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Catching Feelings [Yondu x Reader]

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can I request another Yondu(I’m a hoe for him tbh) maybe the reader is a member of his crew and she likes him but is too scared to say anything but the crew notices they both like each other and come up with weird plans to get them to confess maybe leaving them alone or locking them in a room (smut is up to you)

 For anon.

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1879 words

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Three Wishes

Fandom: The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings

Pairing: Legolas x Female!Reader


Word Count: 3100

Warning: Smut.

Notes: I am so sorry that it took four weeks to complete your request, anon! I hope you enjoy it though! I actually sat down at 10 pm to write this and didn’t start till 1 am. :P *~Procrastination at its finest~*

I hope you all enjoy, and I will see y'all in my next post. :*

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Felicity x Dinah x Thea (mentions of olicity) || ao3 || teen || light angst || 1476 || more fics

summary: prompt: the ladies of team arrow seek revenge against Susan Williams (thank you, @blackcanarydinah)
a/n: happy birthday bb!! i hope you enjoy (: 

p.s - the c-word gets dropped once in this fic. idk i know some people don’t like that word so i thought i would warn

Normally, Felicity wasn’t the type to get her hands dirty. She didn’t mind being on the field of course; she did it when she had to. And right now she definitely had to. It wasn’t technically a mission. Not one that Oliver had given a stamp of approval on. Well, he can’t approve something he doesn’t know about. That was beside the point. What she was doing was important. What she, Thea, and Dinah were doing was important.

“The alarm has been disabled,” she whispered, “And security cameras are offline.”

The three of them walked right into Susan Williams’ apartment building without a problem. She was able to find the exact room with just as much ease. The place was nice. A lot nicer than the average local news reporter would be able to afford.

“You sure you still wanna do this, babe?” Dinah asked.

Felicity nodded, “I need to,” she said, “Oliver would do the same for any of us.”

Dinah couldn’t argue with that. She might not have been on the team for very long, but she already fit well. The other woman got along with everyone on the team and was protective of her and Thea.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Dinah nodded to the door.

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hothleia  asked:

The tumblr app just completely ate my response to your message from like a week ago (about Sara and falling in love with Nyssa while being trained at the League) but please know that it has haunted me every day that it has been in my inbox.

Oh my gosh on the one hand I feel bad for haunting you but on the other this sounds like a great time to discuss My Extensive Sara and Nyssa Feelings.

Because here is the thing ok. I know we all think about Sara and Nyssa and we’re like, “oh yeah, their relationship is tragic & gay” but have you ever really thought about how that went down, because it is a truly extra extra story and I am eternally cross with Arrow for not giving us more pieces of it.

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Arrow Season 5 Thoughts

Right off the bat, I can tell you all that I give this season a C-. Also, that’s a generous grade. Being positive doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to glaring issues about the show, I’ve held off on some aspects because they weren’t pertinent to each episode. Let’s dive into the WTF, okay, and good moments of the season.


Third Parties with NO follow through

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Billy Malone, let’s start with the nice guy nobody. He was literally for 1 to 2 scenes an episode, and we’re supposed to believe his death was the straw hat broke that camel’s back for Felicity’s dark arc? No. Not happening. Literally unbelievable. Okay dude, but bland vanilla.

Susan Williams: Initially, she’s depicted as this shady character and that pushed through the end of her story, but the fact that she tried to exploit Oliver, that had no resolution, it was just dropped like a piano in old school cartoon. Creative Writing 101 every story needs some sort of ending.

Also, personally, I didn’t go into journalism for my own reasons, but I do know there are such things as journalist ethics. Where were hers? Because she broke every damn one in the book. To put it nicely, “conflict of interest”. Her presence made Oliver blind, ignorant, and a close reminder of his party boy past.

The only thing I thought was good about that story line was the frigid breakup. It’s difficult for me not to laugh when I hear or read the phrase “my apologies”.

Cringe-Worthy Moments

Originally posted by arrowsource

  • Fridging another female character Evelyn, and using her as basically childhood prostitution bait. The villainous side I get, but as a woman in general, let’s be better and fix that shit A.S.A.P.
  • Breaking another healthy relationship, especially one that has inclusive representation for POC, LGBTQ characters a.k.a The Holts. Curtis has become my least favorite character, and that’s not cool. It came out of nowhere.
  • Any scene with the reporter.
  • “Spectre of the Gun” as a whole. Hands down my least favorite episode. It was full of heavy handed cliches, and Oliver’s legal solution again had not much a follow-through. Fix-it aspects still require some sort of explanation.

The Okay

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thats-what-sidhe-said  asked:

Hello. I'm trying to write my first novel and I want to outline it, but I'm completely overwhelmed by the task. Do you have any books or resources you could recommend? I've got some screenwriting books, but it seems like novels should have a different approach. Any suggestions?

You’re right, outlining for screen is much different from outlining for novels. (It should also be mentioned here in passing that – when working professionally – outlining for screen is pretty much mandatory. There’s way too much money at stake to allow for the “pantsing” approach to story construction, and your co-production partners will want evidence of what they’re paying for at every single stage.)

Anyway, re novels: There’s a lot of novel-outlining advice and there are a fair number of resources out there, and as you get more deeply into this kind of thing you’ll be in a position to experiment with them, see which works best for you, and choose among them. But in the meantime, let me put you onto something  that C. J. Cherryh taught me back in the day, and which I still use.

This is the “shopping list” method (at least that’s what we call it in the household). In this method you grab a piece of paper (for some reason outlining always works better on paper for me: your mileage, etc…), and write the numbers 1 through 10 on it.

Then next to each of those headings you write the most important thing that you think needs to happen at the point in the novel. Number 1 might be, for example, “Kirk is sent to the space near the Neutral Zone and meets a Romulan Commander who asks if she can please capture the Enterprise.”

The goal is to sum up under each heading the ten things that must happen in your novel. Once you’ve got all ten of the Things That Need To Happen laid out in order, then you grab another piece of paper and list, say, the first three of them down the paper – top, middle, bottom – and then start filling in the space between each of these with the numbers 1 through 10 again. Under each of these headings you list the ten things that you think need to happen in that particular chapter to get it set up for the next one.

And so on. (I have never had to nest the 1-through-10 listings any more deeply than this. Normally the ten things in each chapter offer more than enough recomplication of the plot structure.)

Once you’ve got all the chapters broken out into tens this way, then put them aside for a few days. Come back afterwards and start rendering them into intelligible prose, the occurrences of each group of ten listed under its separate chapter and written so they flow together nicely.

The general idea here is to get an outline into a state that will allow you to submit it to your editor, along with the first three (fully written) chapters, so they can see how the book is going to play out. But if you don’t need to submit the pre-novel to anyone, there’s no need to bother with the prose stage unless it makes things easier for you. Lots of books have left my desk in which the outline never got past the Lists of Ten stage. (Granted, the lists sometimes get incredibly messy and covered with arrows and cross-outs and added notes, until they start looking like maps of the Eastern Front and need to be rewritten on better pieces of paper. But these things happen.)

And that’s it. That works for me, and so it’s what I do.

Seriously, it can be just that simple. If more than fifty novels I would guess that I’ve outlined at least forty of them this way.

You could indeed get into all kinds of methods that require deep character investigation and all kinds of weird diagramming, and honestly, if it works for you, I’m not going to judge. But what works for me about this particular method is that it pushes you toward nailing down both general physical action and the business of what characters actually do. Normally when you get them started doing things, I find, their motivations start to lay themselves bare. (This might seem a funny way to operate for someone who used to be a psych nurse. And unquestionably, realistic motivation is one of the most important things about the characters in a book. You’d think I’d be all about nailing the motivation down first. But I find that it seems to unfold itself quite naturally along the way if you occupy yourself with the chapter-to-chapter issues of what happens.)

Maybe this will work for you. Give it a try. If it doesn’t I’ll point you at some other stuff. But trying a simple approach first seems best.

anonymous asked:

Hello I hope your having a good day! I'd like to request headcanons for the RFA members where MC has recently gotten hurt badly, (but nothing life threatening) and each one of them finding out and being really worried and concerned. Thanks!~

heheh this kinda goes hand in hand with my latest headcanons and thank you sweet anon for requesting!!


