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Haizaki, Hayama, Hanamiya, Imayoshi and Nebuya when they see a drunk guy trying to feel up their girlfriend?

this is definitely the group of people i don’t want to piss off or fight

IMAYOSHI: Without a smirk to be seen, Imayoshi immediately brings her behind him, pushing the man harshly away. The drunk gives Imayoshi a look of surprise, wondering how this seemingly slim boy had so much hidden strength. When he turns to her again, he’s grinning calmly. “If you wanna go hide somewhere, I’ll be taking care of this pervert.”

HAYAMA: Jumps between the two of them, arms wrapped firmly around his ____-chan. “You wanna go?!” He has his arms up ready to fight, though the drunk is already distracted by something else. “Don’t you dare touch my girl again!” He’s yelling at the man, even as she tells him to stop and that it’s okay.

NEBUYA: Creates distance between her and the drunk with his strength. He looms over the guy, looking very much the image of ‘intimidating’. But the moment the drunk stumbles off, Nebuya’s looking at her with gentle, concerned eyes. “Where did he touch you? Dammit, I shouldn’t have left you alone…”

HANAMIYA: The way he removed the drunk’s arms from her sounds like he might’ve broken a bone or two. “Makoto!” She screams immediately for him to not hurt the other guy too much. He goes on without hesitation, landing a square punch to his jaw, before looking to her. “I could kill him, y’know.”

HAIZAKI: Shoves the guy away violently, and brings her snug against him by the waist. “She’s my girl, hands off!” Haizaki is prepared to fight anyone for her, but the drunk looks disinterested now and runs off. “Hey, you ok?” He asks her, as she nods. “Stupid asshole. I should rip his balls off for touching you like that…”


(You can actually put basically anyone for this, I just happen to picture these guys)

When cuddling, they like to hold you in their lap from behind and slowly rock back and forth, making sure to rock further towards the ground each time until the two of you finally fall over.

If you try and do this with them, THEY SIT AS STILL AS A ROCK AS YOU CONTINUE TO PUSH AND NUDGE THEM  WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT until they finally let you push them down with a bright smile.

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ooooooo Rakuzan Yakuza!AU, where the guys each have a crush on a shy, sweet girl who doesn't know they're Yakuza? :3

oooo I love AUs! Thank you so much for the request >w< 

Hayama is dressed in casuals for once, and with reason. The park is relatively empty, but he wouldn’t mind even if it weren’t - anything and any condition is fine for him so long as he gets to spend time with you.

He makes a teasing comment innocently before throwing his head back and cheerfully laughing at the resulting blush on your cheeks. He is mesmerized by the shy duck of your head, the soft flush on your face, and the small smile you are wearing as you stroll through the park. He had always had an eye out for you through highschool, and it was certainly strange that he bumped into you so many years afterward. What was more strange is the sudden friendship that had bloomed between you two - but he certainly wasn’t complaining. In fact, his life would pretty much be perfect if it weren’t for one petty factor.

His phone buzzes just then, and he flips it out to find a text from Akashi.

You are being tailed, Kotaro. Flee. You cannot defeat this opponent.

A part of him frowns unhappily at the obvious challenge - of course he could defeat the opponent. Akashi wasn’t calling him weak, was he? But a significantly larger portion immediately worries for your safety, and he pats the gun he has discreetly hidden underneath his jacket before gripping your wrist suddenly. He masks his urgency with an excited grin, and his eyes flash promisingly before taking off on a sprint, dragging you along with him.

“Oh, yeah! [Name]-chan! I almost forgot! There’s something I need to show you, come on…”


The man writhes below Mibuchi helplessly, a streak of blood dribbling down his chin as he eyes the handsome man towering over him with a fierce hatred. He frowns unhappily at the livid expression, and gently pushes the barrel of the gun against the man’s temple. Panic flashes in his eyes immediately, and his expression is beseeching when it flicks back from the gun to Mibuchi’s eyes.

“Ara ara, how unelegant…” He murmurs disdainfully, his lips a soft whisper within the darkened alleyway. “The least you could do is maintain your pride.”

