c: hayden mcclaine

Among all the ghosts in the house, Moira is the only ghost to have a change in appearance even after her death. Theory says Moira keeps getting old because her body is still in the house. What would mean that Vivien's stillborn and Hayden also continue aging.


Day 2: Least Favorite Character

Season 1 Murder House: Hayden McClaine. This fucking bitch. She wasn’t only a bitch but she was fricken psychotic. Like girl, just leave Ben alone. Obviously he doesn’t want you and your crazy ass.

Season 2 Asylum: Dr. Arthur Arden. I really don’t think I need an explanation but just in case… He’s a Nazi Doctor.

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Season 3 Coven: Madison Montgomery. SUCH A BITCH. God I hated her so fricken much!! And of course once they killed her, she came right back. WHEN YOU DIE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY DEAD!!!! Pissed me off.

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