c: frodo

Imagine being transported to middle earth and meeting the Fellowship

  • Author: Ellie
  • Fandom: The Hobbit
  • Gender: Female
  • Word count: 939
  • Triggers/warnings: NOTHING
  • Notes: A drabble based on this prompt from IMAGINEXHOBBIT 

You had just said goodbye to your friends and started your journey home. The four of you went clubbing and since it wasn’t a good idea for you to drive you came with the idea of walking.

You were walking home when you saw a bright light come towards you, seeing you were drunk you thought it was just your imagination. A man stepped out if the light and walked over towards you.

By the time he was in front of you you realized this was real and you stopped moving, not knowing what to do. Scared you looked up at the man, he was at least two heads taller then you. You swallowed the big lump in your throat as you tried to speak up, but no words came out only a small whimper.

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More lovely anon request fills~

My nonnie’s have the best ideas ever and I honestly ADORE how this turned out. I was cackling the whole time XD

This is actually my first time drawing Fili and Kili (and an older Frodo), so hope they turned out okay.

MOAR requests, I must have more! You guys have the fluffiest ideas ever and I love it <3