As much as Mibuchi might have liked to off him off right there (he didn’t like leaving behind messes, and the man underneath him had been quite messy to handle), his orders had been firm. He fidgets with the trigger for a second longer before deepening his frown and retracting the gun from the man’s skin.

“Please consider this as a warning.” He murmurs smoothly, sleekly slipping the gun back into the hidden pocket of his jacket as he dismounts his opponent. The man lays still, bloody and beaten as Mibuchi nonchalantly slips out of the alleyway and into the busy street, only to bump into you a second later.

“R-Reo-kun, I was a bit worried! I couldn’t find you anywhere…”

He smiles at your endearingly panicked expression, and slips an arm around your form, enticing a blush. He begins to walk, gently steering you away from the dangerous area without you realizing it.

“Please do forgive me, [Name]-chan. It was ungraceful of me to leave a beautiful lady like you wandering alone.” He pouts chidingly, but his eyes glitter with mischief as he looks down at you from under lowered lashes. “There are dangerous things happening here, after all.”


Mayuzumi decides to while away his frustration of losing a target he had been tailing at a neighborhood bookstore. He stands in front of the light novels section, eyes skimming the covers for an interesting pick. He reaches out to caress the spine of a book named A Monochrome of Rainbows*, and is surprised when his fingertips come into contact with another hand.

Ashen eyes click into yours, and for a second you two stare at each other in surprise. Then, you blush and retract your hand, stammering a weak apology to the unfamiliar boy. Mayuzumi feels a bit flustered by your reaction, and more so when you smile shyly and comment on his excellent taste in books.

He drops by the bookstore mid-tail every day after that, in hopes of bumping into you nonchalantly.

“Say, [Name], what would you think if I said I wanted to date you?”

[*hehehe ten points if you get the reference]


Nebuya realizes that the man was up to something as soon as he whips out the dagger to begin polishing it nonchalantly. He eyes him warily, and when their glares meet from across the room, he gives his opponent a challenging grin. The man holds out his index finger lazily, curling it back and forth; a clear indication of a taunt.

“W-Who is that, Nebuya-san? He seems to be calling for you…” Your timid voice speaks up from behind the bar, and he dares to take his eyes off the man for a second to give you a loud guffaw.

“An old friend.” His dark blue eyes, now hard, fly back to the man again. He flicks his head nonchalantly; Meet me outside, and the man smirks and gets up to stroll outside in response. He feels relieved that the man complied so easily, and more so because he didn’t want to jeopardize your or your restaurant’s safety whatsoever. “We gotta catch up, it’s been a hella long time.” His eyes flick to yours in what he hopes is a nonchalant manner. 

“Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone, got it?”


Akashi’s coat is draped carelessly around his shoulders and his hands are tucked in the pockets of his formal pants. He is wearing a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes as he stares down at the guilty-looking underling standing before him. 

“You have disappointed me.” His voice is pleasantly cool, but the man flinches as if he had been punched. He doesn’t dare look up at Akashi, and keeps his head bowed low, too afraid to consider the consequences of even appearing defiant. 

“Perhaps you might have misheard me, before.“ His gaze lowers and his smile disappears. When he speaks next, his voice seems to have dropped an octave. “I do not take lightly to traitors.” 

The man lowers his head further, trembling. Akashi seems to be satisfied, and he spins around on his heel neatly before beginning a smooth but brisk walk towards the automatic glass doors of his office. Just before he steps outside, he glances at the two tall men standing as guards. 

“Clean up the mess, Kotaro, Reo.” He says smoothly, and it is clear from their raised eyebrows that both Hayama and MIbuchi understood what he was implying. However, he does not receive any input or questioning, and Akashi steps into the elevator, pressing a number of a lower floor with a slight smile on his face. 

A few minutes later, he strolls into a cafe’ he had built on the ground floor of his ‘office’, eyes scanning the room for the cafe’s owner. The place is relatively empty, and he finds you standing behind the bar easily, clad in an apron and sipping a cup of coffee as you lose yourself into some book of sorts. 

“[Name],” he says lightly, slipping onto the stool directly in front of you, “I suggest you take a break from work tonight.” 

You blink in surprise and lower the mug and book in your hands before giving him a startled expression, cheeks flushing in instinct like usual. “E-Eh? Is something wrong, Akashi-kun?” 

