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I don't know the line between witchcraft and like "life hacks"? I really want to practice witchcraft, but I don't know if eating more peppar, vitamin C and garlic to help fight sickness counts? What's the difference between witchcraft and doing things most people would think makes sense? Could doing yoga and stretching against staleness and for more flexability count as witchcraft? I hope you understand what I mean 😅

Does the line matter? If it does then I always err on the side of self identification. Are you using your knowledge of plants, how your body and brain work in a way that makes you feel like you are flexing your witchy skills? Do you think of it like witchcraft? Then if you wanna think of it as witchcraft, fine. It doesn’t mean you have to be loud about it. It just is what it is. The longer I’ve been a witch the more it integrates into my life and feels indistinguishable from the rest of me. Witchcraft has given me a hightened sense of the world around me. It shows me a world of tools and spell ingredients if I need them. Only I get to decide for me.

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4&8 for Shawn please

4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”

8. “Just leave me ALONE.”

“Just leave me ALONE.” I hissed and tried to walk away from him.

‘’Y/N please. I don’t want to leave until we get over this.’’ His hand reached for mine once again and as every time tonight I pulled it away.

‘’What if we can’t get over this? What if this was the last straw for us? I really can’t continue living like this Shawn. You are never home and when you are we fight. Is that really the relationship you want?’’ I asked feeling the tears going down my cheeks.

‘’You don’t mean that baby, you know we can get past this, c’mon let’s just talk.’’ I went to sit on the couch and he followed. ‘’We can work on this, I will do anything to fix this, please.’’ I glanced at him and saw tears in his eyes. ‘’Please?’’

His hand was holding mine tightly as if it was the last time.

And maybe it was.

‘’Please I just… really need space right now.’’ I said as I pulled away and looked at him. ‘’Just go, please.’’

He got up and the second I heard the front door shut I was a sobbing mess. 

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dear cwplnts c:

dear liz,

all your stuff is so beautiful and calming! i adore your editing style, because it’s so serene. what i mean by that is that you just have what seems to be an innate eye for what colors/patters/etc. go together! that’s something that can’t really be taught, i don’t think, but here you are, working it like a champ! i admire you a lot and you always seem so, so sweet.

keep doing you!

send me ‘dear x’ and let me write wistful letters (i want to be a writer please allow me to self indulge)

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Or maybe... "you weren't supposed to laugh!" for the twins?

Woo, Thedas Wondertwins time! In which Varlen claims Riven was not supposed to laugh… but she was definitely supposed to laugh. 

Varlen Lavellan and Riven Lavellan (@chaitea09). Approx 850 words <3

“Well, what do you think?”

“Varlen, I…”

“C’mon, be honest. I think the colour really brings out my eyes. And my teeth. When I smile. Makes them look white.”

“It’s just–”

“Have you met the tailors? They’re thorough. Pretty sure they measured every inch of me, if you know what I mean.”

Riven just stared, tilting her head, not entirely sure of what to make of the sight before her. Varlen was standing in her doorway, striking a pose that could only be described as utterly ridiculous, a boot planted on one side of the doorframe, head tipped back against the other. It might be his most over-the-top display yet. He grinned, teeth flashing, and Riven sighed.

“I mean… sure. Your teeth do look, ah… whiter?”

“Right?” Extracting himself from his dramatic sprawl, Varlen wandered into the room. The majority of his attire aside, he was wearing some kind of… mantle? It stood out like a massive frill behind his head, fanning out well beyond the width of his shoulders. Kind of like a lizard in the process of defending its territory. Or a distressed cobra. Plopping himself down on the edge of Riven’s desk, Varlen grunted, then wriggled, the rest of his outfit making any kind of graceful movement something of an impossibility.

Definitely more of a lizard.

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I loved The Anonymous Benefactor! It was shocking and yet not to find that Killian started the charity. For a demon, he sure does a lot of good. I had a thought while reading...Killian obviously wants Emma to fall b/c he wants her with him always. But could he really do that? More to a point, he’s asking her to accept eternal separation from God/heaven/paradise and eventually, at the end of days, the lake of fire. (I’m Catholic, if you can’t tell, lol.) He’s not admitted to love (yet?) (1/2)

(2/2) Trying to remember what I wrote in my anon’s first half…He hasnt admitted to love (yet) but has he really thought about what he’s asking her to give up? In loving her, wouldnt he realize he wants her to stay in grace for her own sake? Or is he still too blinded by his want at this point in BHH? Will that be something you explore? I want them happy and together but also saved so badly…gods, I hope you have a way to get us there! I loved the extra and cant wait for the next chapter.