  • holy shit you broke both your legs????
  • how did you even fall off a cliff
  • he’s crying
  • a lot
  • poor baby he’s so sad
  • “doctor??? how many more months does she have to live”
  • he’s sniffling and sobbing they can’t even understand him
  • “um sir please calm down–”
  • he ends up fainting and gets the bed next to you ohmyogjf
  • he’s so stressed
  • but he does anything you ask
  • you want water? got it
  • want me to read a story?? alright
  • need a box of fresh lettuce??? wait what


  • who dID THIS
  • he’s real mad
  • and blames himself for letting you ride the bus
  • “it’s fine zen, who knew it would flip over?”
  • “buT–”
  • he sleeps in the chair beside your bed
  • so many cigarettes
  • sir please don’t drink in hospital premises
  • jumin and seven have to go pick him up bc he got drunk
  • but he’s very supportive when he calms down
  • and helps you along every step to the road of recovery


  • that was the first time she ever missed a phone call from jumin
  • when you saw her she looked like a mess
  • she ran there oh my heart
  • you smiled weakly
  • and she just sees your wounds oh my god
  • “who in the world would….”
  • when she has to step out of room she is pacING
  • jumin comes by with the whole gang
  • a nurse comes out and explains to them about your current condition
  • jaehee is so paranoid
  • someone hold her
  • she works for days on end to find out who would attack you
  • and when it turns out to be one of the company’s frequent clients
  • remember guys,,, black belt in judo,
  • even after you fully recover she is always looking out for you
  • seriously what a mom


  • uh oh
  • a pLAN E C R ASH??????
  • you only came out with broken arms tho
  • ur ok
  • but
  • he’s flipping his shit
  • jaehee has to take elizabeth away from him
  • does jumin han is ok
  • no he does not
  • everyone is worried about jumin’s mental state
  • people might actually die
  • “luciel, about that bomb you had–”
  • probably is so fuckign stressed
  • crashes another one of seven’s cars
  • literally he’s gonna fight people
  • jaehee has to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid
  • lets him sue that airline tho


  • honestly he’s breaking
  • blames himself for it probably
  • he’s in more pain than you
  • “saeyoung it’s fine you don’t need to help me get up i can just get a nurse–”
  • you’re more worried about him than your broken knees
  • stays by your side at all costs
  • won’t get a single blink of sleep
  • brings his work to the hospital
  • “sir please go home”
  • the staff thought he was homeless
  • he customized your wheelchair isn’t that so fucking cute
  • his name takes up 99.99% of your casts
  • he mc proofs the whole house the day you got discharged lMAO
  • once you recover he probably makes arrow in the knee jokes
  • god damn it you couldn’t escape it
Arrow Season 5 finale and overall season thoughts

I have not enjoyed this season or the finale, sure there were some moments that I liked but overall this entire season was forgettable. Since I’ve got a few minutes free this morning I thought I’d list some thoughts.

To start I guess I feel like I might have missed something because the entertainment journalists and most people on my twitter and tumblr time lines were really enjoying last night. And I, well I’m left feeling empty, unsatisfied, and underwhelmed.

I guess Oliver and Felicity are back together. So 5x20 was there to wrap up their break-up and move them forward. And that one little line from Felicity during the birthday party showed they are back together. But I guess even though earlier this year I thought the little bits I figured the show would throw to us would be enough for me, it wasn’t, AT ALL. I can’t even articulate what I’m not satisfied with I just feel unhappy with how that whole storyline wrapped up. But like with so many things on this show I’ll make my peace with it and move on. But I guess at least we got a season finale kiss in the suit in good lighting, so that’s something.

There were too many people in this episode so no one really did anything. All this OTA being front and center and important was such bullshit. Seriously Felicity was there to have a crammed in “meaningful” convo with Thea and Samantha and ????? She announced that the whole island was rigged to blow for the audience but did nothing else. Diggle, oh my god. He did nothing, he was just there. If he had a meaningful purpose it was such a quick scene that I forgot it already.

I was really irritated with the whole Oliver telling Thea that she and Curtis (of all people) and Malcolm (who has betrayed them all so many times) needed to protect and get Felicity and Samantha to safety. That made me so mad, like lets reduce Oliver’s love and baby mama to damsels that need protecting well f&ck that.

That Nyssa and Talia fight was anti-climatic and over too fast. I was expecting a lot more out of Talia since they introduced her this season. Now that was a sister conflict storyline that had potential but as usual with Arrow, they introduced way more story than they could adequately tell.

Slade….sigh. I don’t like Slade, I’ve never liked Slade. Slade killed Moira in front of Oliver and Thea. I don’t give a single shit that the miracuru is out of his system and he is no longer mentally unstable and under the influence of drugs. HE KILLED OLIVER AND THEA’S MOTHER IN FRONT OF THEM. HE STABBED HER THROUGH THE HEART WITH A SWORD! UGH! I also see how the show just slid Slade in to give the words of wisdom to Oliver about survivors guilt and forgiving himself that in any other episode would have been Diggle’s to give. Just another way to sideline Diggle so we can get a comic book character moment.

Rene and Curtis did nothing, couple line of exposition and that’s it. Lance was there to call Dinah Bl@ck C@nary. Dinah was there to have a scream fight with Bl@ck Siren. I get it story-wise, everyone Oliver cares for needed to be on that island so Chase could continue to taunt Oliver with everyone you love will always suffer because of you, blah, blah, blah. And for that “emotional” cliffhanger of they are all dead when the island explodes.

Why was Digger Harkness in this episode? Evelyn was so pointless. I don’t get why Bl@ck Siren was there at all. Sure help Chase out as a thank you by capturing everyone in Star City, but why continue on to Lian Yu?

Malcolm, sigh, I guess I’m glad he’s finally dead, but what a way to go. So let me get this straight, he sacrificed himself for Thea. The same Thea he drugged and had her kill Sara so Ra’s wouldn’t go after him and led to Thea being stabbed and almost dying. Then he wouldn’t give up the league to get the cure for the bloodlust. But that death was off screen, so while I think he might actually be dead for real, I also would not be surprised if he were to pop back up alive in season 8 or 9 if Arrow goes that long.

Now the kid, William. Look I’m a mother, I have 2 kids who are 10 and 8. I’m also the child of divorced parents whose dad popped in and out her life throughout her childhood. This whole finale revolved around Oliver trying to find and save his son. Intellectually I get it, but emotionally I was not connected to this story at all. Look I know Oliver supposedly bonded with the kid in season 4 when he was leaving his paralyzed fiance to visit his son, who didn’t know he was his son. But dammit, if the writers knew that they were going to base the entire finale on fathers and sons (hell the whole season really) then it would have been way more emotionally satisfying for me if I had seen Oliver and William interacting and bonding this season. I’m also mildly irked that we never got to see William’s reaction to finding out that Oliver (his mom’s friend who visited with him a few times last year) is his father and his father is the Green Arrow. Sighing again. Once again this whole child story is just used for plot and has no emotional resonance.

Overall season thoughts.

It’s utterly forgettable. There are maybe 2 episodes I would rewatch entirely and maybe 3 or so more I’d watch parts of.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still watching this show. I haven’t really enjoyed it since season 4a. I guess because every time I think I’m done the writers manage a moment of brilliance and I’m sucked back in.

Billy had no purpose to Felicity’s story. He was there for Oliver’s manpain not for Felicity.

Susan, I’m sighing again. That storyline went no where and was just unceremoniously dropped.

I know some people are happy with Felicity’s arc this season. But it was too little for me. She was sidelined too much this season. While I know she got a lot of screen time a lot of it was about other people’s emotional journeys, technical expertise, and exposition. I’ve given up thinking that she will ever get an in-depth story. I can hope for Smoak Tech next season but I’m not holding my breath.

Oliver, is this no killing thing going to actually stick for real this time? Because I thought it had previously, he spared Slade, but then he killed Ra’s and Damien and was back to killing again at the beginning of this season. I just feel like we constantly retread the same stories over and over with Oliver and I’m just tired of it. Find something new writers. But I don’t think they are capable of finding new emotional arcs for Oliver because once again it sounds like season 6 is a retread of a story already told. But I know it’s early and something had to be announced at upfronts.

I was not really satisfied with the wrap up of the flashbacks. I figured Kovar would have fought with and delayed Oliver just enough to have him miss the boat and he’d be stuck on the island for a couple of months. They really screwed up cutting flashback Oliver’s hair in season 4. If he’d never cut his hair over 5 years and missed the boat Anatoli sent for him that would explain the hair and beard. A wig and fake beard was so ridiculous. But whatever at least the flashbacks (my least favorite part of the show) are finally over.

Sighing once again. I just  re-read this post and I feel like I’ve done nothing but complain. But I wasn’t satisfied with this episode or this season and I needed a way to get my feelings out. So thanks anyone who made it all the way through this post. I’ll probably still follow along with summer hiatus speculations and be back in the fall. But nothing in the finale made me excited to watch next season.

I’m rarely invested in more than 1-3 shows at a time and Arrow has been the only show I watch consistently for the the past 2 years. So I really hope something comes out over the summer or at SDCC to make me want to return, otherwise I might be searching for a new show to watch.

Tagging some friends (by the way thanks for the good thoughts and wishes sent my way) @almondblossomme @marytagus @laurabelle2930 @hope-for-olicity @nalla-madness @green-arrows-of-karamel @wildirish23 @olicity-i-believe-in-you

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 10]


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“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: So sorry for the wait!! It still blows my mind that there are actually people really waiting for this?! Like, whyyyy??? AHHHH but thank you so so much from the bottom of my lil’ heart for the constant support!! I wanted this up sooner but my boyfriend took me running (which I hate. I hate exercise lol) but at one point he said, “You can do it! Be a runner in the maze, just pretend I’m Newt!” and he used this awful British accent but it was really cute haha! Anyway, that irl fluff aside, here’s Part 10! Hope you like !! (gif isn’t mine btw!)

