I’m at a complete and utter loss for words right now with the news of Jen leaving. To say that this show has become my everything, from the moment it aired, would be nothing short of a lie—and that’s all thanks to Jennifer Morrison and Emma Swan

I saw myself in her, like I never saw myself emotionally portrayed in another character. From her walls, her loss, the constant challenges thrown her way and how she always finds a way to overcome them. Emma Swan gave me the one thing I didn’t know I could possible find—hope. 

Hope for better things to come out of my life. 

Hope for not only a happy ending, but a happy beginning

Hope that my time too, will come. 

I will always love Jennifer Morrison and I will always support her current and future endeavors, but it hurts my heart to have to say goodbye to such an iconic character as Emma Swan in just a few short days. 

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting at home, curiously yet eagerly watching her drive into a small town in Maine, in complete and utter disbelief that she’d ever be possible (or capable) of bringing back everyone’s happy endings (if those were even such a thing).

Now, come Sunday, I’ll be sitting here watching that same woman, one who’s grown so much into a strong yet vulnerable person (and shown me that I too, can be the same), start the journey on her own happy ending beginning.

Despite having to say goodbye, that at least brings me some comfort. 

There aren’t enough words in any language to express how thankful I am and how much love I have for Jen for bringing Emma Swan to life. For now, I guess I’ll start with just two: thank you.

If I were still super invested in this show, I’d be livid, but instead I’m kinda just laughing. Emma “I felt like an orphan” Swan just chose to get her boyfriend back over saving her parents, and Snow “I lost my daughter for 28 years” White encouraged it. Like, did they and the writers forget that Emma isn’t an only child? Snowing spent seasons feeling bad about not being there to raise Emma, but didn’t think twice about giving up Neal’s childhood so Hook and Emma could be together, and Emma didn’t care about Neal having to grow up without his parents like she did. CS got re-engaged with their potential eternally cursed corpses in the room, and this was supposed to be romantic? Lol. Like I’m not sure who is more ridiculous at this point, Emma or Snow. The Charmings left Neal for an extended period of time already when they went to save Hook in the underworld, and were all teary talking about how they were missing so much with Neal, only to willingly do it again? Then Emma, lovesick Emma, is like “yeah I didn’t grow up with my parents & I missed so much, and Henry didn’t grow up with me & I missed so much, but ya know, Neal will just have to deal cuz I wanna be with Hook”. 😍
This is officially the CS show, nobody else matters.


and here you have one w/o text:

So, people were using an old gif of mine (similar to this one) and every time I saw it under the cs tag, it ashamed me because lol, it’s horrible.
So I made this. It’s not perfect but I’m pretty sure it’s better than the other one.
Feel free to use it. (◡‿◡✿)