There’s a line in the main fic where Emma is musing to herself about the irony that her charity was really only made possible by Killian’s financial support so I decided to expand on that a bit with this flashback scene as to how that started. Yes, he does good, but it’s (usually) self serving - in this case it gives Emma a reason to stay in the same city with him for longer than maybe she would have. His motives are selfish, for his ultimate benefit, although he tells himself that he’ll do everything in his power to make Emma happy once he finally gets her to fall from Heaven, so that’s his justification. 

I have this tagline for the fic; When infernal fire meets divine radiance…can a demon be saved? Or will an angel burn?

That’s the big question, isn’t it?


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro


some of SNSD in 2017~

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Thank you so much for sharing your story on the live stream today. I've often been told that my mental illness is all in my head, and its oddly comforting to hear someone else has endured the same. Makes the world feel a little less lonely c: Keep it up, because you're doing great!

No worries! If recounting personal anecdotes can help at all, then I’m glad! Because, like I said, I don’t want to come off as if I’m just fishing for compliments, but I did go through a very bad time. To the point where I had planned a time and place, if you know what I mean. And I got past that, and look how things turned out!

You can never know how things are gonna work out in the end, but the thing is.. They tend to do just that, if you can manage. Work out. In whatever way, be it friends and family or professional help, or just watching Youtube and playing games to “disconnect” for a while.. It’s still something you CAN get through. It might not forever leave your mind completely, but there’s still so much good to outweigh the bad.


Person A: C can’t say a pick up line even if their life depended on it-

Person C: Correction! I totally can.

//2 hours later//

Person C beside Person B on bed watching a movie as bffs: *picks up B’s phone*

Person B: What are you doing?

Person C: *secretly presses ringtone and phone rings* Hello?

Person B: I said, what-

Person C: Oh? Hm, okay. I’ll tell ‘em. *covers phone speaker*

Person B: C, who was that?

Person C: *grins* Heaven just called. They want their Angel back.

Person B:

Person C:


(Edit: 30/Oct/17: OMFG HOW THE F DID THIS TRASH POST GET 800+ likes??? Ive posted this for only a few days what- *chokes* idfk why i wrote this. Thanks for finding my trash good enough to like <3)

BNHA Ask Meme™

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~ B A S I C S ~

1: What part of the anime/manga piqued your interest?

2: Did you think Midoriya would be a good protagonist in the first few chapters/episodes?

3: How do you think Midoriya’s conflict with Bakugou will end?

4: What was your first reaction to Bakugou’s treatment towards Midoriya?

5: What do you think of All-Might as a hero?

6: Do you think that Midoriya deserved to get OFA?

7: Aside from Midoriya, which character in the series do you think has had the most character development?

8: Favorite unpopular character?

9: Favorite overall character?

10: Do you have any OC’s? Describe them! If you don’t, create one on the spot.

~ S H I P S ~

Pink: What are your main/favorite ships?

Blue: Do you have any NOTPs?

Yellow: Favorite fanfiction about your OTP?

Green: Any preferred rarepairs?

Purple: Do you have any works centered around your OTP?

Orange: Fluff or Angst?

Red: What do you like the most about your favorite ship?

Turqoise: What do you hate about your favorite ship?

Lavender: Does your ship get a lot of hate? If so, why?

Grey: Realistically speaking, will your ship ever become canon?

~ T H E O R I E S ~

Pop: Do you think the “Dabi and Shouto are brothers” theory is true?

Indie: Opinions on the Traitor Kaminari theory?

Punk: Opinions on the Traitor Kirishima theory?

Rock: What do you think of the “The doctor from Midoriya’s childhood is affiliated with the League Of Villains” theory? (in reference to this post)

Jazz: What do you think will happen now that Eri has been saved? 

~ S T U D E N T S ~

11: Dekusquad or Bakusquad?

12: Most underrated student?

13: Dadmight or Dadzawa?

14: Whose quirk do you think is the most unique?

15: Aside from Midoriya, who do you think has the most potential to be #1 Hero?

16: Should Mineta be replaced by Shinsou in the hero class?

17: Favorite student(s) outside of Class 1-A?

18: Any HCs for the entirety of Class 1-A?

19: Do you remember their seating arrangement by heart?

20: Which of the students do you think has the most potential to become a villain?

~  V I L L A I N S ~

Techno: Favorite villain?

Classical: Eight Precepts of Death or League of Villains?

Metal: Which villain’s quirk would you want for yourself?

Soul: Shigaraki or Chisaki?

Alternative: Most obnoxious villain?

