c: guy

plant asks
  • Ambrosia: last song you listened to?
  • Clover: someone you miss right now?
  • Dahlia: zodiac?
  • Fern: what makes you happiest?
  • Honeydew: MBTI?
  • Ivy: favorite part of the holidays?
  • Iris: favorite eye color?
  • Lilac: your aesthetic?
  • Juniper: coffee or tea?
  • Mimosa: what are you struggling with right now?
  • Peppermint: stars or constellations?
  • Rosemary: what cartoons did you grow up with?
  • Rue: forest or field?
  • Sage: Greek god/goddess you relate most to?
  • Verbena: playlist for your life?
  • Violet: tv show most likely to binge watch?
  • Willow: planets or moons?
  • Wisteria: favorite movie?
  • Winona: favorite quote?
  • Succulent: ask your own🌱

———–———–——– BTS ( JIMIN ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.


———–———–——– BTS ( V ) ~ Wallpapers {SPRING DAY}

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travelling with jimin 💝🌷

*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD