c: geordi la forge


choose your fighter

pros: large stick fends off the enemy
cons: conspicuous height

pros: timeless fashion sense
cons: can’t play the mandolin

pros: the only one with basic self-preservation
cons: not a merry man

pros: miraculous healing powers
cons: sympathetic towards every opponent

bok troi
pros: +1701 willpower upon eating chocolate
cons: none. she is perfect.

pros: head like a dome
cons: knows too much

Texting Data
  • Data: Hello Geordi. How are you today? :|
  • Geordi: I'm good. What's the straight face for, D?
  • Data: Are emoticons not supposed to reflect the expression on one's face at the moment of sending?
  • Geordi: No...not really. It's more about the feelings behind the text.
  • Data: But Geordi, I am an android, and cannot feel.
  • Geordi: Alright, then the feelings you would hypothetically have behind the text.
  • Data: I believe I understand...
  • Data: Hello Geordi. How are you today? :)
  • Geordi: What's the smiley for?
  • Data: If I had the capability of perceiving emotions, I hypothesize that greeting you would generate happiness. :)
  • Geordi: Shucks, Data... :)