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On Writing Fan Fic

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been chatting with Olicity fan fic writers about their experiences and I’m kind of astonished by some of the things I’ve been hearing. 

I’ve been writing a long time.  I’ve written fan fic for ages for a ton of various fandoms & ships, and I’ve been both writer and reader.  I also used to moderate a few forums, including one on a general writing site (aka “original fiction” not fan fic related), so I’ve been on all sides when it comes to putting out work for public consumption.

First things first.  Olicity fan fic writers?  Write your own damned stories.  Own them.  Take pride in them.  Stay true to your vision, stay true to your interests, have fun with what you’re writing, and keep feedback in perspective.  It’s crucial to remember (and yes, often very hard, especially when you’re first starting out) that for every person griping that they don’t like your story, there are 20 others lurking who are loving it. 

If someone doesn’t like what you’re writing, fine.  That person can move on to another story. Not everything is going to appeal to everyone.  That’s the way of the world.  But normal people?  they just move on.  They don’t keep coming back chapter after chapter after chapter and just hammering at you.  That’s called a troll, and trolls should be banished, not fed.

Do not let anyone dissuade you from doing something you love.  KEEP WRITING.  To do anything less is giving that person way too much power.  If some of the published writers quit writing just because some agent or publisher sent them rejection letters (and some of them super mean, btw), nobody would write another book.

You are providing FREE entertainment.  Enjoy those readers who enjoy you and forget about those that don’t.  There is a fine line between constructive criticism and just abuse.  You don’t have to take it, so don’t.  Use that “delete comment” button sites like AO3 offer you, as the author, to remove abusive, trolling, inappropriate remarks.  Be your own “admin” on your account.  It’s okay.  Give yourself permission to flex the power that site gave you.  Do so without apology or explanation.  People who cross that line know they’re doing it.  You owe them nothing.

Give yourself permission to NOT read comments/feedback.  A lot of published authors freely admit they refuse to read comments left on their books because being mean has become a sport & “entertainment.”  This can be a hard habit to break, but if you find that reading comments actually bothers you or makes you not want to write?  Stop reading them.  Think about changing settings on your stories so that only registered people can leave comments.  Turn comments off all together if you’d rather and just leave the kudos/likes option.  Make the experience work for you rather than against you.  Explore those options on whatever site your housing your fic. 

And now the biggie.  This apparent “thing” going on where readers dictate to writers what can be/should be/must be in their stories…  I don’t know where this started, but wow.  Hell to the NO.  Are these people paying you to write these stories?  Are you working on commission?  Are they ponying up cash for you to include characters you don’t like and don’t want to write for to create content for THEM rather than for the target audience you’re trying to reach?  Of course not.

You, as author, have complete control over the world you are building.  It is YOUR world.  If you want to write Character A as a villain, do it.  If you want to kill Character B?  Go for it. You like Character C but somebody else doesn’t?  Who cares!  Write for Character C.  You want to pretend Character D never existed and don’t give a fart in a fog storm about anything having to do with them, with the show, with “canon” or anything else?  Freaking fart in that fog storm and write it the way you want.

Otherwise you know what you get?  You get a story that rings hollow, filled with characters you don’t care about, creating a story you don’t want to write anymore because it’s no longer YOUR story and the audience you were aiming for (for example Olicity fans) no longer want to read it.  What’s the point of that?

If people are unhappy with how you choose to write a story or want other content, then they are free to go off and find that content (if anybody cares to bother writing for it) or, better yet, tell them to go write a story of their own.  But that does not mean you should ever – ever – allow anyone to dictate to you what you “must” write or how you “must” write it.  Absolutely not.  Kick those people to the curb.

Let me share something with you.  I will never, ever, ever write about certain Arrow characters.  Ever.  You can all guess in 1 who that would be.  Why?  Because even the villainy roles in my stories will be played by characters I *like*.  Villains are fun!  And I refuse to waste a single word on a character I find completely tedious and dull.  Deal with it.  It ain’t changing.

And you know what?  As the author? That’s my right.  As an author, that’s YOUR right to.  So enough of this insanity.  Take a stand, Olicity fan fic writers.  Say, “No more!” 

- No more including characters you don’t want to write for.

- No more giving haters, antis, or trollers footholds in the destiny of YOUR stories

- No more giving people who do nothing but bash & trash fic for entertainment the time of day.  Zap their comments and move on.

- No more letting unhappy readers dictate how you write your story. Write with joy and write to please yourself.

- No more handing people who have beefs with Oliver, Felicity, Olicity, OG Team Arrow , etc., (or whatever else is in your story that YOU enjoy and want to write for, I don’t care what/who it is) the power to silence the outlet for that love and support. 

Enough.  Time to take back the Olicity Ficdom, Oliciters.  So write, Olicity fan fic writers.  Write the way you want, with all the passion and creativity you’ve got.  Just write.

And fan fic readers, bless you for being patient people who support the fics and fic writers you love.  Please, please continue to do that.  Support your favorite authors with your readership & positive feedback and let them know when you enjoy something.  Pimp them to the fandom, let other Olicity fans who are looking for good Olicity-centric stories (for and about Oliver and Felicity) which ones are your favs.  Recommend fic and fic writers.  Word of mouth is everything for writers.  So don’t be shy about recommending them.  Great stories are meant to be shared.

One last thing.  Olicity fan fic writers, if you’re not happy on the platform you’re on to host your stories?  Start speaking up to that sites administration and do not take “no” for an answer.  Email them your experiences.  Give them solutions to help eradicate the problem and ask them to help you help them reate a stronger, better site and improve the experience for all involved.  After all, if a site has no fan fic writers on it, it has no fan fic readers either.

Do you know other authors experiencing trouble on the same site?  Band together.  Come up with a strategy & plan to help improve the site and approach the site as a group.  If the site blows you off & doesn’t want to help protect the writers & make the site successful, I’d suggest exploring alternatives.  This should be a team effort thing and if the site won’t support you, why the hell should you support them?  There are lots of fish in the fan fic sea. Cast lines out there and see what you can land.

But most of all, value yourself, value your fic, and never let anyone treat you without respect and courtesy.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Fandom: HWU

Ship: Hunt/MC but it’s only hinted, you can definitely read it without that.

Rating: K

A/N: No excuses. The writing is mediocre. It’s very crack-ish. BUT IT WAS SO TEMPTING. Let me know if you think it’s funny, I suppose.

“This week’s lesson,” Professor Hunt said as the last of his students settled into their seats, “is on musical improvisation.”

There was a collective groan. By the third quarter, most of Hunt’s students were looking forward to specializing. The directors and fashionistas wanted to spend more time behind the camera, and the movie stars in front of it. Few of them had any interest in music. One budding pop star towards the back cheered halfheartedly.

“Stop complaining,” Hunt snapped, his back to the class as he scribbled improv on the blackboard. “It’s an important skill for more than just theatre. Award shows, for example, sometimes require you to improvise, and often musically.”

He threw the chalk back onto the ledge in front of the backboard, where it clattered around in protest for a second or two before falling silent. “Now then. Before you can improvise your own lyrics, you have to be comfortable singing at a moment’s notice.”

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Desperate Remedy


 All he saw was the fear that burned in her crimson irises.


 All he heard was the plea that poured disgustingly from her gaping mouth.

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hashbrowncatss  asked:

Promptfor you!! Fenhawke, hawke h/c, "Why didn't you say you were injured?" (I feel you about the writing slump, buddy. I've been struggling too)

Late nights of Wicked Grace usually end with a lot more wickedness than grace – mostly due to the fact that half of them are too wine-addled to walk a straight line, and with her shirt on backward and one shoe missing, Hawke – esteemed Champion Marian Hawke, Hightown manse and gold coffers stuffed to bursting – just about invites the whole of Kirkwall’s underbelly to pick her pockets.

Of course, it’s usually a bad idea to try. Alcohol has never had much of an effect on Hawke’s aim, laughable thing that it is.

“The more wine, the bigger the fireballs,” Aveline deadpans, sheathing her sword without flourish and casually side-stepping the charred corpse at her feet.

“Only way she’ll actually hit her target,” Varric snorts, and cheerfully ignores the crude gesture waved in his direction from where Hawke is attempting to pull on the missing boot Merrill has fished out of the gutter.

When the dust has settled there are scorch marks climbing the walls on either side of the too-tight alley, the old stone soot-stained and the smell of burning flesh a permanent reminder in his nose, and Fenris watches Isabela nudge the toe of her boot none-too-gently against a limp form on the ground.

“Ah, the Carta,” she sighs, smacking her lips as she palms a fat coin-purse with the tenderness of a particularly attentive lover. “You have to give them points for trying.”

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Percy Jackson AU

“We’re all family here.”

You breathed in the warm August air as you stood on the porch of the Big House. Everything was quiet and calm- well, as quiet and calm as a camp for dangerous, hyper-active kids could get. Camp Halfblood had been your home for years, and now, you were one of the most trusted campers- besides Steve Rogers of the Athena cabin,or Bucky Barnes, son of Poseidon, of course. You let out a little sigh, as your eyes rested on the the Maximoff twins, children of Hecate, who stood by Ro’s tree, not entering the camp.