~  M I S C ~

Apple: Favorite popular HC?

Strawberry: Who is your favorite pro-hero?

Banana: Which of the pro-heroes’ quirks fascinates you the most?

Cherry: Should Endeavor die like right now

Pear: What was your reaction to Todoroki’s backstory?

Kiwi: Should the BNHA girls get more spotlight/recognition?

Pineapple: What do you like the most about BNHA, as a whole?

Watermelon: Dub or Sub?

Coconut: How do you think Hokiroshi is doing, in terms of the plot?

Blueberry: What makes BNHA unique from all the other shonen animes/mangas out there?

pls enjoy xx

Abbreviation Abomination

[Creating characters for our first campaign]

Me (DM): So guys, race and class?

Player: I want to be a hawk.

Me: Sorry what? A Hawk? Do you mean an Aarakocra?

Player: No a horc, as in H-O-R-C.

Me: ….

Player: ….

Me: Do you mean a Half-Orc? 

Player: Yes.

*Laughter from all the players*

Me: I hate you so much, you can be a half orc but never use the word ‘Horc’ in my presence again.

Player 2: *through broken laughter* Then that means I’m a Helf.

*Players pissing themselves laughing*

Me: *dying*

[They refuse to stop using it, and as soon as they reach higher levels you can bet I’m gonna just drop something on them]

I want to be with you because I love you. I don’t know what I love you means, except that I do. I love you so much I’ll never be able to tell you; I’m frightened to tell you. I can hear you and see you and love you in every single, single thing in the whole world asleep or awake.
—  Dylan Thomas, from a letter to Caitlin Macnamara written c. July 1936

what would the norse gods be like during the holidays?


Odin: y’all down there makin gingerbread houses while i’m makin a gingerbreaD KINGDOM *air horns blare in the background*

Frigg: The spirit of the holidays? Arguing over the last toy in Walmart because fUCKING SUSAN WON’T SHUT HER STUPID FUCKING FA—

Thor: *chugging literally all the egg nog ever*

Loki: *calling Santa* WHAT DO YOU FUCKING MEAN I’M NOT AT THE TOP OF THE NAUGHTY LIST? WHAT AM I️ GONNA HAVE TO DO, MURDER SOMEONE? *balder walks by* …………..i have to call you back

Skadi: HON, I COULD GIVE LESS THAN TWO SHITS ABOUT YULE. WHAT I’M HERE FOR IS WINTER!! *chugs bottle of vodka while shooting arrows everywhere*

Njörd: ,,can i go back to the beach now

Heimdallr: Gather round children, I’m here to tell you the tale of how The Loki Stole Yule Brisingamen

Forseti: what do i want for a present? *clenches fist as he slowly takes off sunglasses* justice

Balder: wow, look at the beautiful mistletoe! hopefully nothing ironic will happen to me involving my love for this SPECIFIC plant! *looks into camera*

Freyja: can we please recognize mrs. claus? cause santa’s a hoe please and thank


Tyr: *opens gift* …………………. who the fuck sent me a pair of gloves i haVE ONE HAND YOU F U C K E R

“I don’t know why Tyrell keeps popping up in my dreams, but he did it again. I guess it was all the talk about him last night. It’s pretty obvious, actually, ‘cause he and I were walking along the Great Wall in China. That was one of the sightings in the paper last night. The weird thing was that we walked for what felt like a really, really long time and then I lost him. I tried to catch up to him, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t walk fast enough.”

— Elliot Alderson, Red Wheelbarrow

Let's Dig Faster

(Context: Our DM is currently running a zombie apocalypse campaign. A hoard of zombies was on its way to the store we just looted, so we began to create defenses. Player A and his girlfriend Player B had missed every other session, and had no idea what was going on, but didn’t bother asking.)

DM: (Turns to Player A) Ok, what do you want to do to help out?

Player A: Uh…I wanna go down to the basement and dig a hole.

Player B: I shall join him.

Player C: (Roleplaying as an immigrant from Mexico) I’ll help them.

DM: (One round of digging later) Ok Player A, it’s your turn.

Player A: (Still confused but adamant about digging for no reason) I’m going to keep digging.

DM: Uh, ok. Anything you wanna say to everyone there? Maybe to encourage them?

Player A: …Let’s…dig faster…?

Player B: …Works for me.

Player C: Muy bien.

DM: (Dies of laughter)

(They proceeded to dig so much for no actual reason that they developed a cult around it and eventually struck a secret government facility.)


Playing around with the screen tones in Clip Studio Paint and simultaneously loving how many awesome features this program has and dying over how many things I have left to discover and test out.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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