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Top Ten Underrated Horror Movies (Part 9/10)

We have made it to my top two.

Time for my top picks.

2. Ginger Snaps

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When I was younger, I started to have a strange obsession with horror and death. Although, it wasn’t just when I was younger, I still have that obsession. 

Anyway, this movie was a big one for me.

Seeing these sisters, both equally as strange as I was/am and having that same…I guess creative focus towards it, it was refreshing, because I finally didn’t feel all that weird.

However, I do wish that I had this massive makeover like Ginger, walking through the halls and knowing you are seen in a new light, other than weird.

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well, minus the tail and werewolf part.

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Ginger Snaps stars Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins, as Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. Two sisters who are obsessed with death and are obvious outcasts in their high school and even in the family.

They are extremely close and are each other’s best friends, always there for one another.

However, that all begins to change when Ginger is attacked by a creature, on the night of her first period, but chooses to not receive any help, because the wounds heal quickly.

Then Ginger slowly begins to change into a werewolf, but the joke is that it is compared to “becoming a woman” especially when their mother is thrilled by the symptoms that I suppose are easily compared to womanhood.

This is a strange move, no doubt, but it is such a rare find, because it is such an excellent movie, hidden among independent movies.

I didn’t even find this movie until after I started high school. Although I did hear about before then, when I asked my mom what it was about and she just told me that I couldn’t watch it.

Of course that made me want to watch it even more.

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There is just something so fun about this movie, because it is obviously not a traditional horror movie or even a traditional werewolf movie. 

Emily Perkins has her moments and is a great actress, especially with her dry humor and witty lines

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but Katharine Isabelle really steals the show. Her one liners and whole presence is just so spectacular to watch.

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I swear it is just the presence that she has, because whenever she is on the screen, it is as though I am hypnotized and cannot keep my eyes off of her.

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As far as horror goes, Katharine Isabelle is just one of my favorites and it really is a shame that the movie is not as popular as it should be. I mean, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 89% and it does have almost a cult following, but it still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

This movie also has some of the best quotes and I don’t want to list them all, but if you watch this movie, you will quickly find out that their humor is dark and so is their thought process.

The movie also got two sequels and I enjoy the second movie, but the third one was a bit much for me. At least the first one will always be enjoyable, because this movie is a must see for me every single Halloween. 

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Also, you can tell really easily that it is an independent movie, so the whole glamour of it isn’t that great, but it is still an excellent story and I do not believe it would have done as well without Emily Perkins or Katharine Isabelle. 

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