“Not at all.” He replies gently, and he can’t help but smile slightly at your bewildered demeanor. “But you have been working yourself very valiantly of late. Perhaps you could join me for a meal tonight instead.”

Your cheeks color prettily. “I-I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you, Akashi-kun… I’m sure you’re very busy…” 

“Don’t be foolish.” He says firmly, expression chiding but eyes soft. “I insist.” He props his arms atop the bar and leans forward slightly, a slow, gentle smile spreading onto his face again. 

“I would never be too busy to spend time with you, [Name].” He says slightly, and you blush deeper, thinking he is teasing you, but he is in fact completely serious.

Ever since he met you, every move he has made has been to ensure your protection, after all. 

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UKs+Kise, Akashi, Ogiwara helping their s/o walk after they lied in hospital bed for 3 months! And they're very slow and tire easily because they didn't walk for a long time and still recovering from surgery ^^ (their legs are fine)

doing this under the basis that nothing actually happened to their legs but they hadn’t used them for a long time? 

Akashi: he’d make sure they took it slowly, always telling them to rest when they got tired. He’d hold their hand as they walked and praise them when they went a bit longer than the day before.

Hanamiya: he’d pretend that he didn’t care, but he’d actually be pretty happy that they were finally out of hospital - going to visit them there was much too annoying (and sad, but Hanamiya’s not going to mention that).

Hayama and Kise: they’d both be super excited that their s/o was getting out of hospital, especially since they’d been in there for so long. They’d want to do everything with their s/o, even going as far to carry them if they still felt too weak.

Kiyoshi: he’d know what it’s like to be in hospital for so long, so he’d tell them to take it slow and take as much time as they needed, but he’d be so happy that they could walk again.

Mibuchi: he’d be super pleased for them, because he knew how much they’d hated sitting in bed. He’d tell them not to rush, as it’d take time for their legs to get used to walking again.

Nebuya: he’d want to rush and get them walking normally as soon as possible, but (somehow) manages to calm down and take it in steps, helping them onto their feet and giving signs of encouragement.

Ogiwara: he wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement, smiling all over the place when they got out of the hospital. He’d take their arm and gently help them walk - he knows it’s going to be a while before they’re completely better.


THE MOST STUBBORN BOY I KNOW. Akito Hayama. Why is he stubborn? Well he’s in a world of hurt and anytime someone that cares tries to help all he does is push them away(at first). Now where am I going with this? I’LL TELL YOU!
I think a lot of people are like this. Sometimes people don’t know how to express, or handle how they feel like Hayama, then there came Sana.
At first, he just keeps being rude to her and pushes her away, but she never gives up on him. There are people like that too. So if you’re a stubborn Akito, realize that there’s a Sana out there. That person will never give up on you no matter how harshly you treat them. If all you want is someone to talk to, someone to hug you, to encourage you, to help you, to be by your side, you gotta stop pushing them away. Just try like they’re trying for you because people who really want to be there and be a part of your life will never leave your side. This got a lot more emotional than I intended it to be, but I hope it helps someone, somewhere.

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uks come over to visit their so's family for the first time and the family is like a really lively one and coddles the boys

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi only grins sheepishly and scratches awkwardly at the back of his head when your mother throws herself against him and proceeds to pat him down, much to your embarrassment. Knowing you mother, you had mentally prepared yourself for something like this, but even so, you hadn’t expected her to take such a direct approach in ‘getting to know’ your boyfriend. 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya wants to do nothing but tear your little sister off his arm and dunk her in the nearest trash can, but surprisingly, for your sake, he actually grins and bears the assault from your sibling. The dark look followed by the smug smirk he shoots your way suggests that he wants something from you in return for being so obedient around your family - Hanamiya isn’t one to do anything for free, after all. 

Mibuchi Reo: Mibuchi dips his head and smiles politely in response to your mother commenting that he’s ‘pretty enough to look like a girl’, and you make a mental note to thank him later for being so patient around your blunt parents. However, he almost falls out of his chair when your mother continues on her chatter - claiming that she wants to braid his hair, and Mibuchi has to sit still for the next fifteen minutes whilst your mother plays around with his dark strands. 