They had sided with Kronos in the Titan War, and had defected after seeing the damage.The shorter one was Wanda, with her dark hair, and flashing red eyes that you could even see from here. The taller one was Pietro, with white, spiked hair and a mischievous smile on his face that was tinged with worry. The rest of your friends had volunteered you to be the welcome committee, and Chiron had agreed. So, here you were, standing on the porch, trying to work up the nerves to greet the twins. Taking a deep breath, you squared your shoulders, and walked up to the two.

The two looked up as you neared them, a warm smile on your face. “You must be the Maximoff twins, right?” You asked, holding out a hand. Wanda hesitated, while Pietro immediately shook your hand enthusiastically.

“Pietro Maximoff,” he replied, flashing you a brilliant white smile. “Son of Hecate and the fastest man on Earth.”

You let out a laugh, letting go of his warm hand. You turned to Wanda, holding out a hand, but she crossed her arms, sticking her nose up at you. Feeling a little twinge of sadness, you dropped your hand, sticking it in your pocket. “Well,” you cleared your throat, as Pietro sent Wanda a “what-the-hell” look. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N), a camp leader here, and a daughter of Persephone. Tod-”

Pietro let out a snort, and even Wanda let out a giggle. “You? A camp leader and a daughter of Persephone? The goddess of flowers?” His accent was thick with amusement.

“Absolutely ridiculous.” Wanda added, a look of glee on her face.

Your face colored, and you crossed your arms in annoyance. “Did you know that Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus?  And she’s not only the goddess of flowers, but also the goddess of spring and the queen of the Underworld.” And it’s not only Persephone, you added to yourself.

Both twins had a rather sheepish expression on their faces, and Pietro had the good grace to look down. “Sorry, (Y/N),” Pietro mumbles, and Wanda just shrugs.

“Ah, it’s cool, I was just giving you shit,” you joked, giving them a smile. Pietro visibly relaxes, while Wanda, which seemed to be becoming a regular occurrence, just shrugs. “So, now, I’ll show you around the camp. Does that sound good?”

Pietro nods enthusiastically, and Wanda, yet again shrugs. You start to walk down from Half-Blood Hill, down to the U-shape of the cabins slowly becoming larger. “After the Titan War this summer, Bucky made the gods promise to claim all their children,” your mind flashed back to seeing Bucky standing before the gods, refusing immortality and making a selfless choice. “He also made them promise that the minor gods could have cabins at Camp, and their kids could have a place here.” You added, a small smile on your face as you remembered his passionate speech, and the proud look on his father’s face.

“There is a cabin for us?” Wanda asked in disbelief, her eyes flashing red.

You nodded, smiling at her. “There is. You have two other siblings.”

Pietro gasped, and they shared a shocked glance. “C-can we meet any of them?” He stumbled over his words, and you could see his eyes flashing from cabin to cabin, like he was trying to recognize his mother’s cabin.

“Of course, Pietro. But first I’ll show you around the rest of the camp- we’re all family here, anyways.” He reminds me of an excited dog, you thought in amusement to yourself, as you lead them into main cabin area. Out of the corner of your eyes, Pietro walked closer to you, and his eyes flashed excitedly from cabin to cabin. Yup. He’s definitely a dog.

You came up to the first male cabin, which was the Hermes cabin. It was a lot less ran down, and better looking, and you felt a twinge of homesickness as you looked inside. “This is the Hermes cabin. It used to be the cabin for the unclaimed kids, and the kids of minor gods, but now it’s just for the children of Hermes.” You paused for a moment as they peered in, and talked quietly to each other in a different language.

Walking up to the next cabin, steam billowed out of the smokestacks on the top of the factory looking cabin. Gesturing for them to follow, you walked in, dodging a small machine that skidded out the door. “This is the Hephaestus cabin,” you said, raising your voice slightly over the sound of the hammering. “Tony! Bruce!” You yelled, and some of the hammering dimmed. Two black haired, sooty, heads popped out of the hatch on the floor.

The shorter one beamed at me, and the taller one just waved. “Hey, Flower Queen! Who do you have there?” Tony exclaimed, hopping out of the hatch, and wiping his dirty hands on his equally dirty pants.

“Wanda and Pietro Maximoff,” you introduced, as Bruce cleaned his glasses on his shirt. “They’re new here, and children of Hecate.” You pressed the word new, and you saw their eyes widen in recognition.

Tony cleared his throat, and ran a hand through his dirty hair. “Well, it’s nice to meet you guys, but we’ve got a big project to-” from hatch below the room, a big boom shook the cabin. Both boys’ eyes widened, and as fast as they appeared, they disappeared back into the hatch.

Turning towards the twins with a crazy grin on your face, you gave them a shrug. “It’s a regular occurrence, so don’t worry,” you said, a dismissive tone to your voice, as the three of you walked out of the smoky cabin.

“They seem-” Wanda searched for a word, and looked at Pietro for help.

“Out of it.” Pietro finished, and you laughed, as you approached the bright gold Apollo cabin.

“Get used to it.” You waved to Clint, as he fired off an arrow into a target. The blonde man waved back, before he shot of another one, getting a perfect bull’s eye. “This is the Apollo cabin,” you exclaimed, Wanda shielding her eyes from the glare coming off of the gold cabin. “He’s the god of the sun, archery, poetry, and healing. Clint here is the head of the cabin.” He smiled at the three of you, before focusing back onto his archery.

Thee twins had no comments, and they stayed quiet as you passed the Ares cabin, as Natasha gave you a thumbs up while she wrestled one of her heavily muscled siblings. The second to last cabin on the male side was Poseidon’s, and you could feel a grin forming on your face as you smelt seaweed and salt. “Bucky!” You called as you reached the front steps of the low, blue building, the Maximoff twins standing awkwardly behind you.

The raven-haired demigod popped out, his shorts slung low on his hips and a twinkle in his sea blue eyes. “(Y/N)!” He grinned widely at you, putting a warm arm around you. “Whatcha’ doin’, flower girl? Gardenin’ and what not?” He teased, his Brooklyn accent prominent, and you rolled your eyes.

“No, Seaweed Brain, I’m showing the newest campers around,” you explained, and Bucky’s attention turned towards the two standing on the front steps. Pietro did a little wave, his blue eyes studying the son of Poseidon. Wanda dipped her head, the daughter of Hecate watching the way you two interacted. That’s more recognition than she ever gave me, you grumbled to yourself, and the Sokovian’s lips quirked into a smile.

“Ah, I see, you got stuck on babysittin’ duty,” he gave the twins an infectious smile, and held  out his hand. “I’m Bucky Barnes, son of Poseidon, and the real leader around her, despite was Ms. Queen of Spring told you.” Laughing, you elbowed him in the ribs, as the twins shook his hand.

“She told she was, ah, the ‘daughter of the Queen of the Underworld’ and ‘to be respected’,” Wanda quoted sarcastically, and her twin laughed.

“Ja, she looked quite cute when she was flustered,” Pietro teased, and you could feel your cheeks getting red.

Bucky laughed, and you rolled your eyes. “Well, the does sound like (Y/N), always sayin’ ‘Just cause I’m the daughter of Persephone, does not mean that-’”

“Alright then,” you interrupted, ducking out from under the dark haired demigod’s arm, and stepping out of the cabin. “How about we leave, before you tell them all my embarrassing antics? See ya later, Bucky.” You had to drags the twins away from Poseidon cabin, as Wanda wanted to know every single one of your mistakes from the past year.

As you resumed the tour, and passed the two big cabins, and most of the female goddess cabins, you could still hear Pietro giggling under his breath. “The Queen of Spring,” you could hear, and the back of your neck reddened. “Flower girl.” He snickered, and Wanda followed suit. You sighed in annoyance, before perking up as you realized you neared the Athena cabin. Steve can tell them some magnificent stories about my awesomeness, and great battle skills. That’ll make them forget about Bucky’s stories.

Standing on the front steps of the Athena cabin, was the blonde demigod you called one of your best friend. Steve’s face lit up when he saw you, and he placed the book of battle tactics on the step besides him. “Hello, (Y/N), these must be the new campers. Wanda and Pietro?” He asked, flashing them a brilliant smile.

They shared a surprised, but pleased look. “Yes, you must be Steve,” Wanda replied, trying to hide her apparent confusion, while Pietro grinned and shook the blonde demigod’s hand.

A smile formed on your lips as you watched the three of them interact, and you zoned out. Steve engaged them in conversation, asked them questions, and paid attention to their answers. You could see them swelling with confidence, and you slowly zoned back in.

“-and she was once called herself ‘The Queen of the Daisies’!” Steve finished, and the twins burst out in laughter, while Steve’s gray eyes twinkled.

You gaped at the blonde demigod in betrayal, and you reddened once again. “Steve!” You said, your voice going higher in shock. “You traitor!”

He shrugged, giving you a smirk. “Hey, they are new campers, Daisy, they deserve to know all the old camp stories so they don’t feel left out,” he replied, giving you an innocent look.

