c: harriet smith

“The Best Person” - Marriet Aesthetic

Maybe love isn’t blind. Maybe when you love someone you see their faults, and it totally bothers you, and you will definitely encourage them to change things and argue about it in the future. Maybe they aren’t the smartest person you know, or the nicest, or the most charming. But they are the best person you know and you love them just the way they are.

Ah, of course! It is incomprehensible that a woman would ever refuse an offer of marriage. A man imagines a woman ready for anyone who asks her! …Well, let us, as you say, live in the “real world,” where men of course always reject a girl with a pretty face in favour of one with a well-informed mind…Men don’t like girls who argue! Harriet is just the sort of girl every man wants; she bewitches his senses, and satisfies him that he is always right.
—  Emma (Romola Garai), BBC’s 2009 miniseries version of Jane Austen’s Emma