Hayama Kotarou: It’s a good thing that Hayama always has so much energy - because so does your Dad, and for once you think that there’s finally someone other than your mother who can keep up with him. After pestering your boyfriend with way too many personal questions, your father suddenly challenges him to a basketball match - you don’t even know if your father knows how the game works - and much to your surprise and exasperation, Hayama eagerly agrees. 

Nebuya Eikichi: Nebuya stands frozen still whilst your family fawns over how tall and muscular he is, unused to receiving so much attention. He ends up basking in their compliments once the initial shock is over, however, and you hang your head in defeat with he starts explaining his training regime to your family - because once Nebuya starts talking about his muscles, or just simply muscles in general, it’s almost impossible to make him stop. 

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Hi! Some cute cuddling with takao, kasamatsu, hayama and teppei :3

Takao Kazunari: ”____-chan, what time is it?” Takao mumbles, his voice muffled between his pillow and the back of your head. 

You sleepily consider the question - it’s a little hard to think clearly when you can feel his chest pressed against your bare back, delighting in the warmth of his body. His arms are curled around you, one hand absently trailing little circles across your belly, making your stomach flutter. You shift a little closer against him, tangling your legs with his under the sheets.

A small grunt escapes you before you respond. “Dunno. Don’t really care.” 

Kasamatsu Yukio: The annoying ticking of his bed-side alarm clock is drowned out by the heavy rain pelting against the roof and windows. You’re asleep in Kasamatsu’s arms, having succumbed to exhaustion after finally, finally finishing your last midterm exam. Your head rests firmly on his shoulder, and he gingerly, he reaches to press a hand to your temple, running his fingers over smooth skin and along the shell of your ear. 

He exhales deeply, feeling a strong urge to hold you tighter.

Hayama Kotarou: “You’re like my cat, Kotarou.” You grin down at him teasingly.  

“Leave me alone.” He mumbles back back lightheartedly, burrowing deeper into the blankets and shifting to rest more comfortably in your lap. A disapproving frown flitters across his face when the hand that’s stroking his head stops moving. 

“Why’d you stop?” Complaining, he opens one eye to peer up at you, and you return his gaze with one of amusement. Scowling lightly upon realisation that you’re only teasing him, he reached up to grab your hand, lowering it onto his head so that your fingers can entwine in his hair again. 

“Such a baby,” You murmur, but you revert back to petting his head gently. 

“Shut up.” 

Kiyoshi Teppei: “Teppei, you have a game tomorrow.” You remind him when you feel his left arm curling around your waist from behind you in bed. “You should be sleeping.”

“I will.” He promises, before rising up to gently kiss the edge of your ear. You breathe out sharply as the contact of his lips sends a tingle down your neck, straight through your spinal cord and ending at your toes; he still never seemed to realise just how easily he could affect you. 

“You’re going to be exhausted tomorrow morning.” You warn him as he pulls you closer towards him, curling his body against yours.

“Don’t worry about me.” He nuzzles at the back of your neck before attempting to lay still, allowing you to fall asleep first whilst he stays awake for a little while longer, simply drinking in your slow breaths whilst holding you in his arms.

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Midorima, Kasamatsu and Hayama playing a game of "too hot" with their girlfriends ;)

Too Hot: A game where couples kiss/make out and the first person to touch their partner loses.

Midorima: It was a miracle in itself that he’d actually agreed to play the game, Midorima not typically being the type of person to physically express his feelings. With his hands firmly at his sides, he starts to think about the ridiculousness of this game as his girlfriend stretches onto her tiptoes to kiss him. It’s easy going at first with him reciprocating her actions, his head tilted to the side as he deepens the kiss a bit. An embarrassed flush finds its way to his cheeks when he feels her tongue slide against his lower lip. Wasn’t he supposed to be the dominate one? Hesitantly, he opens his mouth to allow her access, not noticing the way his hand instinctively moved to her cheek before it was too late. She pulls away from him with a triumphant smirk and Midorima’s left wanting more.