Huffing, you crossed your arms across your chest. “Pietro, Wanda, I think it’s time to show you your cabin, before Wise Boy here bores you to sleep with one of his most delightful speeches about how fairy tales are just Greek myths,” you mocked, and Steve narrowed his eyes at you. Despite being best friends, you often quipped at each other, with Bucky coming in and breaking it apart. You knew you were going to pay for that remark later.

“Oh, of course, oh powerful Queen of the Daisies,” Pietro joked, his bright blue eyes twinkling with mischief. Letting out a huff, you spun around on your heels, and marched off to the left, where the additional cabins were built. In a blue flash, Pietro was right next to you, with Wanda jogging behind you to catch up.

“Look. (Y/N), we didn’t mean to-” he began, but you cut him off with a wave of your hand.

“I get it, Pietro, it’s just a joke, sometimes it gets annoying when people constantly make fun of you for the powers you have,” he opened his mouth to interject, but you fixed him with such a cold look that he closed his mouth immediately. “Here’s your cabin-” you pointed to a deep purple cabin, with flaming torches set up in front of it. “-and I’ll see you guys at the campfire.” Without another word, you left, walking towards the dark brown cabin next to theirs, that had vines creeping it, and flowers on the roof.

Pietro gazed at your retreating form, then turned towards his sister guiltily. “I guess I pushed it too far, didn’t I?” He asked, biting his lip.

Wanda shrugged, and laced her fingers with his. “Don’t worry, big brother. Remember, (Y/N)’s also the daughter of the Queen of the Underworld?” He hesitated, but nodded slightly. She smiled at her kind-hearted twin, and pulled him towards the Hecate cabin. “Come brother, let’s meet our siblings.”

Inside your cabin, you sighed, laying back on the bed. It was dead silent in there, with you having no siblings and all. You sighed again, and closed your eyes. You knew it was irrational for you to get pissed at the nicknames they said with love, but it just irked you. Sighing again, you felt your anger disappear. You were all family here, and families fought. It’d be fine by tonight.

The Cold Never Bothered Me.

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A/N: Wazz up? It’s Psycho, up with another Imagine. Just want to say sorry this took so long, and there will be a part two coming later this week, hopefully…..

Warnings: Violence and Snow.

Word Count: 902


Barry’s POV

“And an unexpected cold front is forming in Central City, weather professionals claim that they have no idea what’s going on. Even they are bewildered by this unnatural phenomenon…. more on this story coming up after this short break.”

“My bet is a Meta,” said Cisco bluntly.

“Not every single weird thing is gonna be a Meta, weird stuff happens all the time,” replied Barry evenly.

“But we can’t rule out that possibility, Barry. Look at the weather pattern it seems to have a single source, like a point of origin, it’s not a normal snow storm,” said Caitlyn, walking into the cortex shoving a tablet in Barry’s face.

“Hey, I think Caitlyn is right.” Cisco walked over and started pointing to the screen. “And I think it’s worth investigating.”

Barry let out a small sigh at the both of them, before shrugging a little. A flash of lightning went by, leaving Barry in full costume. “Fine, just give me directions.” He said, and streaked out of the room.

Cisco watching from the monitors gave him directions to an abandoned warehouse just north of the city.


The warehouse was covered in ice, it was so cold, you saw every exhale in a cloud before you. The ceiling was covered in long icicles. You never asked for this, this thing….. You were scared of yourself, of what you could do to other people, of what you did to your sister.

So you ran, you froze a couple streets while doing so, but you got out of the city as fast as you could. You found this factory and hid out for  a couple of days- alone, shaking, scared. Every time you were frightened or startled ice beams shot up from the icy floor. You were afraid of what you had become.

The ceiling of the warehouse was covered by snow clouds gently letting snowfall to the warehouse floor.  You were laying down on top of a forklift, your long blue dress draping over the sides when you heard a whoosh. Ice walls quickly shot up around you encasing you in a protective dome of ice all on instinct.  

“I don’t see anyone Cisco, will you check for any Heat Sigs?” You heard a male voice ask.  You felt your heart beating faster and faster. The air became colder and colder. This person was here to kill you. You heard snow pounding to the floor down from overhead.

“Shit, I’ve been made. Cisco you have to tell me how many people we are up against.” There was a slight pause, the man was obviously in communication with someone else- someone you couldn’t hear.

“None? But that’s impossible.” The voice came closer and closer. The sounds of whooshing echoed throughout the warehouse. You felt a fist against your icy fortress, then it felt like thousands. The ice was starting to break, you quickly put your hands up. The rumbling stopped. You needed a way to protect your face from this intruder. Almost immediately a flurry of snowflakes covered your face. The dome slowly melted back into the floor. You were horrified to see your attacker almost completely encased in ice. He was wearing a red suit, with his face vibrating back and forth so quickly you couldn’t make any discernable features. His left foot and his head remained untouched by ice.

“Who are you? What are you doing here stranger?” You asked your voice quivering as though you were the one who was trapped.

“Look, I’m only here to help, just making sure that you haven’t hurt anyone.”

The person who was in communication with him spoke through some com system.

“Dude bring her in now- questions later.”  Bring you in were the only words you heard. Your mind started racing with horrifying possibilities.

The ice wall started moving backward against one of the walls, the air got colder, ice started engulfing the man even more. The ceiling started dumping snow and ice, started overrunning the warehouse, building up a thick layer.  

You stayed on the forklift, the flurry of snow left your face. The man started shaking uncontrollably and shattered the ice. He looked up at you his face was blurring back and forth. His hand outstretched for you beckoning you over to him. His intercom beeped,

“Flash, now!” you saw him running towards you. You put your hands over your face and screamed in life panic- unwittingly unleashing all of your powers. Your Y/C/E turned a crystal blue. You lost control, something overtook you You were no longer in control of your actions. The snow that fell from the ceiling turned into sharp icicles. Winds blew at incredible speeds. You had created a powerful blizzard inside the warehouse without meaning to.

The Man still tried running toward you, your winds still pushing him back. Icicles started flying into the wind. He dodged most of them. You started summoning more ice and started pelting it at the man. One struck him on his left shoulder. He stopped moving. You pushed him back with an icy blast.  Frost started creeping up his body. He yelped in pain. You eyes changed back to normal, and the blizzard became less intense.

You just looked at him, your breath shaking, before you slowly put your hand over your mouth. He weakly broke out of the ice, shivering and eincing in pain- and he still outstretched a hand.

I hurt him…. I…

You couldn’t face what you had done. You needed to leave. whipping about, you fled the warehouse, your tears landing on the ground and freezing over. A trail of ice appeared, trailing behind you as you ran into the woods just outside the building- the snow storm overhead dumping snow out in slow waves. The man didn’t even try to come after you, he was probably too hurt to even try…..

You disappeared into the haze of white in moments.


Part two coming out- if you guys want.


Lost Girls of Neverland

Request: heyy already requested this on other blogs, but I wanted to see your take on it too please c: Ok so Pan discovers there’s also a group of Lost Girls and reader is the leader and they’re all very powerful and amazing fighters and also know magic so they absolutely beat up the Lost Boys when they try to attack and Peter falls for her bc BADASS READER IS LIFE :D

Warnings: none

Notes: oh hey! I’ve actually read an imagine with the prompt! hm… let’s see what I can come up with…!

“Ha. Ladies, it seems we have a challenge.” You cackled darkly. 

It was nighttime in Neverland. There was a giant bonfire going on, your Lost Girls finally all sitting and calming down. You were all dressed in the cloths Neverland had to offer. All of you weren’t afraid to get dirty, whether it be getting down and dirty with your hands or with magic. 

Legend says, that there’s a whole other group on the island of Neverland. It’s not just Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. You and your Lost Girls were also living on the island. Though you were on the other side of the boys, hence why you never clashed… until now. The Lost Girls and the Lost Boys had finally met face-to-face. Peter wasn’t there and neither were you. You were both doing your own things.

“What’s the challenge?” Felice, your head Lost Girl smirked.

“We’ve got to show those boys who’s boss. Think we can do it, ladies?” You laughed. The girls chanted and cheered around the fire. 

Just like Peter, you were evil. But evil in a different way. You didn’t kill people left and right like he did. You didn’t lock people up in cages either. Instead, of someone crossed you, you’d make sure they would go insane. That they’d lose their mind, and their mind would kill them. You were sinister like Peter, but in your own way. You viewed everything as a game, too. You also held a great deal of magic like him. You were the female version of Peter Pan, but you were better. 

This ambush was all some big game. A deadly game, but still a game to you and Peter. You hadn’t even met the boy yet, but you were both so alike. You were ready to show him who was boss though. Beat all the boys’ asses. Prove to them that girls can be tougher and better than rowdy boys.


That next day, after waking up and getting ready for the attack, you and your Lost Girls traveled down to the other side of the island. You all climbed up high in the trees when getting closer to their camp. All of you swung and jumped from tree to tree, staying quieter than a mouse ever could. 

