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For the CI (based on the amazing universe that Fayren made~)

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Ai wo Sasagu Densetsu no Kishi (A Knight’s Devotion) - Gaia [Sequel] and [Sequel Epilogue]

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After the war, one by one, they had chosen to fade from their tangible forms into their respective provinces. Hemera grew more luminous until she was the daylight itself, Gaia took root and melded with the earth, and Erebus faded into the darkness. Slowly, others among the old gods followed in their stead, including Hecate’s beloved mother. Of the Protogenoi, Nyx was the last to retain her original form.

The goddess of night smiled as Hecate ruminated on their fate, what would someday be the fate of all the immortals. “Truth be told, Erebus likes holding me this way,” she said, brushing her hand over the wavering shroud of darkness surrounding her. “He says it makes him feel young when he touches me. I’ll keep this form for now. If our ambitions are realized— then we’ll see. I’m allowed to change my mind.”