Kasamatsu: His hands were balled tightly into fists and resting in his lap as he leaned over to kiss her, the lump in his throat making it severely hard to breath. With his eyes screwed shut tightly, he let her take control through the kiss. He could feel his knees shaking and felt the heat of a blush work its way to his face, still embarrassed having any sort of physical contact with his girlfriend. As she deepens the kiss, instinctively allowing him into to her mouth as he leans in for better access, Kasamatsu is surprised he hasn’t accidently brushed his hand against her yet. It’s more surprising when he feels her hand snake up to play with his hair and he groans a bit at her touch, sighing as she pulls away from him. He was victorious this time, but he wasn’t sure he could hold out anymore.

Hayama: It’d been his idea from the first place to play the game with his girlfriend, excitedly sitting her in his lap and insisting that it wasn’t breaking any rules. As he initiates the kiss, he immediately wraps his arms around her waist to bring her closer. She pulls away from him with a laugh, telling Hayama that he’d already lost the game he started. With a cheeky grin, Hayama would beg for a round two. This time around, he’s slower, his lips moving against hers in a natural manner. Nipping at her bottom lip, he finds himself mentally growling as she refuses to open her mouth. Hayama pushes his lips harder against her, a hand reaching up to grasp at her chin as he tries to gain access to the rest of her mouth again. He could care less that he’d lost again as she finally allows him in.

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oh my gosh. that dad!akashi scenario was soooo cute. (>////<) can i please request for gom + hayama + reo trying to teach their toddler to walk/talk?

Thank you so much! :3 I had a lot of fun writing this request~ Also, I realize that you didn’t ask for Kagami but I accidentally wrote him anyway so haha *sheepish* I hope you don’t mind even if I’ve included him in this. Thank you for requesting, and please continue to support me! :3 

Kuroko held onto the tips of his toddler’s fingers, watching him lumber forward clumsily. From your position on the sofa as you urged the baby to come forward towards you, you couldn’t hear the soft words your husband cooed to your child, but you could see the small smile he wore on his lips as they steadily moved towards you on the padded carpet. Unable to help yourself, you slid down the sofa to sit on your knees in order to cheer your baby on more enthusiastically. His eyes were shimmering slightly like his father’s, but he mirrored the wide smile you wore on your face.

“A bit further now, [baby]-chan,” Kuroko’s voice was gentle, “Mummy is waiting there for you.”


Kise clapped enthusiastically whenever his daughter gurgled out a series of noises. You couldn’t help but laugh cheerfully at how equally enthusiastic and loud both your husband and daughter were as they all but squealed at each other. Kise’s wide smile never faltered as he repeated a single word to the toddler squirming happily on the bed over and over again in a series of several different interesting voices.

“Aaaaa, say Da~da,” he nodded his head with every syllable, and applauded ecstatically whenever he got a responsive shriek,“Da~da! YAAAY! Once more~! Da~da!”


Your toddler grasped tightly onto two of his father’s fingers as he took shaky steps forward atop the mattress of your bed. Murasakibara’s long arms were more than enough length to help his child cover the short distance he needed to lumber forward in order to reach you. You had your arms outstretched, and your baby grinned and squealed at you excitedly as his father steered him forward. 

“Nn, hurry up, [baby]-chin,” your husband’s voice sounded exasperated, but the smile he wore betrayed his true feelings, “Go to mommy…” Your fingertips brushed his and you laughed cheerfully and cooed as you scooped up your child in your arms. 

Murasakibara yawned pointedly, but his eyes still lingered on you two affectionately as you frolicked with your son. His smile widened. 


The first thing Kagami did as soon as he came in through the front door after practice was scoop up the auburn-haired toddler squirming in your arms.

“Bakagami,” you scolded lightly, but did not protest as he twirled his son around, laughing gleefully, “you’re all sweaty.”

“Heh, it’s fine,” he grinned to you before cooing to the baby in a manner that would have greatly embarrassed him in front of him team but for some reason he wasn’t bothered to express in front of you, “right, [baby]? Did you miss daddy? Say daaaaaddy!” When your toddler screamed back a gurgle of similar noises, he laughed exhilaratedly and repeated his words until you were forced to retrieve your child and send him off to take a shower.