“One… two… THREE!” You shouted. All of your girls jumped out from their hiding places, attacking the boys on the spot. Of course no one died or got seriously injured. This was just a game. The sounds of swords clinked, arrows flew, little rocks were slingshotted. Some Lost Boys and Girls wrestled one another. It was a full on brawl.

You watched, proud of your Lost Girls. But you were in search of one particular boy. Peter Pan.

“The infamous Y/N,” you heard that deep accent. You turned around, a smirk resting on your lips.

Pan,” you said.

“I hear you’re wicked,” he chucked sarcastically. “Well I’m much worse,” and he shot magic right at you. Though of course you blocked it with your own magic. Peter cocked an eyebrow at you.

“Impressive.” His tone was still low and dark.

You and Peter fought, you blocking his every move. You and him only went at it for a good five minutes before you hit him with a blast of your own magic. He fell back, about to retaliate, but he was restrained. Felice and Ruby, two Lost Girls, quickly pinned him down to the ground. You snapped your fingers, roped being tied around Peter’s wrists. You smiled in victory as you and Peter both looked around the camp.

“Boys! What–” Peter cut himself off. He stared in shock and amazement. His Lost Boys were all tied. Some were tied to the nearby trees, others had their feet and hands tied, others were tied, but knocked out. How could a bunch a sissies take out his entire camp of boys? How could a single girl like you take Peter Pan out? It baffled him, but he was extremely impressed.

“Your boys won’t help you now, Pan,” you laughed a hearty laugh. “So don’t waste your precious breath.” You were proud of all your girls. A few of them had cuts on them, but none of them cared. None of your Lost Girls cared if they got a scratch on them.

Peter stared at you in astonishment. Wow, were you stunning. You could fight, use magic, and you weren’t afraid to be nasty? Who could be anymore perfect for him? A demon and a demon. That’s how it would be. 

“Nice try, but I can do a little trick–” Once again, Peter cut himself off. He tried to make the ropes around his wrists and ankles disappear, but they didn’t. You let out a single, sassy chuckle.

“Please, you think I tied you with regular rope? Boys really are stupid.” Peter growled at you remark.

“Untie me at once!” He demanded.

“Or what? The little boy will throw a fit?” You mocked him, your fellow Lost Girls laughing.

Peter squirmed to get free, but with this magical rope that sopped his magic, he was screwed. All of his magic had stopped working, and he questioned what kind of rope you were using. What powers did it hold that would block all of his magic? It was killing him. He couldn’t stand being a magic-less being.

“What do ya think, ladies? Think we showed ‘em who really runs Neverland?” All of them nodded in agreement. Your hands rested on your hips, eyes still on Peter. My, was he charming. He looked pathetic trying to squirm in these ropes, but aside from that, he wasn’t half bad looking. 

“Think it’s time to untie them?” You asked once again.

“I think so. I’ve gotten my fix on beating a bunch of foolish boys,” Felice cackled.

You snapped your fingers once again, and the ropes disappeared on all of the boys. Half of them stood up, too scared to move. The other half stayed on the ground out cold still. Peter stood up, rubbing his wrists. Your Lost Girls got ready in a fighting stance, but you held your hand up to them. That was your sign of telling them to be at ease. They lowered their weapons, backing up. 

Peter walked up to you. He was taller than you by a good few inches. His arms were folded over his chest and he looked beyond angry. Though his stare didn’t affect you at all. You stood your ground, not breaking at all. Not even a slither of fear showed in your eyes. You weren’t afraid of him. You knew you had more power than him. You were stronger.

“You’ve got fire,” Peter finally broke the unnerving silence. “I like fire.”

“What are you implying, Pan?” The corner of your mouth twitched up.

“What do you think I’m implying, hmm?” You smirked at him. There was tension between the two of you. But a different kind. It wasn’t awkward tension or tension from hatred. More of tension from fascination. 

You got closer to Peter. You looked up at him, your body centimeters away from him. “I know exactly what you’re implying, but I’m not going to say it with them all around.”

“Smart girl.”

There was another pause. All the Lost Boys and Girls stayed silent and watched. The two leaders were conversing, and if any of them made a single sound, they’d be punished. 

“Ladies,” you turned to them. “I think it’s time for you all to go back to our camp. Reward yourselves.” The girls nodded, walking away.

“Boys,” Peter turned to them. “Clean up this mess. I’m disappointed in you. Getting beat by mere girls? Pathetic.” The boys nodded, turning their back on peter and you. They started to clean up the aftermath of the fight.

You punched Peter directly in the chest. “Mere girls?” You snapped. “I think we’ve all showed you, Pan, that we’re not just mere girls.”

Peter looked at you with a glint in his eyes. “I like how you say my name. It’s a turn on. But what about my first name? I want to hear it roll off your tongue.”

“Oh, Pan, I like you,” you got super close to him now. Your lips were almost touching his, your hands on his chest. Peter didn’t know what was going on with him. He felt this tingly sensation inside him. With how close you were, he got the flutters in his stomach, and the urge to kiss you. He was fond of you, and you being right in his reach was torturing him. You made him weak.

“But it’s going to take more than trying to poorly sweet talk me. Better luck next time, Pied Piper.” You pulled away, pushing lightly off him. Your lips had barely brushed against his before you walked off, disappearing and putting yourself back at your camp.

You left Peter standing there. For the first time, he was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to do. He was lost. Lost with you. Lost in you.You were so maniacal and cunning. Snarky and sassy. He loved it. And we all know, Peter Pan always gets what he wants.

Karmy (Faking It) - Why It’s Meant To Be. The Ultimate Karmy Pairing Analysis.

So, lately I’ve been obsessed with MTV’s show Faking It way beyond the allowed, healthy limit. Normally, I ship the hell out of pretty much everything on screen, because I’m built like that, but, to be honest, not being part of the LGBT community, I’ve never really imagined I would ship the hell out of two female fictional characters. It’s not that I’m against LGBT, quite the contrary, it’s just that no potential pair has tugged at my heartstrings like that before. But, boy oh boy, then came Karmy and their story is so sweet and relateable it’s not even funny. They’re like Ross and Rachel - they’re that pair everyone falls for because it’s obvious and meant to be - which is why they will most likely be facing A LOT as the show progresses - frustrating, but totally worth it in the end. I swear, I’m going down with this ship. They have been designed to be endgame from the very beginning - Carter knows it, we know it. So, as a relatively new member of the Karmy army, I’m here to present our ship, and why I firmly believe our little babies are meant to be.

1. Amy and Karma’s friendship. The main part of the plot revolves around Amy Raudenfeld and Karma Ashcroft’s ten-year-old friendship, one that makes us all envious because it is that PERFECT, it’s the ultimate portrayal of genuine, heartfelt and mutually supportive, it’s everything you could ask for. These girls share a bond that is so strong, one that forgives and forgets, one that goes beyond words. Amy knows Karma better than she knows herself and vice versa. You simply CAN’T top this. And while Reamy is alright, Regan will never get to that level of emotional intimacy with Amy (sorry Reamy shippers, but we both know it’s the truth). And why is that? Because Amy will never allow anyone else to reach the place in her heart that’s already been filled by someone else – her best friend and soulmate.

2. The wedding confession and Karma’s denial. Most see this moment as our ship taking a crushing blow and sinking to the bottom of the ocean, but let me tell you, it was the exact opposite and I will explain. Yes, Amy confessed her love and apparently got rejected, and yes, she drunk slept with Liam as a form of revenge – she was angry, hurt and miserable.

But Karma has been in denial about her feelings since the beginning of season 1. By rejecting Amy, Karma was protecting herself. By sleeping with Liam at the end of 2a, Karma was enforcing her DENIAL and trying to ignore her heart. The roles have been reversed and now Karma finds herself in Amy’s shoes after the homecoming assembly – confused and scared, and not wanting to have those feelings. 2b will hopefully analyze that. Back to the wedding scene – the build up that has led to this scene apparently leads us to believe that Karma is straight and let Amy down gently. But, in the words of Shane, the voice of the people, as two girls on Youtube so gracefully put it – THERE ARE ALWAYS SIGNS.

Exhibit A – Karma didn’t feel weird about kissing Amy at the homecoming assembly – “I thought you were great.” Amy tried to mask her true feelings by saying she felt like “kissing her sister”, yet Karma didn’t agree, even though supposedly she should be feeling exactly like that if they were best friends/family only. Regardless of how well you know someone, there should’ve been some sort of awkwardness there if both girls were straight as an arrow. That’s a given.
Exhibit B – “Whoa” – “I Know” – those are not the type of lines you exchange with your best friend unless you FELT something when you kissed, unless those moments meant something, unless you were taken aback by how strongly you felt and could only utter a breathy, soft whoa, Karma. And we all know you were staring at Amy’s abs during the threesome. You weren’t exactly being discreet, let’s get real here.
Exhibit C – Liam AKA Hottie Doucheface (I didn’t come up with that name but I wish I had because it’s hilarious) – Karma has been overcompensating all right. Every single time Karma gets confused about her feelings for Amy, she goes to Liam. Why?

Because he helps her burry her feelings deep inside and live her childhood fantasy. She doesn’t want to admit that she no longer wants Prince Charming but Princess Sarcasm, even though part of her always knew that.

