c: i'm always angry

so i’m rewatching 8.13 and i just got to The Pub Scene and, reader, i am dying 

you can use the “dean is straight” and/or “he was just flattered” arguments all you want and if that’s really what you think then fine okay i don’t actually give a shit but you cannot argue with how this fucking scene was written and directed because there is literally NOTHING you could say that would make sense and not sound like DESPERATE HETERO WHINING

for real like these two girls he’s interviewing are a) really pretty and b) ~college girls~ i.e. two things that dean is infinitely into but they’re honestly, in the nicest possible way, the most dull girls on the face of the planet. they sound like the worst bimbo stereotype, echoing each other, saying vapid shit, like they are SO BORING and they were INTENTIONALLY WRITTEN THAT WAY (by edlund, that master of “”“”“subtlety”“”“”)

they’re SUPPOSED to be dull as shit so we’re 100x more interested in aaron and whatever the fuck he’s drinking. those poor girls are just background noise in dean and aaron’s meet-cute

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