expert Sally Donovan, card shark Ella Thompson, high roller Martha Hudson, legwomen Sarah Sawyer and Jeanette Chapman, retired conartist Violet Holmes, computer systems specialist Kitty Riley, and professional acrobat Soo Lin Yao. Their target: Irene Adler’s casinos on the Las Vegas strip. But when Molly discovers Irene is dating one of Mary’s old flames (Anthea McCallister), all hell breaks loose.


“What?” My face contorted into a very confused expression.

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t think a woman like you can hold him down, you know; a man like him.” She stalked around me, taking in my posture, my features and essence.

A woman like me?

“I’m sorry too.” I responded, “I’d feel just as bad and insecure as you do to even think of wanting to bring another woman down; making her feel weak." 

"Sherlock and I have history.” She insisted.

“We have a future. He loves me and nothing can change that. Not even a woman like you."