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Read Through Update!

Hello, all! 

Last Tuesday we did the first cast read through and it was delightful!

The whole cast are wonderful people and they’re all as in love with the project as we are. Not only that but we all clicked as a unit and I have a strong feeling filming with these people will be a fantastic experience.

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Thank you for your continued support, guys! 


2016 is the Worst

I’m so sorry to all the people who voted for Hillary and then wound up having to face this bizarre, darkest timeline outcome.

I’m sorry to the lgbt+ community, all ethnic minorities and women. 

God this is the worst. 

I hope you guys don’t think I’m saying this to just shove the show in your face, I really mean this…

We’re going to do or small part to make 2017 better. We’re going to give you something that you can feel safe and included in while you watch. 

If the world’s going crazy in reality, we can at least try to give you a 20 minute respite with each new episode. 

Take care of yourselves, guys,

Liv xxxx 

Adele James as Sarah Langley

Sarah is almost other-worldly in her attitude to life. She can take you out of reality for a little while and is fantastic to hang out with but, on the other hand, she’s flighty and fickle and willing to punch just about anything in the face if it gets in her way.

 Adele was someone we had in mind for Anna initially but we felt like she had a Sarah vibe and she blew us away with her audition! She’s in high demand and we’re so lucky to have her as a part of the project. 

Photo Credit:  Who I Am Short Film / Monika Wilczynska / @elairecreates 

Camila Caley as Anna Stewart

We have the fantastic Camila playing our sweet, if not sometimes misguided, Anna! Anna is a total introvert who wanted nothing more than to be named the Hexer. When Rue is named instead it drives a wedge between them. 

Anna appreciates being involved in the groups adventures and tries to constantly prove her worth, not understanding that they like her for who she is.

Camila is a wonderful talent who is is very excited about the project’s racial diversity and lgbt themes being a part of the lgbt+ community herself!

Auditions are Soon!

Hi, guys!

Guess who just sent out around 50 invites to London Hexer Auditions!

This lady… It was me… 

Anyway! We’re super excited to meet our potential Anna’s, Sarah’s, Poppy’s, Len’s, Flo’s and Edith’s on Monday! We’ll be making a video diary and taking lots of pictures so make sure to follow hexertheshow on Instagram for all that fun stuff.


After London we’re going to have Cardiff Auditions too! It’s going to be fun to meet the talented individuals in our city! 

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Enough of me, I’m about to sleep forever… until I message and schedule the Cardiff auditions too… 

Oh and also…


Cheer, guys


Ash Heirani as Aaron Simmons

Aaron is a lad with a heart of gold. He can come off as brash and intimidating but as soon as you get to know him you see just how beautiful a person he is. His main focus is making sure his best friend doesn’t continue to be distant from him, the two have always been close and he doesn’t want that to end.

Ash totally won us over in his audition. Between his comedic timing and his thoroughly wonderful demeanour both in and out of character, we’re so happy to have him in the cast.  

Edit: Ash’s preferred stage name has been used. 

Josiah Dublin as Len Woodshal

Hi, guys!

Here’s a quick photo of the newest additions to the main cast of Hexer! Josiah is a very talented actor who says he loves Len’s character immensely.

We’re very confident that he will bring the role to life.

As soon as everyone’s cast we’ll be doing a proper photo shoot. 

Stay tuned for even more casting announcements very very soon!

Liv and the Hexer Team x

Sanna Kelly as Edith Palmer

Edith is the Hexer who precedes Florence Knight. 

Edith named Flo the Hexer who, this year, named Rue the Hexer. 

She is a powerful and persuasive woman, the opposite of Florence. Her hope for the True Hexer was that she would be a leader, strong and unafraid. Everything Rue is not. 

Sanna brought Edith to life when she auditioned. She just had the Edith quality we were searching for. She’s very excited to be a part of the project and has acted as a woman with supernatural powers previously funnily enough!

Cast a Read-Through & Photoshoot!

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I hope everyone’s 2017 has started off amazingly! Liv x