Amy and Karma are very different and have opposite approaches to their feelings. Amy, being the sarcastic, self-assured girl who doesn’t need others as a form of self validation, came to terms with her feelings easier, even though she’s also had her fair share of self-doubt. But she also had Shane to confide in, who helped her realize there was no shame, nothing wrong with the way she was feeling.

Karma, on the other hand, only had Amy. And when Amy took a backseat in her quest for popularity, Karma’s denial only grew stronger. She kept pursuing her childhood fantasy because she is insecure and desperately seeks people’s approval. Only when Karma will learn to love herself, she will be truthful and let  herself succumb to her feelings, all the while letting Amy in - because she knows Amy is the only person who would gladly give her the world without asking for anything in return.

So, then why did Karma reject Amy at the wedding? Because she is not ready to face her own fears, because her struggles are a lot bigger than Amy’s when it comes to self-acceptance, and I think her parents played a huge part in this. She DREADS being like them, and it’s why she pursues popularity with such stubborness. Karma gets a lot of hate from the fanbase, but I believe her character is very complex and vastly misunderstood.

3. The threesome.  Or a moment of simple clarity. If Karma had any lingering doubts up until then, her look before and after kissing Amy at the threesome was as certain as it could get. Karma tries to hide it yet again, and while she’s undoubtedly a better liar than Amy, her eyes still manage to give everything away for the viewers - they are, after all, the windows to her soul. Like Amy so beautifully captured it - “It was like seeing each other, maybe for the first time”. For Karma, it was simple clarity, which she later tried to cover up by overcompensating with Liam as a form of self-preservation. Karma is afraid, she is scared to death in that scene, that’s why she runs. In her own words, “Everything got out of control.” Or maybe just her feelings did.

4. In comes Reagan. Anyone who thinks Karma was not jealous at the Communal needs a new pair of eyes. And while the discussion revolves around the possibility of Karma being jealous because she thought she was being replaced in Amy’s life AS A BEST FRIEND ONLY, I believe it was more than that. I believe it was another moment of clarity for Karma, just like the threesome. She realized that Amy might get over her, and she didn’t want that. Liam, oddly enough the voice of reason in the Date Expectations episode, put it best “You’re just scared that someday Amy might love somebody as much as she loves you.” Let’s face it, folks – Karma is not that needy. If we’re strictly talking about friendship, I’m sure Karma would not object to Amy having another close friend – after all, she had nothing against Shane and Lauren, slowly bonding with her. No, Karma was territorial for a whole different set of reasons. She felt her slipping away.

5. The jail scene. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we met.” Those words shook Karma to the core, and despite her betrayed trust, hurt and anger, it is these words that compel Karma to sleep with Liam (overcompensate – because that’s what she does when she’s scared of the magnitude of her feelings for Amy). But, as it turns out, Karma’s dreams at the end of 2A reflect her self best, they are our first glance in Karma’s head, our first glance at her true character, outside of her interactions with Amy, who is the closest person to her. Karma’s dreams reveal her true feelings for Amy, and her fears of being hurt again also, even though she set herself up for it. This means our ship has all the premises to go back on track, but it will take time. However, when hasn’t the Karmy Army been patient, dedicated and supportive? We believe in these characters and we’ll wait for them to come to their senses, because they’re soulmates, the normal rules don’t apply to them. They’re spending the rest of their lives together.

anonymous asked:

Bre!! CEO Felicity smoak is making me question my sexuality!! Can you please write a fic about CEO felicity from a 3rd person perspective. love you. Have a good day!!

(You are not alone, anon! She’s owning every inch of being CEO.)

(gif source)

It was only a matter of time.

Julie sat along the wall with the other assistants and a really tall guy from the Designs department whose eyes danced from each board member like he was pretty sure one of them was going to bite his head off. Her foot tapped lightly on the floor, her fingers dancing over the folder she held as silence reigned the room.

They were waiting for the new CEO, for Felicity Smoak.

Julie tried to think about the woman she’d only met once, in passing - literal ball of sunshine was one way to describe her, she was almost freakishly happy and balanced, almost like she took drugs to erase the fact that she worked for a multi-billion dollar company that actually sucked one’s soul out through their nose - but her mind was way too scattered. She couldn’t even concentrate on the fact that she’d forgotten to bring a pen to the meeting.

She had one job and it was to take stupid notes during this stupid board meeting and she didn’t even bring a pen.

She was worried.

The rumors were gaining traction everywhere: the company was slipping under - it had been under, it’d been living in the red for months now - and they had to make some drastic changes if they wanted to save it, if they wanted to at least keep it afloat, which meant…



Julie was good at her job, she was really good at her job, but she was also more than aware of the fact that her job wasn’t exactly necessary. It was a job that the company could cut until they were back on their feet, a job - like hundreds of others in the company - that they could lose for a while and not have everything go under.

She was nervous. She didn’t want to be nervous, but she was nervous, way too nervous, so nervous because she knew that the tall guy was here for that very reason, that he’d put together some program that narrowed down the people the company could do without, and that this meeting was going to be about that.

Felicity Smoak’s first active role in the company was going to be firing people.

Shitty, for sure, but shittier for the people who were going to lose their jobs.

She should’ve just moved to Coast City like her mother told her to last year. She’d had that job offer - if you could call it a job offer, it was more of a pity party, but still, it was a job. It wouldn’t have been easy, but it wouldn’t have been this.

The sharp clack of heels sounded in the hallway and almost every single head turned towards the doors as Felicity Smoak pushed through them.

Something harsh - a viciously ugly mixture of anxiety and fear - stabbed Julie’s heart.

“Wow,” Ms. Smoak said, a grin on her face. “You guys look bigger than you did when you were on my computer screen.”

Julie blinked - she was so… casual. So unworried. Was this a good thing?

Ms. Smoak made a gesture with her hands to imitate a computer screen, but nobody responded. Instead, Mr. Parelin let out a sigh, which Julie took as her signal.

“Perhaps we should begin with this quarter’s financials,” her boss said, his voice dry - he’d adopted that tone the second he’d officially met Felicity Smoak, and it hadn’t gone away.

Julie hopped up, handing the folder to Ms. Smoak.

“Thank you!” she said, offering Julie a bright smile… and despite herself, Julie felt almost better at the sight.


Julie sat down as Ms. Smoak opened the folder. She knew what she would see, knew exactly how bad the numbers were because she’d been the one to put the memo together, and she watched Ms. Smoak’s face grow pale.

“Uh… okay,” Ms. Smoak said, slowly moving towards her seat. “I know I don’t have a business degree or an accounting degree or an MBA, but this looks… very, very bad.”

“These are hard times for everyone in Star City,” Mr. Parelin said as Ms. Smoak sat down. “This company’s not immune.”

Julie almost snorted.


Rabid fear for her job kept her quiet.

“Fortunately, Mr. Holt has advised us of a way out.”

A way out.

Was that feeling slowly filling her chest - the feeling that there was a balloon full of acid in her chest cavity - was that normal? Was that good?


Julie blinked rapidly as the tall guy stood up, stepping up quickly to the table. Julie’s eyes flew to Ms. Smoak and that smile was on her face still. She was… calm. And confident. Collected. Cool. A lot of good c-words. She certainly didn’t look like she was going to fire anyone.

They never did though, did they?

“Uh, hello,” the guy - Mr. Holt - said. “I’m actually not a member of the board, I work in the Designs Innovation department.”

Ms. Smoak opened her mouth to respond but Mr. Parelin beat her to it, his eyes never leaving the CEO.

It felt like a ridiculously passive aggressive challenge.

“Tell Ms. Smoak about your algorithm.”

“It’s pretty simple, actually,” Mr. Holt said, nodding. “I used a specialized AI to determine maximum profits which can be derived with the minimal amount of work force reduction.”

Work force reduction.

Julie’s tongue suddenly tasted like chalk, and the smile on Ms. Smoak’s face was gone.

Definitely chalk.

And that was acid climbing up her gullet, making her chest burn.

Mr. Holt shook his head slightly, drawing Julie’s eye as he danced in one spot, a self-deprecating laugh in his voice as he said, “Sorry, I probably could’ve explained that better.”

“No, I got the gist,” Ms. Smoak said and Julie’s eyes flew back to her. The words came out strong and resolute. The CEO cocked her head, her eyes zeroing in on Mr. Holt. “You came up with a list of people that you’d like me to fire.”

Julie’s chest tightened.

Oh god, please not me, please not me.

That only made her feel guilty because she didn’t want anyone fired, but she definitely didn’t want to get fired. She couldn’t afford it. The job in Coast City was gone, people had already fled the city in droves, leaving nothing but hulks of empty businesses and drowning companies in their wake. What would she do? Where would she go?

“Work force reduction has a… nicer sound to it,” Mr. Holt said, and Julie knew he knew exactly how shitty it was. “It just kinda rolls off the tongue…”

“Yeah, I’m not going to do that,” Ms. Smoak said, her eyes snapping back to Mr. Parelin. In the next second they were flying back to Mr. Holt as she said, “Thank you, for that, for the work you did.” Back to Mr. Parelin. “But that’s not happening.”

