c: i would give far more

I want to talk about Ragnar and his annoyance and frustration with his mortal, limited human body. You can just see it in his face and his movements when he stands in the open door and looks out into the rain.

When Jarl Haraldson says that Ragnar believes he is descended from the Gods he is scarily accurate but not in the way he thinks. Ragnar does not believe that he is born to rule other people or sees himself above them in any sort of way because of his godlike nature. I honestly believe he would not have challenged the Jarl just for power. The reason he disobeys is because he believes the Jarl to be wrong and gets to see him as a bad leader. His godlike nature is not for human power, it goes way beyond that. His hunger and ambition and yearning for more makes him what he is. He devours everything while on his quest for knowledge - changing the world as he goes. 

But at the end of the day, despite all this, he is bound to his human body. His mind, his spirit are so much bigger than his mortal shell but he cannot escape it. He cannot form landmasses and seas by sheer power of will. His injuries are a reminder that he can never be his true self because he is imprisoned in a human body. 

I’m sorry, I just have a lot of feelings about Ragnar and the confinement of his humanity.