"Say, ‘good morning, father’.” Midorima’s voice sounded official but his tone was gently soft as he reached into the crib to pick up his sleepy daughter. The toddler murmured a series of incoherent noises in response, and your husband tried to look stern. He couldn’t prevent a happy smile from spreading across his face, though. 

“Good morning, father.” He repeated again, a bit more insistently, but your daughter just yawned widely and flailed her arms towards her father happily. Midorima tried very hard to look stern, and you had to resist laughing at the resulting grimace as you walked over to where he stood by the crib. 

“Say ‘good morning’, nanodayo." 

You shut him up by giving him a soft peck on the lips. Despite the fact that you two had been together for a long time now, his cheeks still flushed pink. You pulled away to kiss the top of your daughter’s forehead before grinning at your blushing husband. 

"Good morning, nanodayo.” You teased, and he flushed a deeper crimson. 


“One, two… There you go~!” Reo cooed to his daughter as he took gentle steps forward with her. “One, two, three… Ara, good girl!” You were holding onto the baby’s other hand, and you two stumbled through the grassy park as your daughter squealed enthusiastically and you two laughed happily. After a while like this, your daughter began to screw her features up in dissatisfaction, possibly because she was getting tired. But before she began whimpering unhappily, Reo immediately tucked his hands under your daughter’s arms and lifted her up into the air, gently pressing his lips to her forehead before allowing her to rest on his arm. “Aaa~, tired, are we? It’s okay, daddy’s here for you.”

The toddler smiled up at her father happily again, and you and Reo dissolved into happy laughter.


Aomine kept making faces at his son, enticing a lot of happy laughs, whenever you turned your back on them. He lay on the sofa with his son sitting atop his chest, and laughed whenever his son tugged at his shirt or pawed at his face. “Huh,” he ran a hand through his son’s navy hair and widened his smirk, “you’re just like Dad, eh?” He spoke in quiet tones, thinking that you didn’t hear him while you prepared dinner. 

“Hm,” he spoke up softly again after a while when your son gurgled happily, “say ‘Dad’. ‘Da-aaad.’” Your son squealed back again happily, and he gave a slight, soft laugh. “Hah, you’re just like Dad. Say ‘Dad’, first, okay? Da-aaad.” 

You couldn’t help but secretly record the conversation. 


Hayama was almost recklessly cheerful with his son, throwing him up lightly and deftly catching him right after he scooped him up from your arms. “Kotaro,” you couldn’t help but say anxiously, though a slight giggle did escape your lips at his enthusiastic happiness. Your son too, seemed to find his energy-filled father to be very entertaining, and screamed gleefully. 

"Aha, don’t worry, []!” He said ecstatically, nuzzling his nose against his son’s cheeks, enticing a series of happy giggles from the toddler. “[baby]’ll be fine! Ne, [baby]?” He twirled the toddler around excitedly. “Papa knows how to take care of you, right?” He laughed as he brought the baby close to his face and rubbed noses together. “Say Pa-pa! Paaaa-pa! Paaaaaaapa!” 


Akashi smiled contentedly as you grasped onto your daughter’s hands and propelled her across the room. Your daughter laughed gleefully and stepped forward towards her father clumsily. “Where’s papa?” You cooed happily, and your toddler tugged towards Akashi triumphantly. “Good girl!” Your husband gently took her hands when she reached him, and she squealed excitedly. He had just returned from an urgent business trip, and he seemed enthralled by how much his daughter had grown within the span of just a month. 

He knelt down to pull her onto his lap and press his lips onto the top of her head. “Did you miss your papa?” He asked pleasantly, running an affectionate hand through her hair. “I am here now, my little pearl. Did you miss me?” 

He smiled at her softly again. “Call me papa, okay? Papa.” His tone was both firm and gentle. “Pa-pa.” 

His daughter squealed back enthusiastically and gurgled out a series of incoherent noises before she promptly gripped the fabric of the business suit he was wearing and pulled herself against her chest. Akashi stood still in stunned silence for a moment, but then his arms closed around his daughter and his smile widened. “Papa loves you, [baby].” He whispered softly, and you felt your heart pang at the wholeness of his smile. It was for once, completely unrestricted and completely unhindered. 

You could have tanned yourself in the sheer brilliance of it.