Mr. Parelin squared his jaw, his tone disparaging. “Ms. Smoak, you clearly do not understand…”

Ms. Smoak’s eyes narrowed, and a chill fell down Julie’s spine as instead of backing down - as most people did in the face of Mr. Parelin’s almost impressive distaste for people who didn’t fall in line - she stood up to him, leaning forward, looking him straight in the eye.

“I didn’t come back to this company to put the people who work here out of work,” Felicity Smoak said, and Julie’s chest tightened again, but this time for a different reason.


“I came here to protect Ray Palmer’s legacy.”

“And if we do not dramatically reduce our costs or increase our profits, there won’t be a legacy to protect,” Mr. Parelin snapped.

Julie almost expected the new CEO to at least pause, to at least take a second to recognize the force being thrown right back in her face, that she was being challenged not just by Mr. Parelin, but the entire board if their silence was any indication.

Cutting jobs was the solution and that was that.

It was her against the Palmer Tech board, and the odds weren’t good.

“Reducing the work force would give us a headway,” Mr. Parelin said. “A  headway we could use to regain the ground we’ve lost with investors. It’s our only option. Ms. Smoak.”

She didn’t back down.

Instead, Ms. Smoak just smiled.

“Yeah, well, the only thing we’ll be reducing is all of your bonuses.”

Julie’s jaw dropped as Ms. Smoak closed the folder, giving Mr. Parelin a pointed smile.

“To start.”

Mr. Parelin just stared at her.

Cutting board member bonuses? 

Was this real?

“Whoa,” Julie whispered, and Michelle leaned over with a, “Did that really just happen?”

The End

An Angel and a Rebel - Chapter 1

A city controlled by F.E.A.R, hidden in the shadows and protected by walls. Every threat will be deleted immediately.
That’s what Aoi Heavensbee, a 17-year-old girl, learned as soon as she was born, so she believes in every word.

Not only does she have a strange and unusual name, but also blue eyes which are rarely seen inside the walls. She was always seen as an angel, a nice and well-behaved girl that never dared to question the system of F.E.A.R.

But what happens when a boy, who’s eyes are just as blue as Aoi’s, suddenly appears in her life and turns it around with his rebellious behavior and hate against F.E.A.R? Will he turn the angel into a rebel?

A tiny smile tucked at the corners of the female’s lips as she pulled her black hair into a bun, brushed the bangs over her forehead and straightened the collar of her white shirt. She was 17 years old but barely 160 cm tall.

The soft sunlight, which shone through the window of her room, blinded her a little as she looked at herself in the mirror, but her blue eyes seemed to shine even brighter than the sun.

“Aoi, are you ready yet? It’s nearly time to go!”, she heard her mother shout from the next room. Her voice was raspy, like she had a sore throat.
“I’m coming!”, she said loudly and grabbed her backpack that was lying next to the full length mirror. Throwing it over her shoulder, Aoi quickly made her way into the kitchen where her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, a pleased smile on her lips, even though her eyes looked always terrified.

“What took you so long, dear?”, she asked that every morning. No matter how much time Aoi had left before she had to go to school, her mother always asked her why it took her so much time to get ready.

“I couldn’t find my shoes”, was Aoi’s answer as she grabbed her lunch bag from the table and put it into her back. “But you know that you always have to set them next to the chair on which you put your uniform the evening before”, all the young female did was nod her head at her mother’s lecture. “I know, I’m sorry it took so long. I’ll be going now”

Her mother nodded absently and stared at the kitchen table without saying another word, but Aoi ignored it and quickly went into the hallway and right out of the door.

The yellow morning sun greeted her immediately but no sunream could warm the poor girl as the cold wind wrapped around her in a hug. Her walk to school may wasn’t far, but it seemed endless whenever it was winter. Without wasting anymore time, Aoi followed the white snow that created a path, leading her along the streets past tall figures dressed in dark coats and mask-covered faces that now looked like skulls.

Guards of F.E.A.R. For Every and All Religion. The name of their monarch was unknown, but he was often called “The Protecter”. F.E.A.R wasn’t just a system that insisted it was important to go to church, no. They also made sure to protect their residents and their freedom, to protect them from what was luring outside of the walls the small city was surrounded by and guaranteed a life in peace.

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Dating Advice

For @random-fandom-chick thanks again for the request, hope this is what you wanted!!

Fandom: Arrow

Characters: Roy Harper (Arsenal) x Y/N

Word Count: 919

Request:  One last request from me. Roy Harper loves Felicity’s cousin who is (y/n). He asks Felicity for help on how to ask her out. While the reader is working on one of the cases in Team Arrow’s work area he comes up to her and asks her out while dressed a little nicer than usual. Also been loving your work you put up

He knew it was insane, but he couldn’t help it. When Felicity’s cousin (Y/N) (Y/L/N) had moved to Star City he had been put under her spell. Every time she was in the room he couldn’t help but stare at her, her beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes and long (Y/H/C) just held him captive. And her smile…

Roy was jolted from his thoughts by Felicity, who was strolling into the lair in a pink pencil skirt, a white blouse and chunky high heels, (Y/N) followed behind her wearing black skinny jeans and a cute baby blue blouse. Although at first glance most people thought they were similar, Roy couldn’t help but think they were very different indeed.

Although, what he would say is that they were both a whiz at computers. “I told you to make sure it worked.” Felicity was saying to (Y/N) in a demanding tone.

“And I told you-” (Y/N) retorted, “-that there is nothing wrong with the coms unit, I checked and triple checked it.” She smiled when she noticed Roy there. “Harper, can you please tell my dear sweet cousin that the faulty coms system was a result of the fact that Oliver was thrown into a wall, and not my genius design?” Roy laughed, how could he say no?

“Felicity, (Y/N)’s-” He began but was hushed by an impatient Felicity.

“Don’t.” She snapped, raising a finger to shush him. “I don’t want to hear it.” She pointed another finger at her cousin, who had a gorgeous smirk plastered on her lips. “You are going to go do your job in the tech labs and find out what went wrong or so help me I’ll fire you.” She dared.

(Y/N) stuck her tongue out playfully at her elder cousin. “Go ahead CEO, do your worse.” She walked out with confidence, but before she did she turned back and said: “Love ya.”

Felicity narrowed her eyes at her. “Don’t.” They both smiled at each other and (Y/N) walked out.

“What was that about?” Roy asked. “Did (Y/N) actually make a mistake or…”

“No, of course she didn’t, I did, I let Oliver go after Darhk without any back up and I’m taking it out on her.” Felicity sighed.

“Can I ask you something, about (Y/N) I mean?” Roy plucked up the courage.

“You want to ask her out?” She said knowingly. Roy opened his mouth to say something but shut it again quickly. “It’s obvious you like her, me and Thea have a bet… That I wasn’t supposed to tell you about.” She realised and cursed herself. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“Do I have a shot?” He asked.

“Definitely.” She shrugged. “I don’t see why not. But what you really want to know is how to ask her out right?” Roy again, kept quiet, his silence said it all.

“Okay then, I’d try… Wearing, maybe something else for starters.” She pointed at his outfit.

“What’s wrong with this?” He looked down at what he was wearing.

“You mean the old trainers, jeans, black tee and red jacket you wear every single day?” She said sarcastically.

“Next.” He said. Something a little bit nicer wouldn’t hurt, he thought to himself, he did wear the same thing all the time.

“Be yourself.” She told him and got up. “Now, I have to go do important CEO stuff that important CEO’s do.” With that she strolled out of the lair and left Roy to think about what he was going to do.

- Later -

New shoes, clean jeans and an ironed shirt. Nice clothes weren’t exactly Roy’s forte and he felt stupid asking Felicity for more advice than he already had.

He found (Y/N) alone at the computers examining blood samples from their last encounter with the Ghosts. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t notice Roy till he wheeled into him on her spinning chair. “Roy.” She exclaimed, rolling of of his foot. “I didn’t see you there, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He said, moving his feet out of her way as she rolled past to the computers on the other side.

“Sorry, were you looking for someone?” She asked nicely. “Felicity and Ollie are back at their place, Thea is out on a date with… somebody,” she checked herself, “and I have no clue where Dig and Laurel are.”

“No, I was looking for you actually.” He admitted. (Y/N) looked at him curiously.  

“You were?” She enquired slowly. “Why?” He swallowed.

“I was, just wondering if you’d eaten yet.” He tried.

“I haven’t actually, Ollie had me running tests for the past few hours, why are you asking?” (Y/N) stood up off of her chair and put her papers down, they were about the same height now and he really wanted to kiss her.

“I just, wanted to know if you wanted to get something to eat, with me, if you wanted. If you wanted we could go now.” He said, cursing himself when he realised how crazy that sounded.

(Y/N) laughed. “Like a date? Well, if I wanted to, I’d have to say yes.” Roy relaxed quite visibly. “I was waiting for you to do that.” She walked up to him. “Shall we.” Her smile lit up her face.

“There’s something different about your outfit.” She said as they left. “I hardly recognise you without your hoodie.”