c: homer jackson

It’s rather poetic and fitting the way in which our four main people ended their stories on Ripper Street in the end

Susan - all her life she has tried to achieve her independence and make her own life, and ends up hanged for her independent choices and the consequences they ultimately brought to her and to her family

Drake - who dream of a life and future with his wife and kids, who didn’t want the job to be his everything, who feared being swallowed by the abyss that is Whitechapel and its dark crimes, in the end is swallowed by that abyss anyways and dies in doing his duty

Jackson - he spent so much of his life running, so much of his life avoiding a lot of responsibilities, but when he finally puts that responsibilities first, when he gets his life together and stops making mistakes, it ends up leading him to his death, and in that death, we see the man who has always been beneath the gunslinging bravado - we see a doctor, keeping his oath in saving lives - in death, he is distilled down to the one title that is his true self, not the gunslinger, not the troublemaker, not the pinkerton, not the thief, but a doctor.

Reid - he has never been a man who could leave it well enough alone, his own sense of justice and conviction dooms him to this life of policing Whitechapel forever and with everyone else falling around him, with no one to be his buffer, be his compass, we see him becoming another Abberline, a man haunted by the past he can’t escape and a life he cannot walk away from - without everyone, Edmund Reid becomes the person he doesn’t want to be but he must be - he is doomed, cursed, to be alone to bear the burden with nothing but ghosts to accompany him, forever chasing the ultimate villain that got away

there is so much irony in how all their stories end, in a way it was always foretold the moment they came on screen


other things:

  • once again Mimi is just the best
  • mathilda is a godsend
  • drummond disappointed me but i get it
  • thatcher you idiot, you came through in the end
  • robin sumner got his justice
  • drake too for that matter
  • jedidiah shine finally died, good riddance
  • i felt bad for nathaniel
  • so glad augustus dove got his dues
  • hope someone is taking good care of poor Connor
  • reid returning to his position so that jackson would be spared the rope - the bromance lives on
  • rose, oh rose, WHY